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Nicole Richie:

The Paparazzi Are Scaring My Kids!

11/30/2010 9:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie is going after a paparazzo tomorrow in court ... but TMZ has learned it's the beginning of a campaign she's waging against renegade photogs.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Nicole will appear tomorrow in her bid to get a permanent restraining order against Fabricio Luis Mariotto, whom she actually photographed stalking her 2-year-old child, Harlow, at her preschool.

We're told Nicole will testify that she's not scared of Mariotto, but Harlow is frightened beyond words.  Nicole will tell the judge Harlow has seen Mariotto and other photographers chase and incite Nicole and it's taking an emotional toll on the child.

Nicole, who already got a temporary restraining order against Mariotto, will explain that other photogs have also crossed the line with both Harlow and Sparrow.

The children will not be present in court, nor will their baby daddy, Joel Madden.

Nicole's theme when she testifies -- It's not about her, it's about her kids ... and it must stop -- and if it doesn't she's going after the photogs who persist.


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She is so cute!!! Nicole I mean!

1423 days ago


Keep them at home and when she takes them out - put bags over their heads with a little slit to breath!! or move to the boonies!!!

1423 days ago


Yeah Nicole and you're scaring me with your ugly face.

1423 days ago


tmz staff,

Learn to use real english and not ghetto garbage, it is not baby daddy. It is the kid's father. What school did you go to or did you get your job by affirmative action? No wonder kids are stupid with people like you to teach them how to speak.

1423 days ago


Good for Nicole! I hope the judge agrees with her and I hope more stars follow suit! Enough is enough

1423 days ago


GOOD FOR YOU, NICOLE!!!! My son's Harlow's age & I cannot image having someone photograph him at school - I would have gone off the handle. That blows my mind. And all you people in LA, I'd be PISSED at all my tax dollars being wasted to control these mob scenes that this jerk off often create.

1423 days ago


I feel for her, because these are not photographers, they are thugs! Kids used to be OFF LIMITS, but no more. My only ambivalence, stems from the fact that Nicole did a reality show. When you do one of these shows you make a pact with the devil (the press), you need their help in making you famous, you can't dismiss them when you no longer need them.

1423 days ago


What a shame, can't buy coke and heroine without someone watching.

1423 days ago


The only difference between a stalker and a paperazzi is that the paps are getting paid to stalk you, so therefore its considered legal I guess.

1423 days ago


Normally I don't say anything about kids, but Harlow is very unfortunate looking. They should stop at 2 kids.

1423 days ago


scotty, I'd like to thank you for so eloquently articulating your thoughts. I know this will seem insincere, but I am being honest.

I hope you come back to this page to read this.

1423 days ago


Should've thought about that before she decided to become famous. Also it's a bit hypocritical of her I think.

1423 days ago


It is sad the paps are stalking little kids these days. They harass Angelina's kids and Tom Cruise's little daughter like predator animals. There should be a limit on how much kids are stalked by the press and Nicole is right. Anytime the press hang out in front of a daycare all day long, there is a huge problem.

She could move out of Los Angeles, that would help.

1423 days ago


You're the one who told your dad you wanted to be famous. So..........SUCK IT UP!!11

1423 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

It's ironic how your own actions can come back and bite you in the ass. The very same people that she & Paris sought out to help assist them in becoming "celebrities" are the same ones.........
i will agree with her on the "kid thing" no matter who you are.
you mess with my kid and the rule book goes out the window.......

1423 days ago
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