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Nicole Richie:

The Paparazzi Are Scaring My Kids!

11/30/2010 9:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie is going after a paparazzo tomorrow in court ... but TMZ has learned it's the beginning of a campaign she's waging against renegade photogs.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Nicole will appear tomorrow in her bid to get a permanent restraining order against Fabricio Luis Mariotto, whom she actually photographed stalking her 2-year-old child, Harlow, at her preschool.

We're told Nicole will testify that she's not scared of Mariotto, but Harlow is frightened beyond words.  Nicole will tell the judge Harlow has seen Mariotto and other photographers chase and incite Nicole and it's taking an emotional toll on the child.

Nicole, who already got a temporary restraining order against Mariotto, will explain that other photogs have also crossed the line with both Harlow and Sparrow.

The children will not be present in court, nor will their baby daddy, Joel Madden.

Nicole's theme when she testifies -- It's not about her, it's about her kids ... and it must stop -- and if it doesn't she's going after the photogs who persist.


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Anon E Mouse    

Load of crap.
The same paps that she is complaining about work for the site that she advertises on.
It is just a publicity stunt to drive people to the site.
They still post on her everyday, multiple times.
She is a bogus liar.

1400 days ago


This is all BS. You women flock to the stores when the rags have photos of these "celeb" kids and it makes big money for them. The paps wouldn't bother to take the photos if there wasn't money in it. Can't have it both ways. Personally, I thought there was already laws against photographing other peoples' kids. A lot of schools and hospitals won't let you take a photo with other kids in it. Maybe Nicole needs to find a more private entrance to the building.

1400 days ago


The Baby is cute..The press hounds really need to be arrested 4 their BS..ITS all about big bucks 4 a photo thats all $$$$..They would crush the little baby 4 a photo they dont give a money money..ITS sad and very scary what people are doing 4 money all over

1400 days ago


CN loves sharts and would love to be famous but gets scared about what people are doing for money and then eats sharts

1400 days ago

Brandon Hex    

Either way this goes, it's great. It opens the doors so lame photog paps have to get real jobs and stop stalking women and children so they can make a buck or two.

1400 days ago


Her kids scare me.My what ugly little people. The balz on Nicole. The only papperazzi taking pictures of her kids is from The Inquirer from the "Strange but True" section. Please Nicole relax it is not always about you and your kids.

1400 days ago


It's baby keenan cahill!

1400 days ago

Yep I said that    

I have no idea why any even gives a rip what this person does just another plain jane with a famous father

1400 days ago


I think those glasses are scaring her kids.

1400 days ago

Love Star Wars    

Go get 'em Nicole!

And while you are at it ...... ask the paps to refrain from photographing Bret Michael and his hairless armpits. YUCK !!

I'd rather see Brad Pitts hairy armpits, thanks.

1400 days ago


Well on one hand it's a shame but on the other hand, if you live your life wanting the public to like you or pay to see you - this is the down side. Make up your mind. Either you want fame or you don't. Can't have it both ways.

1400 days ago


Do it, Nicole. We support your effort and know this must be a terrible way to live.

You are a great mom!

1400 days ago

joe mac    

tmz staff,

Learn to use real english and not ghetto garbage, it is not baby daddy. It is the kid's father. What school did you go to or did you get your job by affirmative action? No wonder kids are stupid with people like you to teach them how to speak.

Posted at 5:10 PM on Nov 30, 2010 by jw

Well put this entire country has lost their way. It is a shame we have to dumb it down in this country because parents and teachers don't give two (s h i t s )to raise their kids to speak proper English.

1399 days ago


in the past Nicole used the photographers to get herself noticed and and she suddenly wants them to stop ..... because it's convenient for her ..... umm celebrity magazines LOVE TO PRINT KIDS ( go after the magazines ) Also, If you ever see photos of Nicole and she is smiling that means she has a deal with that photo agency and gets a cut , which these days is not much .... , but on the flip side most of the pap photogs out there are savage animals who don't know the difference between and F stop or a bus stop.. I'm happy to not be in her shoes these days and i would definitely move the hell out of L.A.

1399 days ago


@15. Should've thought about that before she decided to become famous. Also it's a bit hypocritical of her I think.

She is the daughter of Lionel Richie. She didn't choose to be famous. As for doing the TV show, all children must become self-supporting at some point. Look at what Tori Spelling has been through.

I like Nicole! She's smart, has the most amazing eye color, and she's just plain cute. Celebs need to team up - paging Reese Witherspoon and Eminem - to really go after these photogs. You should be able to go out with your kids and be left alone no matter who you are.

1399 days ago
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