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Judge Awarded Mel Gibson

More Face Time with Baby

12/17/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson will get to see his daughter more than he has in the past, thanks to Judge Scott Gordon.

Mel Gibson Custody
As TMZ first reported, Judge Gordon modified the existing custody agreement late Thursday.

Now sources tell us Gordon has given Mel more time with Lucia, but not a lot more.  We're told the increase is measured by hours -- not days -- per week.  Sources say the increase for Mel amounts to a little more than one day a week.

According to the agreement Mel and Oksana Grigorieva signed in May, both have joint physical and legal custody of Lucia.  Under that agreement, Mel had visitation rights a total of 6 days -- with three overnight visits -- every two weeks. The judge has now increased Mel's face time.

It's a far cry from what Oksana wanted ... namely, to strip Mel of overnight visits altogether and to only give him monitored visitation.

Sources tell us Judge Gordon told the parties there were no winners or losers, but that the change was made for the best interests of Lucia.

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Winona Ryder is a washed up has been klophtomanic who is gayier then a Christmas decoration !!! She suddenly remembers him saying something 15 years ago while he was as a drunken party with her...I suppose she was a innocent little sobber virgin at the time also .She is only just remembering now because the bully boys need some patsy to use as their mouth piece and she has been given a movie to co-star in as payment. How many movies has she had in the last 15 years .???? Not a whole dam lot since she got caught shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of goodies in both LA and NYC she was black listed and now they need her she's being allowed back into the club for doing this little hatchet job...

They are fooling NO ONE with this one only the idiot hate mongers out there .

Oxshanna is being shut down so they fiqure they need another way to get at the man....These Bully Boys are the idiots don't they realize real people the people that count are on to them yet !!! They are dummier then a Missiouri Mule thats for sure.

1413 days ago


I wonder … in a year or two … WHERE oh! WHERE the likes of aging OxyMoron and the aging Wyona R. are going to find themselves ___

There is an unspoken law – there are certain things that NEVER ‘leave the room’ !! Regardless! It’s crucial to be able to TRUST!

JUDAS - OXY broke every rule – published THE most intimate letters, emails, photographed Mel’s meds, told countless lies re THE most private of conversations. Reminds me of “Living with the enemy” – WHO would want that!?! – not even the most fervent Oxy supportes, I bet !!
Another JUDAS – WYONA sold her soul for 2 pieces of silver for temporary gain !

WHO is going to trust to be even in the same room as those two?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Once they are USED & DONE by people bend to RUIN Mel they are going to wake up to a totally different reality – no photogs, no fame, no $$, no friends and nobody to bulsh*t.
FORGOTTEN NOBODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be it pro or against Mel --

Hollywood doesn’t forgive AN OBUSED TRUST! ________

1413 days ago


azlee -

I was thinking the same as they were playing the game. "She just screams gentile". Not exactly derogatory, but discriminatory? Absolutely. And yet we know from watching they're just having some harmless fun in what some may consider a poor taste way.

Just like a joke in poor tatse -
What did the Nazis call the Jews who escaped from Germany?
Oven dodgers.

1413 days ago


hellnurse, if you're still here, I'm excited for you. I have a Bradley smoker and I love it. We're a little food obsessed and it has opened up a whole new world of foodie delights for us. I hope you love yours too :o)

Almost bought the bradley, but went with another. Had a charcoal one for years and wore it out. Going to smoke some salmon for my favorite guy.

1413 days ago


yeap curious. I just notice it is ok for some people to do it and not for others. If I stood and said why were you knocking the gentiles they would look at me confused and have no idea what I was asking. Because they were fooling around. How do we know what voice Mel had......what kind of tone in half the stuff that hits the media on this one or that one.

I just get tired of the it is ok for me (in this case the Jewish people) and you can't do it. Why? and who wrote that rule.

1413 days ago


Just like a joke in poor tatse -
What did the Nazis call the Jews who escaped from Germany?
Oven dodgers.

