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Willie Nelson

High Stakes in Weed Arrest

11/29/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may sound like a joke -- Willie Nelson getting busted for pot -- but the music legend could face some serious jail time ... and a pro pot group thinks they have a way to keep Willie out of the pokey.

Nelson was busted over the weekend in Texas for possession of six ounces of marijuana. A criminal defense attorney in Austin tells us 6 ounces could get Willie 6 months minimum and 2 years max.

But Bruce Margolin, director of the L.A. chapter of NORML, tells TMZ Willie has an ace in the hole -- convincing a jury he just forgot that the California-grown pot was on the bus -- and California is ok with medical marijuana.

Or he could just try the, I'm Willie Friggin' Nelson!!! defense.


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"There will be no competent evidence that Willie legitimately got this as medical marijuana in Calif. So the guy at NORML is on drugs."

You should do a quick Google on Mr. Margolin. He's the foremost legal authority specializing in medical cannabis laws in California. Since he's the leading legal authority in California with regard to medical cannabis, why should we believe your baseless speculation over his professional opinion? Especially when there's no competent evidence that Mr. Nelson didn't get it in California from a legitimate medical cannabis vendor, or that he isn't already a patient claiming the protection of the CUA and SB-420? Are you aware that he was traveling from California at the time of his arrest? You Know Nothings care nothing about facts, do you? Oh that's right, that's why people call you Know Nothings. Sorry, that that short term memory thingie making me forget that you're an idiot. I apologize.

Here's a link to get you started on your path of becoming informed rather than a knee jerk, Know Nothing prohibitionist:

Now that's just the first step. The rest of the thousand mile journey of working your way out of wallowing in ignorance is up to you.

BTW Mr. Nelson not only qualifies as a medical cannabis patient under the California CUA if he's a California resident, he is in fact a strain of medical cannabis. Willie Nelson is an F1 hybrid between Vietnamese and Highland Nepalese. Put that in your vaporizer and vape it. Don't forget to inhale.

1387 days ago


"he passed out at the wheel, feel asleep, drifted off..whatever you wanna call the effect of morphine while driving and he HIT AND KILLED a 24 year old professional bike rider....and THAT IS LEGAL to do?"

Umm, no, as a matter of fact it's a criminal charge called "driving under the influence" and is likely also "vehicular manslaughter" if someone actually dies. If you're claiming that your neighbor walked away from this without charges I find it very likely that your entire story is simply fiction spun from whole cloth.

It's mind boggling how many people think that if a drug is legally prescribed that it's legal to go out driving while impaired and cause carnage and mayhem on the highways. Shirley, you need to learn some facts.

1387 days ago


"HE BROKE THE LAW! doesnt matter if your rich,old or willie, HE BROKE THE LAW!"

Don't hold your breath waiting for us to start goose stepping and sieg heiling. I for one have no interest in obeying any unjust and insane laws just because a pack of nincompoops think it's a good idea.

You remind me of my 11th grade history teacher who told me that "this is a free country, as long as you do what you're told." Yeah, so is Iran and North Korea with that qualification.

Hey, what a great idea! I'll betcha you'd really enjoy living in Iran or North Korea. Don't let the door hit you in the hiney on the way out.

1387 days ago


The legal premise for these "border check-points" is based on the proximity to the Tex/Mex border and the likelihood that many vehicles are subject to a customs inspection after crossing the border. As soon as the border inspector discovered the bus was a personal vehicle belonging to Willie Nelson/band LLC whatever - and not a commercial transport vehicle - he/she exceeded his/her authority by entering the bus and searching it.

Example - If a vehicle drives by JFK airport (were international flights land) is that vehicle subject to a full customs search? He!! no! Let Willy Go!

1387 days ago


Willie Nelson is a resident of Austin, Texas

1387 days ago


This is a stupid waste of time and tax money. I live in Texas and I am ashamed that these idiots would pick on Willie over a freaking plant when there are more important things to go after.

1387 days ago


My guess : probation and fine. Wonder if he can cold-turkey the stuff? I cold-turkeyed tobacco after 30 years and prevailed.

1387 days ago


The state of TX does not recognize the use of MJ for any purposes. There is not even a medical necessity defense. Not long ago, minor possession was still a felony. Aside from the fact that this is Willie Nelson, the man is 77 yrs old. No person, let alone an elderly man, deserves to be made a criminal over a benign plant.

1387 days ago


I'm NOT a pot smoker but I fail to see what the big deal is in possessing or even distributing pot. People get the giggles, and get hungry. Then they fall asleep. Hardly a dangerous drug.

1387 days ago


Leave Willy alone, we love him. He is an American Icon...
I'm not a user but dang.... LEAVE HIM ALONE

1387 days ago



Just another example of our hard earned tax dollars at work. Let the man smoke in peace.

1387 days ago


New Tshirt slogan "FREE WILLIE"
Leave Willie alone all he wants to do is smoke a little weed. He's not hurting anyone.

1387 days ago


Jesus.... using the California defense will not work. Its not legal here to use for medical or street use. All prop 215 does is let the state/county/city cops inside California not arrest someone using it for medical use.

No state can make something legal the federal gov says that its illegal...

1387 days ago


Love you Willie. Don't care that he smokes pot. Texas has bigger fish to fry right their on the border.

1387 days ago


Really??? this is not a news item... The real news story would be that he was stopped and DIDN'T have any marijuana with him...THEN I would be startled.

1387 days ago
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