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Drug Investigation on 'Deadliest Catch' Boat

11/29/2010 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fishing boat featured on the reality show "Deadliest Catch" was the subject of a police search earlier this month after the captain called cops claiming one of the stars had been abusing drugs on board ... this according to law enforcement.

Deadliest Catch Drugs

The Unalaska Department of Public Safety (Unalaska is a city in Alaska, weird ...we know) tells TMZ ... police responded to the famous "Cornelia Marie" on November 5, 2010 after receiving a call from Captain Derek Ray.

We're told Ray -- who took over the boat after the death of Captain Phil Harris -- told cops Phil's son Jake Harris (a deckhand on the boat) had been abusing prescription drugs while at sea.

Officials tell us ... cops searched the boat and found "paraphernalia" -- but not enough evidence to connect Jake to a crime.

Cops interviewed everyone on the boat -- but so far, no arrests have been made.

UPDATE: A rep for Jake told us "The facts of the case speak for itself, the Unalaska Department of Public Health has confirmed that no charges will be filed as a result of the investigation. Jake is looking forward to returning as part of the Cornelia Marie crew to the Bering Sea for the opilio crab season in January. "


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Trust me when you are on a boat like that you deal with your own problems. You do not call the freakin police for a pot pipe. In my state pot is legal for medicinal use (which is like everything). It does not impair your skills! The cap... Will not be captain for long. Hey! It could have been the old mans old pipe. You never know!

1256 days ago

Bud Tarken     

I just watched the show and this is America I thought? This cop can track you down and search you off of heresay from some joe blow? Then all this for weed??? That Captain needs a push over the side as his drunk arse is pathetic. It's a shame the stuff is even illegal at all then some chump can accuse people and call the police?

Hell I could start calling any of you in for something...this country going down the toilet.

1256 days ago


That Derek guy should be left at the dock. Get the guy who replaced Phil last time.....teach Josh to run the boat.

1256 days ago

Old Dechhand    

My view is based on a life time of fishing… Let’s face it Pot and Pills are extremely common among Alaskan deckhands. Even on the no tolerances factory boats. In the case of Jake… Well he has shown many time in the past seasons that he cannot step up to the plate… If the kid wants to be a boat owner and run boats he needs to man up, at this point I don’t think he will be any more than a punk deckhand trying to fill boots that are 6 sizes to big for him. As for the Captain, Not cool, but 100% right thing to do. (It’s Lonely at the top)
If you fish in Alaska and you are clean or not you know this is the truth.

1254 days ago


Jake Harris is an addict, both the Harris boys are not like their late father. And for the rest of the crew, they are just overgrown idiots and babies. if I was the owner of the boat. i would fire them all, get a whole new crew and if I was a crab boat captain and the Harris boys came on board to apply for a job, I would tell them NO. They stir up trouble Jake has allways been a trouble maker. He is an addict and if it wasnt for the Discovdery Channel he would out on his ass. They never gave the new captain a chance. I am a paramedic, and I know what an addict looks like and Jake fits the picture. why did he try to run away without facing the cops from the git-go. refusing another pee test just confirms that he was lying and he had been smoking pot. These people need to wake up and smell the coffee they are not immune to the law. Jake needs a reality check, as for Josh well he is not leadership material, besides he is a lost puppy in a snow storm. As for the rest of the crew get a life and stop living in the past. phil is dead and you can not expdect things to run his way all the time. Neither Jake or Josh could handle military life TO MANY RULES!!!!

1252 days ago


there is always some druggie trying to push cannabis no matter what. Cannabis is the answer to everything right buddy...
I don't want to work with druggies. I have a relative who is a a druggy, always has PROBLEMS! One reason we have such drug problems is people EXCUSING it!

1251 days ago


Jake is a loser. Caught up on some episodes over the weekend and he had problems way before his dad's death. I dont think ANY captain can run that boat as long as the immature Harris boys are associated with the Cornelia Marie. They will see the past through rose colored lenses. No win situation.

1248 days ago


throw the ******* captain overboard as he already is way overboard anyway...what a punk snitch bitch there anyway the crew can get rid of this ****bag captain whose obvious agenda is to try to get the harris boys off the boat...all i ever saw was the capt. ray in possession of the weed and he knew right where it was ,,,its a frame job....the harrisses need to seek legal counsel to remove this ****bag captain off the boat..**** that jerkoff

1242 days ago


The name Unalaska comes from a corruption of the Russian word Ounalashka from the Aleut word for 'near the mainland'.

1086 days ago
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