Posted at 2:25 PM on Dec 17, 2010 by Curious

Just like this one which I heard a lot when I was younger:

What do you call a hillbilly who gets caught in a rain storm ?


Not nice , not nice at all....... Where all those people racist or bigots ? .....No they where just plain Nasty !!!!

1413 days ago


I'm glad Mel got more time. Good for him. Plus he didn't have to get supervised visitation. It doesn't look like the judge believes Oksana's domestic violence claims.

As for Winona...15 years ago? Give me a break.

1413 days ago


Nobody takes Winona Ryder seriously whatever she says, she is a thief and will have no credibility at all, there's nothing else for her to lose at this point, that's why someone chose/paid her as a tool to spin these rumors, it gives her some publicity/controversy but in the long run she is just digging herself a bigger hole for life.

1413 days ago

little aussie reader    

Almost bought the bradley, but went with another. Had a charcoal one for years and wore it out. Going to smoke some salmon for my favorite guy.

Posted at 2:30 PM on Dec 17, 2010 by hellnurse

Smoking isn't really big in Oz, we're something of a novelty to our friends. I love the bradley but the cost of importing the pucks is large. We love smoking oysters, chook, fish, bacon (won't buy commercial stuff anymore) we've even done salt. We're off to get more oysters now. We have smoked salmon for breaky. Your guy is gonna love you. Have a good one, gotta go shopping. :o)

Team Mel!

1413 days ago


Why is Wynona even RELEVANT to this story? I mean, she remembered something from 15 YEARS AGO and it just has to do with a alleged comment about jews and homosexuals.

1413 days ago


Since Mel missed the first Fathers Day and Lucia's first birthday I hope he has her for Christmas. Would be her first. But knowing the HO she will try to stop it.


1413 days ago


How many overnights does Mel get with his other gaggle of kids.?? He isn't fighting that. He is only engaged in this because he is losing control and the public is seeing him for jerk he is. Lucia will see that but of course Mel will be the Disneyland Dad!! The pictures at his cult church are so damming of what he stands for. What is he 20 years older than Oksana? He doesn't have that much time anyways with Lucia.

Posted at 12:44 PM on Dec 17, 2010 by bea

Well, not many parents have overnights with their adult children. That would be creepy. I believe he has just one minor son now and Mel seems to have him with him quite often. I assume you're talking about the church that Mel built and gave to the congregation? Can you provide the links showing the cult activity at the church? Is the Catholic priest involved?

1413 days ago


Hollywood is going down anyway.

MGM, Warner, Lionsgate - they are all losing money. Heck, MGM and Warner filed bankruptcy. And the deal MGM made with the Spyglass boys was fairly pathetic. Better that than having "Raider" Icahn in charge I guess, and they flat out refused Blavatnik's offer.

So while folks carry on about Mr. Mel no longer working in Hollywood, I don't consider that a huge loss. He has Icon, he has his creative genius, he'll be fine.

Meanwhile, the Big Boys in Hollywood are sweating bullets and stacking up further creditor debts.

1413 days ago


Good for Mel! Oksy has to be going crazy right about now.

Being able to spend time with a parent who actually cares about her, is a very good thing. Merry Christmas to Mel!

Now, to all of the future Ex-girlfriends of the Rich and Famous, who are studying Oksy's every move, waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting Senior Celebrity in a moment of weakness...

Even if you can suck a basketball through a garden hose, you can't influence every decision, every time, with every man. Sometimes there's a leak in the hose, and sometimes you lose...

1413 days ago


One thing you have to remember
is the only things the judge
is supposed to consider is
oxy's and mels fitness as parents
and what is best for the child.
oxies antics are not supposed
to matter unless they affect her ability to parent ,
if the judge where to go to far she would
have an argument for changing judges
for him to do as much as he did
shows that he is inclined to believe
that the baby would be better off with
more time spent with mel.

1413 days ago
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