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David Cassidy DUI Tape -- Wandering Eye Defense

11/29/2010 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Cassidy's DUI arrest in Florida was all caught on tape -- and during the incident, the former teen star can be heard telling officers that his "wandering eye" could be a factor during the field sobriety test.

David Cassidy DUI Arrest Video

Moments after the Florida Highway Patrol pulled over the "Partridge Family" star on suspicion of driving drunk on Nov. 3 ... a trooper asked Cassidy if he had any problems with his eyes.

Cassidy responded, "I do ... I had a wandering eye as a child ... my right eye still wanders when I get tired."

Cassidy then performed and failed several field sobriety tests -- and was subsequently cuffed. In the report, the arresting trooper claims Cassidy blew a 0.139 and 0.141 -- way over the .08 legal limit.

Cassidy can be heard griping, "As a guy who's supported you guys over the years ..."

The trooper interrupts ... saying, "It doesn't make a difference who you support." Cassidy responds, "I know ... it doesn't."

Cassidy was eventually charged with driving under the influence, failure to maintain a single lane and driving with an open container in the car.

He's due back in court in January.


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When Cassidy is talking about his eyes, the officer says "I'm not an obstetrician." Hahahaha. What an idiot. Did he mean "optician"? You can tell he has an arrogant and condescending attitude from the beginning and knows he can get away with it. It's a shame when people in positions of authority unneccesarily provoke just because they can. And WHY is the officer asking what kind of cologne Cassidy is wearing? That was a very strange question that made him look weird. That is probably why what happened after that was cut out of the tape.

1422 days ago

cyber dude    

everytyhing was fine except when he slung the bottle into the grass. Those policemen were jerks and unprofessional.

1422 days ago


Why do the cops so many sobertests? Isnt it enough to blow in the alcoholtester?

1422 days ago


I had a friend, a good woman I liked a lot. She was friends with the police through her son. So, she told me how she got drunk at the party, ran the red light and got pulled over. She called her cop friend right away and the cop who pulled her over gave her a ride home instead of sending her to jail. She was real drunk, like, baaad. Can you drink and drive if you have a cop friend?

1422 days ago


I don't know about other states, but where I am, you do not have to submit to any tests, field, breath or urine. IF you are pulled over, the best thing to do is just crack your window and hand them your license, etc. and if they ask you to get out, ask if you are under arrest, if they say no, then tell them you do not submit to anything and ask if you are free to go. NEVER consent to a search. I am opposed to drunk driving, just making that clear, but my father is an attorney and he has taught us how to deal with cops. Some cops can be jerks. David cassidy was lucky, these guys seemed decent, at least. I just wonder about the cologne question! lol He probably smelled like Bacardi 151 :~)
Posted at 5:51 PM on Nov 29, 2010 by Dana

I agree Dana. Some cops are real jerks and you better know how to deal with them.
He doesn't appear on the test as if he's drunk. He talks a lot, yes, but it's a nervous reaction to being pulled over with an open container in his hand which is the only evidence at the time of the test. I think this sobriety test is humiliating. I don't drink and drive and I don't like other people doing this - I think they shouldn't, obviously, but it also makes me sick to watch how people are being humiliated. It's sick for the authorities to condition people to humiliation as a normal thing.

1422 days ago


Got to remember, David has been drinking for quite a long time and he is an actor-operative word there. His ego and sense of entitlement is showing as is his ever present condensending attitude, Couldn't even show up in court to plead, probably because all his fans from Lauderdale would have been there and he don't want to see them, not unless they pay him for the privlege. Busted in his wife's car no less, a car she won from her business venture-BTW, he sure didn't look dressed for any funeral with an empty bottle in hand. Litterbug.

1422 days ago


Most Cassidy fans know about David's eye surgery at the age of 9. A muscle was looked around the vein in his eye, only letting the eye move a certain point-- the muscle was cut, released, & re-sewn, leaving him with a weakened eye muscle. You can see his eye drift whenever he's tired. And a lack of balance? Anyone can have that, drunk or not! There are many disabilities that are invisible until you are asked to stand on one foot in an awkward position! Champagne & pain pills aren't a good combo, but DUI? no way!

1422 days ago


That cop is a jerk. "Don't point at me." I'm drinking coffee and trying to follow is nutty directions and I'd have pointed at the fu**er too.

1422 days ago


The cop is an ass. Do not take these "tests" people. They are meant for nothing but to humiliate you, drunk, tipsy, or sober.

1422 days ago


@ #55 I think both times the cop was being a smartass saying he wasn't an OG/GYN-that was a smartass answer to the Wandering Eye comment. As for the cologne? Another smartass question, he wanted to know the brand alright, the brand of drink and lo and behold, David had it in his hand-Bet his wife is po'ed it wasnt a bottle of Airbonne.

Now why is it that his fans and his friends know he had his eye surgery at 9 yrs old, but he himself did not - 12, he said 12-Dumbass. Hie real eye does not 'wander' just the one eye and that one is probably blind by now.

1422 days ago

Jesters Court    

What did he blow????? And what is the bac in Florida? I'm sorry but he didn't sound drunk to me.

1422 days ago

lost grrl    

"I'm not an obstetrician?"

OMG! That is so classic! What an idiot! That cop was being just completely disrespectful. Not that he should give him more respect because he is David Cassidy...he should be respectful to everyone he pulls over until they give him a reason not to be. His sarcasm was just over the top.

He didn't fail the test so I am wondering why he was taken in for further testing. I am not sure why he wasn't just cited for the open container. I don't drink ever but know enough to know that these roadside tests are designed for you to fail. If you are pulled over for DUI decline to field test, decline to breath test, decline to urine test. Insist on blood test.

The fact that David misunderstood the exact directions of the test while under a bridge on the highway had nothing to do with being drunk but was because he couldn't hear. He made it very clear from the jump that he couldn't hear the officer unless he spoke up and the officer got all smart a** on him. I would be very interested in seeing what happened during the part of the tape that was cut out.

1422 days ago


stupid ass cops..obstetrician?!? really?

1422 days ago


Why do cops have to be such ****heads when they do these stops. I mean come on, treating someone like **** because they are nervous as hell and can't hear you on a busy highway. Do your damn job, you don't have to be an inconsiderate power-tripping prick to do it. Cops like this guy give them a bad name.

1422 days ago

TV Gord    

I wonder how many of you pinheads would have been so sympathetic is Cassidy killed someone you loved.

1421 days ago
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