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Kardashians 'Terminate' MasterCard Deal

11/29/2010 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian family has officially pulled the plug on the new "Kardashian Kard" -- a prepaid debit card backed by MasterCard -- over allegations that it's riddled with hidden, possibly illegal fees.

Kardashian MasterCard Kard

The family fired off a "Notice of Termination" to the companies behind the Kard moments ago -- stating they're sick of the "negative spotlight" since the Attorney General of Connecticut opened an investigation to determine if the Kard violates consumer protection laws.

The A.G. was concerned over several fees associated with the Kard -- which reportedly costs $9.95 to own ... plus 12 monthly fees of $7.95. It also costs $1.50 every time the owner wants to add money to the Kard.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Kardashian lawyers write, "The Kardashians have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults."

The lawyers claim the investigation "threatens everything for which [The Kardashians] have worked" -- so the family has decided to "terminate the agreement ... effective immediately."


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Has any one of them ever attended college or has a degree? One should so at least they don't have to rely on momma's exploitation of their dignity. It's a shame that every time I see photo's of them they get uglier and uglier and they can't even see it.

1390 days ago


Actually its their GREED that threatens everything they worked for.

If you demand a large dollar amount for use of your name/likeness, wtf do you think is going to have to pick up the costs.

You know damn well that you would have been soaking every dollar you could get off of people that cant afford it.
You only begged off because you were exposed.


1390 days ago


Think they would have checked this out BEFORE they agreed to front it.
But they probably figured it's better PR to do it after and make a big stink about it.
Talk about USURY....

1390 days ago


The annual fees are listed on the Kardashian Kard website. They can't pretend they didn't know about them. On the news this morning it was said that the card was a ripoff and not to buy into the scam just because their faces are on the card.

1390 days ago


This has to be one of the stupidest things I've seen in a long time. A Kardashian debit card? If someone actually picked up this card, then you deserve all the cr*p that came with it.

This part of the letter cracked me up: "The Kardashians have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults." Does that mean Kim worked long and hard on her sex tape?

I still don't know why these people are famous, or why they have their own reality show. Talk about a blight on society.

1390 days ago


They wantn to help us poor people by giving us a card the young people who have no clue about cr and they want us to believe they knew nothing of the fees, helloooooooo kard family we live in the real world and were not stupid like you we read the fine print, get a life and loose some weight

1390 days ago


Long and hard to create a reputation. Kim is famous for being in a porn, the other two are famous for being boring. Just shows you they were after the cash from this deal. Come on who would want a card with the KarTRASHian name on it anyways. How dumb can people be.

1390 days ago


I think the mom is the worst of the bunch. She is just gross. Khloe is next, followed by Kim, then Kourtney. I hope the two younger sisters don't follow in their footsteps but it's inevitable. Mom will push them into famewhoredom to make a buck.

1390 days ago


I must say I have A LOT of respect for the Kardashians for turning down this offer. I've been noticing the likes of Montel Williams, Run DMC and other celebrities hustling these cards on late night commercials, preying on the weak with bad credit, ripping them off with these expensive cards just so they can get a pay check for being the spokes person. I really can't imagine anyone else turning down this offer, yet the Kardashians did because they know it is wrong and are trying to do something about it. Good for them, there are still ethical people out there.

1390 days ago


My oh my, these girls and their (savvy money grubbing, whore out my girls) manager-mother KRIS had no idea? I CALL BS ON THIS CRAP! Whoopsie....people are catching on to your pseudo innocent pimping.

1390 days ago

Voted 4 Obama and Completed my Census    

The Rush card is a bunch is BS too. At least they disbanded. Rush card continues to bleed the poor and naive.

TMZ it's so nice to see less of Mel and that Oksana chick. Keep that up. I was beginning to think u guys were losers.

1390 days ago


Those chicks will put their name on anything. I wish this fame whoreing family would just GO AWAY.

1390 days ago


"long and hard"..... The only way that can be associated with the Kardasians is Kim's porno tape. These people are disgusting IMO. What do they do for a living that contributes to ANYTHING?

1390 days ago


It doesn't look like they could just decide to terminate. I'm sure a lot of planning and designing has already taken place. Haven't they signed something? Sounds like a lawsuit to me.

1390 days ago


....The attorneys are sure correct about one thing.
Kim did work LONG, and HARD, for her success....Artofwar

1390 days ago
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