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Judge Awarded Mel Gibson

More Face Time with Baby

12/17/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson will get to see his daughter more than he has in the past, thanks to Judge Scott Gordon.

Mel Gibson Custody
As TMZ first reported, Judge Gordon modified the existing custody agreement late Thursday.

Now sources tell us Gordon has given Mel more time with Lucia, but not a lot more.  We're told the increase is measured by hours -- not days -- per week.  Sources say the increase for Mel amounts to a little more than one day a week.

According to the agreement Mel and Oksana Grigorieva signed in May, both have joint physical and legal custody of Lucia.  Under that agreement, Mel had visitation rights a total of 6 days -- with three overnight visits -- every two weeks. The judge has now increased Mel's face time.

It's a far cry from what Oksana wanted ... namely, to strip Mel of overnight visits altogether and to only give him monitored visitation.

Sources tell us Judge Gordon told the parties there were no winners or losers, but that the change was made for the best interests of Lucia.

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No Avatar


YEAH Lucia is going to have control. Too bad so sad narcissitic cult like Mel Gibson!!! Lucia will get what she wants in life for being the product of a very irresponsible and reckless Mel Gibson-Oksana continues to have at least equal rights with this bozo. Let's see how few people are going to support Mel's future career.

1342 days ago


I don't know about Jenner but I see at least 3 ho ho ho's in the picture and maybe 2 ho's in training......

Mean Grandmaw.....too much Sonic the Hedgehog today I've gone around the bend big time.......

Posted at 12:36 PM on Dec 17, 2010 by ketjo
Better Sonic than Barney.
But the very best is David the Gnome :)

1342 days ago


I WISH OKSANA WOULD JUST DIE! SHRIVEL UP AND DIE & allow Mel & his family to live in peace. Poor Lucia...

1342 days ago


Hmmm. Guess that DV case ain't looking too strong now. :-)

1342 days ago


Spread those legs for celebrities ladies. You could be the next Oksana!

It's every girls dream to get bent over by a celebrity, get pregnant and then get taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Get a job.

1342 days ago


Bea -
Lucia ALWAYS had control. Everything of any substantial worth in the settlement was all in Lucia's name - the house, the trust funds, everything.

Which is why Miss Oksana is pitching a hairy. She wants to rob Lucia of her money from Mr. Mel.

But of course, if Mr. Mel's career tanks, there won't be anything like the current provisions for either of them.

1342 days ago


There is no doubt in my mind that Oksana has been forced into silence by the judge--notice how the flow of info stopped after their court date on November 22? She said the court file had been stolen, 2000 pages, and was being leaked--but funny how there was no further leaking after the judge saw the Larry King interview played in his court room on Nov 22.

So if the judge gave Oksana no grounds for appeal and if she is being forced into media silence or face a stiff penalty, how is she going to earn the millions needed to pay back her legal and PR bills? Things must be a little desperate in Oksana's mind right now!

1342 days ago


How many overnights does Mel get with his other gaggle of kids.?? He isn't fighting that. He is only engaged in this because he is losing control and the public is seeing him for jerk he is. Lucia will see that but of course Mel will be the Disneyland Dad!! The pictures at his cult church are so damming of what he stands for. What is he 20 years older than Oksana? He doesn't have that much time anyways with Lucia.

1342 days ago


I am so glad that Mel is getting more time with Lucia. Oxy will have to get a job. I wonder what. Being a Whore is all she is good at. I know shame on me.


Posted at 12:12 PM on Dec 17, 2010 by kelly

No Kelly, You are allowed to call them as you see them. And you nailed this one.

1342 days ago


Bea...his other kids are grown..duh. They can do what they want when they are over 18

1342 days ago


When will Oksana be getting her own reality shows?

This women would do ANYTHING for money.

1342 days ago


@66 I could care less about Mel's future career. Lucia will be well provided for as Mel tanks. Mel should have kept his %%ick in his pants especially if he is a conservative Catholic.

1342 days ago


LATimes article referenced earlier, dated 11-23

Investigation of alleged extortion plot targeting Mel Gibson slowed by budget cuts
November 23, 2010|By Richard Winton | Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
An investigation into whether Mel Gibson was the victim of an extortion plot is still being investigated by L.A. County sheriff's detectives, and it's unclear whether it will be completed by the end of the year.

"We are sifting through all the evidence. We are weeks away from completing the investigation," said Steve Whitmore, a department spokesman.

Whitmore said that overtime limits imposed on sheriff's staff due to budget cuts have also slowed the process.

In an L.A. courtroom on Monday, the Academy Award-winning film director and his former lover Oksana Grigorieva went behind closed doors for the latest round in their bitter custody dispute over their year-old daughter, Lucia.

But for months, the Sheriff's Department has also been investigating allegations that Gibson hit Grigorieva and that someone tried to extort money from Gibson.

The Los Angeles district attorney's office is already mulling whether to file domestic violence charges related to an alleged attack by the actor-director. Sheriff's detectives completed that investigation in October. But sources have told The Times that prosecutors won't make a decision on that case until the Sheriff's Department has finished its probe into claims Grigorieva or someone close to her attempted to extort money from Gibson.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing, said the cases are heavily intertwined.

The evidence downloaded from Grigorieva's phone and computer by sheriff's forensic experts had to be converted from raw data into a readable form with the help of an outside contractor, according to sources. Many of the questions center around the leaking of recordings of Gibson using a racial slur and abusive language during several telephone calls with his former girlfriend. Grigorieva in a recent interview on "Larry King Live" described Gibson as "crazy" and said she might have stayed in the relationship too long.

1342 days ago


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1342 days ago


bea -
You have a point. If Mr. Mel's career tanks and he goes broke, Miss Oksana can provide for Lucia.

1342 days ago
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