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NFL Star Lets God Off the Hook for Dropped Pass

11/29/2010 8:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

God can stop beating himself (or herself) up for Stevie Johnson's dropped TD pass this weekend -- the Buffalo Bills star is finally taking the blame.

Stevie Johnson Twitter

Johnson -- who let the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers literally slip through his fingers in OVERTIME -- had twittered, "I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!!"

But today, he's changed his tune -- saying, "No I Did Not Blame God People! Seriously??!? CMon! I Simply Cried Out And Asked Why?"

He added, "I AM HAPPY & THANKFUL 4 YESTERDAY! w/out Sunday i Wldnt have grew closer w/The Lord!!"

Johnson will have a chance to repent  when he lines up against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday ... if he's not in church.

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Jim Butcher     

God is a myth, blaming god is like blaming the tooth fairy. When are you people are going to get out of the matrix? There is no proof of this mythical creature. And Xmas is all about going to bestbuy and making these big corporations wealthier.

1423 days ago


Dude spend less time twittering and more time practicing catching a pass for Christ's Sake (no pun, intended God! ;-]) Amen!

1423 days ago


Slow down Stevie Almighty. LOL - smite me almighty smiter. This dude is crazy. Someone should let him know even if he would have caught the pass his team is still not going to the play-offs. Aint that what its about anyway?

1423 days ago

jerry carnicella    

yes jesus is god and the son of god. god had mary fertilized with a very hightech proceedure. implanting the seed of god or a god into her. the off spring was jesus who had all the same advanced powres of his father god or some super spirit from space. its not nthat complicated . I belive that particular god may be the most powerful of all the naliens that visited and continue to visit this planet. he is powerful . i can only tell you he made all the difference in my life ask him to help you and you will receive help if you give him a chance .

1423 days ago

jerry carnicella    

I would not be so quick to dismiss the existance of god. if you belive in ufo's you have o belive some higher power exists. why cant that higher power be the one or ones who put us here or at least genetically changed man from a monkey cave dwelling stone age creature into one that could build pyramids , begin writing, begin use of math etc etc. what wewre abngels if not space men with their wings and fiery chariots[ space ships ufo's] . I belive jesus is the son of a god and mary was artificially impregnated by a higher pwoer and the mother ship was the star then wise men saw hovering above the manger. thinka bout it the mayans the egyptinas atlantis all of which came about by visitors from space . why can't our god be one of them

1423 days ago

jerry carnicella    

if you don't believe in a higher power then he is just mumbling and an idiot, but if you do believe in jesus and his father then you know that that he is obviously a beliver and he has gone thru a moment of great dispair, just as many good men in the bible cursed God and blamed him and turned away from him only to find that the only way is to keep the faith say you are sorry as he did and try to do better. I am sure God forgives him and so do I. i am a steeler fan for 50 years but i actually hurt for that kid. i played ball and i dropped a touchdown pass . It took me months to be able to catch a ball with confidence after that. even jesus on the cross said father why has thou forsaken me . I hope this kid turns it around lets forgive him and see if he can come back .

1423 days ago

dale mayfield    

I praise you 24/7 and u do me like that. I lost the Lotto AGAIN!? What am I so pose 2 learn from That!? I say that pray twice a week.

1423 days ago


So now you need to learn how to catch a ball that you are WAY overpaid to play with AND LEARN ENGLISH. At least you know how to blame others for your own shortcomings

1423 days ago


awww that is sweet of him to share his feelings :)

1423 days ago


Oh goodie! We get to read more idiotic, brain-dead comments from the god squad...

1423 days ago


Nothing more than damage control.

1423 days ago

S O'Neill    

Just say the next time...The Devil made me do it!!!

1423 days ago


GOD gave you a talent,you just dont know how to use it!!so blame him,smart move A-- H---.

1423 days ago


Ummm....I dont think he was blaming God. Just basically asking "Why me?" like we all do when something goes wrong. This is much ado about nothing. Just something the media got a hold of and used to stir the pot.

1423 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

God Has NOTHING to do with "professional" sports.

1423 days ago
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