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Drug Investigation on 'Deadliest Catch' Boat

11/29/2010 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fishing boat featured on the reality show "Deadliest Catch" was the subject of a police search earlier this month after the captain called cops claiming one of the stars had been abusing drugs on board ... this according to law enforcement.

Deadliest Catch Drugs

The Unalaska Department of Public Safety (Unalaska is a city in Alaska, weird ...we know) tells TMZ ... police responded to the famous "Cornelia Marie" on November 5, 2010 after receiving a call from Captain Derek Ray.

We're told Ray -- who took over the boat after the death of Captain Phil Harris -- told cops Phil's son Jake Harris (a deckhand on the boat) had been abusing prescription drugs while at sea.

Officials tell us ... cops searched the boat and found "paraphernalia" -- but not enough evidence to connect Jake to a crime.

Cops interviewed everyone on the boat -- but so far, no arrests have been made.

UPDATE: A rep for Jake told us "The facts of the case speak for itself, the Unalaska Department of Public Health has confirmed that no charges will be filed as a result of the investigation. Jake is looking forward to returning as part of the Cornelia Marie crew to the Bering Sea for the opilio crab season in January. "


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This story is a joke. Why is everyone so surprised that these guys are taking speed to stay awake? They work about 18 to 20 hours a day for weeks. Do you think the coffee keeps them awake?

I have more respect for Phil's son taking speed to work his butt off earning a living, than some punk kid in Hollywood who takes it to "Party"

1368 days ago


This story is a joke. Why is everyone so surprised that these guys are taking speed to stay awake? They work about 18 to 20 hours a day for weeks. Do you think the coffee keeps them awake?

I have more respect for Phil's son taking speed to work his butt off earning a living, than some punk kid in Hollywood who takes it to "Party"

1368 days ago


@who-Dey Fishing is tough work. The rule of the sea is, you get your job done, and if drugs help you, all the better. Watch the show, see how many times you see a deckhand without a ciggy in his mouth. Almost zero. The other drugs just aren't as visible to the cameras, but you can tell when they're bouncing off the walls at 3AM on a pot. Heck, on ship, just ask the deck boss, he'll hook you up, you'll work harder, he makes more money.

Josh Warner, Season 5 was just sentenced to 9 years, he was robbing banks to feed his addiction. Josh Harris, the other son is solid though.

1368 days ago


Drug abuse is very common on the boats. If you've been watching the show you can tell and you know it's not caffeine keeping them awake for days or sleep deprivation dilating their pupils and affecting their speech. Meth is a serious problem all up the Pacific Coast into Alaskan waters but it's not just that.

I don't think Derek would have called the cops if the Discovery channel wasn't there to capture it. I've known several guys who lost their fathers too soon in life and they never seem to find any peace. They carry so much anger around and blame themselves.

1368 days ago

Booger McGee    

Some of you need to catch up.

Jake had known drug problems - this isn't some random captain making something up. BTW - it's the Captain's responsibility. Jake being a TV favorite doesn't trump the operations of a fishing vessel he doesn't own.

Paul was partial owner - it wasn't his boat. It's in an LLC and the majority share is held by the other partner. Phil's estate holds his share. Jake and Josh couldn't simply "take over" the ship ownership if they wanted to . There's a few steps to take getting there and it may not happen even then.

Yes, there's plenty of time to indulge in drugs on a cruise. Weeks of sailing, lots of downtime between the grueling days - it's very insane. Days upon days without sleep then days upon days with nothing to do in your bunk except stare.

Jake needs help but the crew doesn't have to be along for the ride as he gets it. Good job on the captain - he's doing the right thing and probably what Phil would have wanted.

1368 days ago


my husband sailed on a freighter for 15 years,with the company's putting their lives at risk everyday,and seeing so much lose of freinds at seas,the stress alone,no wonder why some of the sailors do drugs and drink!just like all of our men and women in harms way,they need a way out because the normal people dont understand what they go through!!!my husband is good and with time,my son will heal!!!!

1367 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

Divas! Who do they think they are, Lindsay Lohan? "No, damnit, I want Louis Vuitton leathers in my cabin or forget about the next series!!!"

1366 days ago


Capt. Derek Ray is a long-time personal friend of the Harris family, he's no narc for calling Jake out to the police, he's helping him. Jake acknowledged to his father that he was a junkie, ignoring his taking drugs on board - which puts everyone in danger - would be enabling him. Captain did the right thing. Jake, get help before it's too late. djdj94, that's no publicity stunt - they don't need that kind of publicity. Capt. Ray finished out the opilio season last year on the Cornelia Marie after Phil died, he's not new.

1366 days ago


i feel terrible for him. i went threw opiate addiction myself with my family involved in my recovery. i dont know if i cuda quit without them. He lost his father suddenly and that will trigger anyone to slip off the wagon. sometimes tough love is all that will ever work. i highly doubt the capt. wanted to call the cops it was probably a last resort and im sure jake got plenty of warnings before it came to that

1352 days ago



1344 days ago


So much to say about this whole story... Jake, it's obvious that you have a problem. Derrick Ray or any Captain has the responsibility to make sure that the crew and boat are safe. Frankly, you know this! Addicts aren't capable of realizing the truth when confronted... Think about it. Jake and the others on the boat... Having Derrick as your Captain could have proven to be a great Blessing... Phil would have been in full support - he loves you and Josh, choices... dude. Derrick will be more than ok after this adventure... You Jake, have so much promise... own it!

1323 days ago

bruce walker    

Watch the show last night , this new captain is a real POS , someone needs to throw this as-hole over the side one night.

1235 days ago


I am so glad to hear that Derrick Ray is gone from the CM. He calls the police??? Yeah, great way to get some publicity for himself. Great way to show support for the boys...What an *******.....I think everyone who love the CM now HATES this *******. Maybe he should get his own boat and see how much support he gets from the true die hard deadliest catch fans......

1220 days ago

catch fan     

what an a**hole capt. derek must be...who is he to call the cops on jake anyways? jake is part owner and was there before derek was.

1213 days ago


Trust me when you are on a boat like that you deal with your own problems. You do not call the freakin police for a pot pipe. In my state pot is legal for medicinal use (which is like everything). It does not impair your skills! The cap... Will not be captain for long. Hey! It could have been the old mans old pipe. You never know!

1193 days ago
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