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NFLer Drops Game-Winning Touchdown, Blames God

11/29/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Buffalo Bills WR Steve Johnson dropped what would have been the game-winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers today in overtime -- but it wasn't his fault he choked, it was God's.


The Steelers ended up winning the game 19-16 ... but we think Steve Johnson has bigger problems on his hands.

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I see he learned Kanye's TYPE ALL CAPS ON THE TWITTER.

I'm actually shocked he hasn't called God racist yet.

1373 days ago


"Does he honestly think our Creator gives a hoot about a game? Silly folk." by stinky mcgee

If there ever was a more apt example of the pot calling the kettle black, this must be close to the top. Silly folk, indeed!

1373 days ago


Reality check: this guy needs to look at his BANK ACCOUNT - then he'll appreciate how much he is blessed!!!

1373 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

I feel bad for Steve that he thinks GOD is why he drops or catches a football. God has nothing to do with who wins the NBA or NFL Championships nor who wins the lottery. We have what is called free will and the ability to learn skills in certain things such as catching a football. Steve has caught maybe thousands of passes and this one time he dropped a pass he catches 99 out of 100 times.

Go isn't a GOD who punishes us via a dropped pass or a bad call like the "tuck rule game" when Oakland was robbed by the refs against the Patriots. The thing is, Steve, you dropped a pass and what YOU can learn from it is that non of us are perfect, including you as well as me. Im not going to make a comment to make you feel bad, you already do and its dumb to hurt someone when there down. Hold your head up Mr. Johnson, get on the practice field and work to become as great as Jerry Rice or Chris Carter, thats what you can learn from this. And id anything GOD may be trying to teach you is, your not as good as you thought you were. Before you made the comment blaming GOD , God knew your true heart. GOD knew you'd blame GOD before you did so.

To be blessed doesnt mean bad times wont happen. To be blessed is to survive bad times and having faith GOD has a better plan for you in the years to come and YOU trust that. NO STRINGS ATTACHED! LGNM

1373 days ago


Lord, please cleanse this world already and start again... and start with this douche.

1373 days ago


Hey Steve, news flash for you, God is a STEELERS FAN. That's why He do you this way.

1373 days ago


ahahaaa - that's nearly as hilarious as Guiliana Rancid blaming the god of punishment because she can't get pregnant this season.

1373 days ago


stick and ball sports suck anyway

1373 days ago


what an absolute moron. blame god for ur lack of holding onto the ball due to being ****y and thinking it was in the bag. this is a test world, free will, u think god is going to help u get a touch down or not and let something serious in the world be ignored, idiot.

also learn how to put together proper sentences.

1373 days ago


Steve , You are such An Ass! Dont blame god for your Failure! He can only do so much! you're a big Baby!! Wah!

1373 days ago


TMZ sux ass...****ing losers..i hope you all get ass raped

1373 days ago


What sad sad little man.

1373 days ago

JR Jake    

Adversity builds character I hear. Disappointment reminds us that somewhere there were missed signals, opportunities and decisions. Stevie is overwhelmed by something, his expectations were great, and sounds like his disappointment was greater. Were his expectations too grand? Talk to a friend, someone who is wise and learned and knows you well.

1373 days ago


I know a couple who recently lost their young son, a woman with a debilitating illness, a young husband/father out of work and literally trying to feed his family, a refugee with absolutely nothing...and all of these people live humbly, give thanks, and acknowledge that God is good. Johnson has a lot to learn about God and life.

1373 days ago


I guess God will see this assuming he's one of his followers on Twitter???

1373 days ago
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