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Bruce Beresford-Redman Denied Bail

11/29/2010 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Beresford-Redman won't be getting out of jail anytime soon -- a Los Angeles judge just denied his request for bail.

Bruce Beresford-Redman Jail
Beresford-Redman has been behind bars since November 16, when he was picked up by Federal agents on a fugitive warrant. His attorneys were trying to get him out while he fought his extradition.

The former "Survivor" producer has been charged with the murder of his wife during a trip to Mexico back in April.


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UGLY, MEAN> EVIL bastar** GUILTY..He took his wife to Mexico so he could kill her there and he thought he could get away with it..Hang him..

1425 days ago

been out of the country lately?    

believe me. don't rush to judge. people are framed all the time, especially, especially in the poorer nations of the world.

1425 days ago


This ASS HOLE needs to be in a mexican prison facing DEATH & being visited by Juan, Manuel, Jose et. al.!!
children belong w/ HER FAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1425 days ago


And, in jail he should stay!

1425 days ago


I'd like to know what took so long to get some action. I hate to say this but I was wondering if this was put on the backburner (at someone's request). Glad her family is starting to see the ball rolling to get justice for their loved one. Wonder when he'll be sent back to Mexico---hopefully real soon. Wonder what the jailed served him for dinner on Thanksgiving?

1425 days ago


I am super happy that finally we will have a closure to this vey sad story. Now we need the kids to be with their aunts Jeanne and Carla. Monica will be vindicated. We, the friends and people who knew her are rejoicing with these news!

1424 days ago


I hope he rots there!

1424 days ago


believe me. don't rush to judge. people are framed all the time, especially, especially in the poorer nations of the world.

Posted at 6:42 PM on Nov 29, 2010 by been out of the country lately?

There is someting that is not right about this whole thing. It takes a whole lot of resolve, to go at some one for a whole 15 minutes killing them, especially if they are your childrens mother. This guy looks pretty whimpy, I am skeptical that he did it....unless maybe he had help. I will be intrested in seeing how this ends.

1424 days ago


The arrogance of relinquishing his passport and then leaving Mexico bothered me. Word of cheating and a girlfriend bothered me. Word of insurance policies on the kids gave me pause, since he as surviving parent would control the money, and have access on their behalf. Premeditation?

There is obviously more going on than we have been told or this extradition request would not be honored as quickly and fully as it has.

My heart goes out to the children and her family.

Now for justice.......

1424 days ago


I am unsure of his guilt b/c killings in Mexico are an everyday thing. It's a shock when someone isn't killed. My uncertainty is further complicated that he admits they had an argument earlier in the evening, but that she stormed out of the room b/c of this. Sadly, there is no survelliance to prove or disprove this.

IF he did kill her, I'd say it murder before domestic violence. HER family says she talked about divorcing him, whch if true, means he decided hed rather kill her than split his money and lose his kids.

As to who the kids should live with, he is their father and even IF he killed his wife, it doesn't remove his parental rights and he wants them with his parents.

1424 days ago


Good, good and good again. I thought this day would not come and he was going to walk. I am so glad he is in jail and I too wish the children would be awarded to Monica's sisters. Why should his parents be allowed to keep the children when they did such a lousy job raising him.
Sorry Tammy - disagree with you on BBR having the right to say who he wants the children to be with. He gave up that right when he murdered their mother.

1424 days ago


NO QUESTION HE WANTS THE CHILDREN TO STAY WITH HIS PARENTS! They are, and would be, in a position to brainwash the children against their mother and her devoted family and friends. Also, the children probably would not be permitted to visit their mother's relatives. I hope the children will not be used as "tools" in favor of the father's family. There has been more than enough trauma in their lives without adding more. Hopefully, the courts will side in memory of Monica.

1423 days ago

Get out of PV    

To Celebrities Suck, This it the first comment I've read that mentions how the mother and father have been covering up for this creep and how they should be arrested for accessories to this murder. Finally, comments that are speaking the truth. I happened to be walking on a dog on his street when the jerk was arrested. I also knew him and he waved to be about one week prior. Made me sick. Initially I was pissed that it has taken so long for his arrest but now I wonder if that worked for our favor. Just think, he sat there all these months going about his normal life thinking he got away with this. Bang, bang, a knock on his door and his ass is handcuffed and he's walked out by 10 feds. It was a big relief so see. My mistake was not taking a photo because there was no one else around!And yes, those kids should be taken away from his parents immediately and given to the sisters. The only way those kids have a chance in hell is to be raised on Brazil with Monica's family away from the States. The grandmother thought it was a good idea to tell them their mother died in a car accident. Idiot. Did she forget the kids were there when this happened??!!

1422 days ago
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