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The Coolest Thing Kanye West Has Ever Done

11/30/2010 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West spent 90 minutes gift wrapping presents for foster kids today at a charity event in NYC -- but he didn't do it for the publicity ... he did it because he happened to be in the area and he felt like helping out.


Sources tell TMZ West was not scheduled to attend the New Yorkers for Children's 8th annual "Wrap to Rap" event at the Ainsworth in NYC this afternoon ... but around 6:00 PM, he strolled right in and asked if he could help out.

We're told some people at the event asked West why he decided to roll in -- and Kanye explained he simply felt compelled to lend a hand because he believed it was a good cause.

Our sources say West cheerfully wrapped some of the 2,000 gifts that were donated by Wal-Mart ... and then quietly slipped out the back.

How's that for holiday spirit?


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@ you take pleasure in hearing someone get booed? You lead a very sad life my friend. And so do all the people who claim to hate this guy and don't even know him. Is that what you do with your lives? Hate someone for no apparent reason? And for a reason that does not even have anything to do with you?
Get a life people, Kanye West does not know you exist.

1431 days ago


People commenting on this are so ignorant.
Kanye made some mistakes and just cause he had, HAD an ego you guys feel the need to bash him up.
You guys act real pathetic, maybe he did want to help. He's a popstar, if he wanted to do anything for publicity, there would've been much "entertaining" ways.

Everyone throwing hate comments need to grow up, lol. Stop pissing your pants and hating the dude. He's actually a great guy, just cause he hates the media and they make him sound wrong doesn't mean you should bash him. No one actually knows the full story unless you're actually a fan of him. Sad how people fall for the media. Sad.

1431 days ago

Colorado Hip Hop Head    

Hilarious how many of you hate. Realize that he is on top of the music world right now with the recent release of an album, few people can touch him. All y'all are doing is giving him more ammo, and you don't realize it. Sad, haha.

1431 days ago


TMZ just happemned to be there

1431 days ago


This guy sucks no matter what he does. Total jerk off.Deuche.

1431 days ago


its funny how all these haters just see his name somewhere and go to that site just to talk ****. i bet all these haters have atleast one of his songs lol. Good Ass Job Ye!!!!

1431 days ago

John dowser    

Guys a frickin idiot.

1431 days ago


Ya, right...he did it for charity. What a load of crap. He is a waste of skin...breathing air someone else could be putting to better use.

1431 days ago


Just when you think you can't stand Kayne anymore, he does something so incredibly human that you like him once again. Oh well, he's a whiner but he has a good heart, and that counts for a lot.

1431 days ago


**** All You Hatin Ass BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

1431 days ago

big mouth vato    

FK this low level ego maniac self seving moldy crap...compelled? what a fraud...rehabilitate image? my ass..donate money a..hole...snipping paper and your mouth and gorge on the front end of a moving train..give the public that xmas gift...

1431 days ago

joe mac    

WHO CARES!!!!!!**** that Ignorant Person.

1431 days ago


Remember when he was blowing chris brown in the rented Lambo and got window smashed? Then he started dating that nerdy baseball player.

1431 days ago


You guys forgave Chris Brown. I think the Kanye hate needs to pass, he did something good and right and you guys still can't give him the credit he deserves. I forgive you Kanye, please don't screw up anymore.

1431 days ago


This guy does not do anything without doing it for publicity. One little good act does not undo all of the horrible things this creep has done.

1431 days ago
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