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David Cassidy Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

11/30/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Cassidy is adamant he was not drunk in dash cam video Florida officials released yesterday -- and this morning the former "Partridge Family" star officially plead not guilty to the DUI charge.

David Cassidy DUI

Cassidy -- who was charged with one count of DUI -- was not present in a Florida courtroom this morning when his attorney submitted the not guilty plea in writing.

If convicted, David could face up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 maximum fine.

As we previously reported, David copped to taking a pain pill for his back earlier in the day -- and says he may have been tired from an early morning funeral he had to attend -- but dude claims he definitely wasn't drunk.

He's due back in court in January.



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I saw the video and he seemed SOBER. He did all of the tasks the cops told him to do, and with no problem. If he blew the breathalizer, then I guess he was over the limit, but he wasn't fall down pissy drunk slurring his speech. He really did look clean, coherent and sober.

1402 days ago


I saw the video myself and he didn't appeared drunk or drugged out at all. When David said that he has wandering eyes, the cop said "that's ok I'm not an obstetrician"....WTF? makes me wonder if the cop know how to operate the breathalyzer test. It is possible that the breathzlyser can be a false positive reading...for example if you smoke just before the test - can give you false reading, if you haven't eaten anything all day - can give you false reading, if you burp just before the test - can you you false reading, if you were using mouthwash - can give you false reading - there are so many different ways that can give a false reading. Maybe we shouldn't judge so quickly.

1402 days ago

gene yuss    

Show me a ticket for a Greyhound bus
I've lost
my right to drive

1402 days ago


Just pay your fine and go to driving school, David. It's really not that big of a deal. It is a misdemeanor. Now if you would have injured someone, then you would be in big trouble. You'll have to pay a fine, go to driving school and will lose your license for 6 months. Big whoop. Just don't do it again. Just chalk it up to a bad mistake and put it behind you.

1402 days ago


He better be careful; he's turning into the man he used to complain about a lot when he was a big star in the 70's......Jack Casidy

1402 days ago


He better be careful; he's turning into the man he used to complain about a lot when he was a big star in the 70's......Jack Casidy

JUST going by my word

I will repeat this as often as need because from the other posts, some people think that David's father death was alchohol related. It was not.

Also there was no alchohol found at the scene and Jack's level was .12 at a time the legal limit (for driving, not for sitting in your living room) was .10. Jack didn't drive himself home. Jack was working at time so stop pretending he wasn't.

What David is doing is a whole lot worse.
Don't think you know the story and facts behind you if you don't

1402 days ago


Gimme A Break! He blew A .14, had bourbon in his car,and failed the field test. Opened And Shut Case!

1402 days ago


just a touch of the Irish virus...

1402 days ago


That cop was a **** if that was his brother he gets a pass

1402 days ago


#20 I know sooo many people high as a kite driving with a interlock device sooo sorry its not booze its pills now what you going to say

1402 days ago


Yeah, right. Pain pills don't make your breath register twice the legal limit for ALCOHOL, stupid.

1402 days ago

Sad sad    

The weird thing is no he did not look intoxicated but he did have an open container in car and admitted to pain killers. What if you took a couple of swigs while driving and then get pulled over right after would it register really high even if you weren't drunk? That stuff is potent and yuck. Beer is better btw. lol

1402 days ago


This is just about the biggest thing to happen in my hometown, Port St. Lucie (or Lousy as we natives like to call it) this year LOL, and that's pretty damn sad.

1396 days ago


I had a friend that went to see him in Laughlin and she said he sucked. He forgot the words. I never seen him. But I did see Davy Jones had 3 row from the stage he was great.

1396 days ago


Hey alexa good going these people should leave david cassidy alone he is innocent and I thank you for saying something positive I am a huge fan of David and I hope that when he goes back to court in jan. that he will win because those cops have nothing against him.

1389 days ago
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