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MJ Movie Distributor Accused of Screwing Canada

12/1/2010 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The good people of Canada never had a chance to view the Michael Jackson documentary, "Gone Too Soon" -- and now the owners of the flick are declaring war on the distributor ... claiming he personally screwed the entire country.


TMZ obtained a lawsuit filed by Objective Films, LLC  -- in which they claim they agreed to sell the French and Canadian distribution rights to a company headed by a guy named Pierre Turgeon for $100k back in 2009.

Objective says they got the first $50k -- but Turgeon flaked on the back half ... and then tried to back out of the deal altogether. Objective was able to get the flick distributed in France ... Canada wasn't so lucky.

In the suit, Objective claims Turgeon never really wanted to do legitimate business -- but simply used the company so he could use the affiliation with the Michael Jackson movie to inflate the stock price in his company.

Turgeon tells a different story -- saying, "The movie was bad  ... so we applied the clause (in our contract) that enabled us to not pick up the rights to the movie."

He adds, "We paid in advance in good faith $50,000 for the project  ... We plan to get back our $50,000."


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Canada should consider itself lucky.This film was made by the trash-spewing liar,Ian Halperin and it isn't a do***entary--it's fiction.

1387 days ago


Posted at 10:06 AM on Dec 1, 2010 by Siggisis

OhPoof? hahahaha that's really funny Siggy, beautiful new nic!

1387 days ago


Posted at 10:06 AM on Dec 1, 2010 by Siggisis

OhPoof? hahahaha that's really funny Siggy, beautiful new nic!

Posted at 12:25 PM on Dec 1, 2010 by susie

LOL, nobody noticed until now! THANKS, susie, it suits him so well, I think!

1387 days ago


I love you Michael <3

1387 days ago



Number 33 LC4Michael, you are not mix up, it's the famous (lol lol lol)Ian Halperin from Montréal Québec Canada who did the film "Gone to Soon" and also an unauthorized biography of Michael Jackson "Unmasked!, I didn't view the film and I am not interesting to view it, this Halperin is a SELFISH LIAR, who hurts many persons to do $$$$$, he is lucky it's not me, because I would sue him for defamatory for a big amount, he will not have enough years behind him to pay me. I find it illegal that someone can write a biography of someone without his or her approval. It should be good that some law exist to stop this corruption. I am sick and tired of all the haters of Michael Jackson, and I don't understand why you visit this website or others concerning Michael Jackson, you are JEALOUS, RACISTS, AND MORE STUPID, one of the haters talked about brainwash, in his case is there no problem, cuz he don't have brain LOL LOL.

I love you Michael Jackson, and I will always be there for you...

1387 days ago


Posted at 2:10 PM on Dec 1, 2010 by Phantom of the Opera

just when i am reading through and thinking how ridiculous this board is , phantom goes and hits another one out of the park LOL

thanks phantom , for reminding me how phenomenal a talent he truly was ..and that smile..yes sir..:D

1387 days ago


"The movie was bad .." * Applause for Canada!!!!
At least we know when we see a crappy, slapped together, media mongering, money making piece of trash that would dishounor MJ's legacy!
See not everyone is out to make money off the name "Micheal Jackson", some still have pride and integrity for what is a good , well made product.
I don't want to see it anyways, after hear it was not worth bringing to Canada.
Good on ya, Pierre Turgeon! And no; NOT the hockey player.

1387 days ago

severine gelig    

why fight for this **** !!! amazing !

1387 days ago


#44 - Prisme. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I did not see "Gone too Soon" either and have no interest in doing so.

I totally agree with you regarding the "Haters" that seek out everything MJ. What a sad life to carry so much hate in your heart and for someone you didn't even know.

1387 days ago

David Hatton    

I didn't see the do***entary myself, but it just proves that Michael's career, no matter how controversial lives on and he will continue to inspire people across the world. Despite the movie and song title, Michael has proven it is far from it

1384 days ago
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