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Kate Plus Tanning

11/28/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin was thankful for a little alone time today, hitting up a tanning salon and then a FedEx near her home in Reading, PA.



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Moe Green    

Yes Kate, please go away. However if you don't please don't ever take a picture without covering your horrendous looking tummy tuck. I thought fake boobs, which basically look like stretchered skin over expanded plastic, were bad. Your tuck was worse. Girls, keep your shirts on if you don't have a natural body.

1372 days ago


#1 i salute you and i am sure most of America as well!!! JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO READ TMZ....HAHAHAHAA Does anyone really give a rats ASS if she had alone time and tanned and went to the FEDEX...must of been one slow ASS day!!! LMAOooooooooo

1372 days ago


I watched all episodes of Jon & Kate + 8. Kate is not a loving, nurturing mother. Jon was by far the better parent and when you see the kids with him, they are always smiling. It takes a lot of bad stuff for children to be expelled from kindergarten. If I were Kate, I'd spend more time with my kids and less time in spas or wherever she is always off to.

1372 days ago


I don't understand why this person is still in the "news". Let her fade away.

1372 days ago


Glad to see her priorities are straight. That being said, why is this even a story in any way? She's a bitchy absentee mom, with a need for fame that she'll never have, yet she's ruining her kids in the process. Wonderful mom.

1372 days ago


You would think a nurse would be smarter regarding tanning beds. I think she's pathetic. Fake from head to toe. Someone should also tell her her nails are passe.

1372 days ago


What man in his right man would want her??? Any woman that can spit out 8 kids, lolllllllll run for the hills. She is rude and a mean person , her own family has nothing to do with her. When these poor kids grow up and see that she pimped them out for $$$ and made side shows freaks out of them they won't want her either. She will be a old wrinkled lady and all alone. She is a bitch from the word go .

1372 days ago


Throw me in the ocean during Shark Week but I still think Kate is one hot milf!

1372 days ago


Are spray tans still the answer? Yes, Kate....Your children DO have problems because of the divorce...and the marriage...Do you seriously think that those of us who watched your show couldn't see what was happening? The kids listened to you consistantly berate your spouse (although in the end he turned out to be just as bad due to his whining). What on earth did you think would happen? Wasn't there some Doctor giving you advice...Oh that's right, you know better than everyone about everything. Your interviews have proven that. Please no more teary eyed, wahh wahh wahh speeches about how you are not being treated with kindness. Maybe if you acted nicer and more grateful, you would be...
I don't believe for one minute that you really thought about the end result of this. Actually, I don't believe you think there will be a end to this. Sadly, when the kids are older you will probably be left alone. I will bet some will abandon your ship as soon as they can get their hands on whatever trust fund you - hopefully - set up for them. And honestly thought it would be Mady who would crack first. She has always been the first to act out.
Oh well, You're yet another candiate for my island of Media whores...ooh yeah and only with one spray tan booth for everyone...there's a punishment...just adding it to my list...

1372 days ago


Gettin purdy so you can find another man? WTF Not enough kids yet that you don't have time for? Talentless even as a parent!
The only thing your show is going to be good for is your kids therapists file.

1372 days ago


Kate is smokin HOT! If only I had enough money to feed those 8 kids.

1371 days ago


If she put as much effort into finding a therapist for the kids as she does on her appearance, maybe the kids would not be in crisis,expelled from school or had to repeat kindergarten.

1371 days ago


a tan won't help her ugly personality

keep her off TV!!

1371 days ago


Her neck is already showing signs of too much tanning. Can we count the rings on her neck and determine her real age like a tree?

1371 days ago


Her whole situation is honestly a terrible situation. I am sure she loves her children and wants only the best for them but if she really wanted to do the right thing...She would " move on" and go back to being a nurse. She has to realize that her media exposure and " free " handouts, are slowly ending. If she is finding a cure for cancer, then I am behind her but if she continues to " sell-out " her children, that will hurt everyone!She is not a actress, professional singer or teacher. She is a person who is " hoping" her media exposure continues but that seems to be ending!

1371 days ago
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