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Drug Investigation on 'Deadliest Catch' Boat

11/29/2010 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fishing boat featured on the reality show "Deadliest Catch" was the subject of a police search earlier this month after the captain called cops claiming one of the stars had been abusing drugs on board ... this according to law enforcement.

Deadliest Catch Drugs

The Unalaska Department of Public Safety (Unalaska is a city in Alaska, weird ...we know) tells TMZ ... police responded to the famous "Cornelia Marie" on November 5, 2010 after receiving a call from Captain Derek Ray.

We're told Ray -- who took over the boat after the death of Captain Phil Harris -- told cops Phil's son Jake Harris (a deckhand on the boat) had been abusing prescription drugs while at sea.

Officials tell us ... cops searched the boat and found "paraphernalia" -- but not enough evidence to connect Jake to a crime.

Cops interviewed everyone on the boat -- but so far, no arrests have been made.

UPDATE: A rep for Jake told us "The facts of the case speak for itself, the Unalaska Department of Public Health has confirmed that no charges will be filed as a result of the investigation. Jake is looking forward to returning as part of the Cornelia Marie crew to the Bering Sea for the opilio crab season in January. "


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Some of you people are just plain crazy. LOSER BOY is a JUNKIE. I would love to see you out fishing on the Bearing Sea with a JUNKIE standing next to you watching your back. See what kind of a break you think this little no mind should get then. The Captain is responsible for the lives of ALL the men on the ship and one little screw-up is not worth the lives of everyone else. O and Phil was a co-owner of that boat and Daddy is dead so there is no reason the keep a good for nothing loud mouth JUNKIE on board anymore. If anyone should get a shot at that boat it should be Josh, he is the son that cared about his father. It was Josh that tried to make sure Phil ATE, SLEPT, and he spent time in the wheel house with Phil, JUNKIE boy looked out for #1 at all times and was always sure to tell Josh how lousy he was at the job.

1432 days ago


Look people this Capt. isn't going anywhere or getting fired. Phil knew this guy and they were friends for years. The guy has filled in before and he is good.

Jake isn't taking a few pills here or there he was taking 100's a week before so my guess he is back in it...

The Capt was in the right and leaving Jake on the boat could have got someone killed including himself...

1432 days ago


Sounds like the new captain is doing anything/everything he can to make sure Jake doesn't take his job. Which by the way he DESERVES-throw the captain overboard!

1432 days ago


#17 You say "Potheads are not good workers." I dare you to walk up to any drilling rig and say that. Haha! Bettin you wouldn't.

You on your best day, wouldn't be half what these guys are on a sick day. Yes many go to work sick, while when you're sick, I'll just bet your pussified ass lies in bed watching Dr Dill.

I'm not pro-drug, I'm just calling bs on you and your slamming certain individuals as worthless. Just please, people like you need to SHUT UP. When you most certainly DO NOT know what you're talking about.

Wake up and smell the meth (not the oxy), Dummies!

1432 days ago


pills can also be injected by crushing them up, adding water, heating it, adn injecting. i know this because i was addicted to oxy contin adn thats how i did it. justlike shooting herion. i am assuming thats what was found. usually pill heads end up doing it that way eventually becasue its a better high

1432 days ago

Katherine Simpson    

Come on a little bit don't hurt!What is the big dill?A little here will keep you workin harder and not so cold it time.And how many others do the same,but act stupid.JAKE HARRIS KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND CATCH THOSE CRAB.Sorry but that's what i think!

1432 days ago

Mr Baxter    


1431 days ago


Jake's addiction knows no bounds. He uses anything and everything. He lives nearby where I live and got into trouble for a DUI this year after rehab. He is not cured. No such thing. I knew Phil who was a frequent customer of a store I worked at. He lived hard, his body was beat up. He smoked like a stack, had high cholesterol, blockages in his arteries that built up for years, but the stress of having to deal with Jake's addictions probably led to the stress that gave him a stroke. Now Jake has to live with the fact that his lifestyle put his dad over the edge. Phil was a walking time bomb, Jake lit the fuse. Now he needs to "numb-out" to live with that guilt. Jake is going to end up like his dad if he does not turn around. No one can make him.

1431 days ago


The job aboard ship is a deadly dangerous one. I'm sure the users think they can get by with it, but one has to believe at least part of the reason for wanting to out the drug user/s is for safety so no one gets hurt or killed. One man's mistake or slow reaction can not only injure himself but others as well.

1431 days ago


I think the new Captain did the right thing and I think Captain Phil would agree with his decision. And the guy is a danger to himself and the deckhands by being high and the job is dangerous enough as it is.

1431 days ago


This is old news, so why is it just getting leaked now? And not even a week after the Thanksgiving "exclusive", which made it seem like they 'rushed back from Alaska' to celebrate Phil w/ the family, when they had actually been back for the whole month (ie. the CM website and Josh saying he was enjoying the Cali sunshine on FB weeks before the holiday).

Your "PR" people suck, boys. All of this smells really fame-whorey.

1431 days ago


Unfortunately, drugs are a huge part of the fishing industry in Alaska so this story isn't surprising to me. I dated a guy who worked on a fishing boat in Alaska and told me that drugs are how many of them stay awake for the long hours of fishing...

1431 days ago

Tracey B    

Well if Jake is under the influence of a drug he could be a danger to himself or to the rest of the crew. Doesn't most Rx medicine state that you shouldn't operate machinery. Captain Derek did the right thing contacting the police. He doesn't want the risk of having someone injured on board.

1431 days ago


Don't guess there's no drugs if you haven't worked the season, ask someone who has.

Two most common drugs in fishing (and canning/packing) in Alaska: norcos/oxy for pain (and yeah, you will be in pain), and meth to stay awake for 20+ hour days. There is nothing to do when you're not working anyway (especially ship based processors), so decent amounts of blotter also. Why would people think meth is a rural drug epidemic in the rest of America but, nah, those guys in Alaska are clean.

1431 days ago


Thanks for the insight, Aargau... Now, I've been NO saint in my younger years, so I say this with honesty and not passing judgment on the guys, but how Discovery has made the drinking and drug comments (up until Jake's admitting to being an addict episode, that is) .... almost like wholesome fun, I guess ...... You see the out pour of support for Jake and his battle, but what about all the other addicts doing the work up there?

1431 days ago
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