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The Coolest Thing Kanye West Has Ever Done

11/30/2010 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West spent 90 minutes gift wrapping presents for foster kids today at a charity event in NYC -- but he didn't do it for the publicity ... he did it because he happened to be in the area and he felt like helping out.


Sources tell TMZ West was not scheduled to attend the New Yorkers for Children's 8th annual "Wrap to Rap" event at the Ainsworth in NYC this afternoon ... but around 6:00 PM, he strolled right in and asked if he could help out.

We're told some people at the event asked West why he decided to roll in -- and Kanye explained he simply felt compelled to lend a hand because he believed it was a good cause.

Our sources say West cheerfully wrapped some of the 2,000 gifts that were donated by Wal-Mart ... and then quietly slipped out the back.

How's that for holiday spirit?


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Remember when he was blowing chris brown in the rented Lambo and got window smashed? Then he started dating that nerdy baseball player.

1431 days ago


now thats wat we want to see. Good **** Mr. West Its about the kids. To all the hater that r saying "just way he'll **** up again" SHUT THE **** UP!!!! THIS IS A GOOD THING HE DID. PLS Mr. WEST DONT MAKE THEM RIGHT. AND JUST BECAUSE KILLUMINATI (MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE)

1431 days ago

Van Hammersley    

sure he just happened to be in the area and felt compelled to help...what a load of BS. He's all about saving face now for all his douche-baggery.

1431 days ago


10 years of damage control ought to do it and nothing less !

1431 days ago


Son B-itch doesn't do anything from nothing!! He knew he would get P.R. out of it. What a looser!!!

1430 days ago


He is a good person. Give the guy a break, he's been judged enough. He lost his loving mother and feels alone. You bastards, leave Kanye alone, your lucky he even performs to you ! Leave Kanye alone !

1430 days ago


Did you all ever notice that TMZ will leave in all the stupid a** remarks that make absolutely no sense but will take out any good opinions from the comment section?????????
Some of the dumb s*** things people say just waste this comment column.

1430 days ago


don't all you hating 'saints' realize your stupidity? you were easily convinced that celebrities are above human decent individuals and that once you become famous you have to instantly be perennially good. Kanye West is actually a real human being as opposed to the 'always nice' phonies hollywood feeds you. I wonder what you would be if your worst mistakes were videotaped and people judged you solely on them. some people's worst mistakes/offenses would actually warrant jail time

1430 days ago


I see a some *******s on this page right now, and Kanye isn't one of them. **** all of you man, always expecting this worst of someone, you bitches that hang around on this site ain't never did **** for no one, you just stroll around online looking for a celebrity to hate on! GET A LIFE!

1430 days ago


It's all ego and mental illness! Don't fall for it, TMZ. This guy is a nutcase!

1430 days ago


It looks like someone clicked pics on the sly, then hightailed to see if they could make a few bucks off of it. You can hate him all you want but it becomes you won problem then, your baggage. Good for Kanye, making amends is a way to right the wrongs, not make blunders so quickly--heal his own soul by doing for others. Takes a load off the shoulders.

1430 days ago


He is a good person. Give the guy a break, he's been judged enough. He lost his loving mother and feels alone. You bastards, leave Kanye alone, your lucky he even performs to you ! Leave Kanye alone !

Posted at 8:37 PM on Nov 30, 2010 by Demi
We're lucky that he performs?????? I don't know a SINGLE Kanye West song and I'm gonna keep it that way.

1430 days ago


I still cant believe an entire day without Mel/Oksana!!

1430 days ago


Kanye West is the sorriest piece of crap I have ever seen in my life. Anyone who supports him in any way should be taken out and beaten. It is too bad that his mother died. God should have taken Kanye and left her here. I wish Taylor Swift had kicked his sorry butt. She could have taken him in a heart beat!

1430 days ago


It gladdens my heart, to know that people "get it," and don't idolize this miserable jerk. Congrats, Peeps!

1430 days ago
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