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Susan Boyle

Chokes on 'The View'

11/30/2010 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Boyle clearly didn't realize her performance on "The View" this morning was LIVE ... and it led to one EXTREMELY awkward moment. 

Susan Boyle The View
Boyle was belting out "O Holy Night" -- when she began coughing and backed away from the mic ... then asked the producer if she could start over ... all while the cameras continued to roll.

After several awkward seconds, Whoopi and Sherri swooped in and bailed her out.

Producers tell us Boyle will retape her performance for the West Coast.

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The "smoke" for the fog effect should have had no effect on her vocal chords. Its atomized mineral oil. We use it in our haunted houses, its gets VERY thick and no one has EVER complained about a loss in vocal ability or sore throat!

This woman is a piece of work and not at all ready to be a professional performer.

1421 days ago


The trouble with Susan IS that while she can sing, she is a HORRIBLE performer.

That's what is killing her singing career over and over and over. This is a shy woman who just cannot do it.

1421 days ago


The trouble with Susan IS that while she can sing, she is a HORRIBLE performer.

That's what is killing her singing career over and over and over. This is a shy woman who just cannot do it.

Posted at 2:21 PM on Nov 30, 2010 by JLS


Jealous much ? one simple mistake out of how many performances oh and btw Susan's career is just starting,............ LOL@YOU

1421 days ago


damn, I changed channels before her faux pau...she's so fragile she makes me nervous....for Gods sake get her a life coach people!!

1421 days ago


Wow a singer that doesn't lip sync. Props for that!!!
She could teach quite a few so called singers a lesson or two. Right Simpson sisters?

1421 days ago


Maybe now that she's made such a big mistake, things will be easier for her. She can see that she won't "die" from making a mistake.

Maybe they need to keep an eye on that faux smoke. I think they used a bit too much!

1421 days ago


Even Pavarotti had his "moments". Susan is a gift from God AND she is the REAL deal. All of her humanity..quirks..eccentric tics,etc. just make her even more awesome and lovely!!!!!!!!

1421 days ago


I realize that things happen in a LIVE performance. You can't avoid it. But, if she were a consummate professional, she would have cleared her throat quickly, and continued with the song. What she did was not professional...and it won't give her a long lasting career, IMO

1421 days ago


isn't her 15 minutes bout over yet?

1421 days ago


she belched. it wasn't like a bad hot dog belch but a singers "air" belch. She got the nervous embarrassed giggles and stopped. no biggie but still funny. it happoens.

1420 days ago


She's an angel, I love her... :) Her voice is like a dream.

1420 days ago


gawd...they should probably let her know BEFORE PERFORMING which shows are live and which are not!...technically it's not her producers should brief the guests and performers better...she just wanted to redo it like all singers would want for a taped show.. but she didn't know it was live on the east coast..she don't live in the US how would she know? dum producers supposed to brief their guests on how sh*t works on a tmz should be making fun of the view producers I think

1420 days ago


I like Susan Boyle and she has a beautiful voice. I saw her performance today. Even though she stopped her performance, I am still a big fan. I believe she was unaware that it was a live performance. Also, I think that is was great that Sherry and Whoopi swooped in to save her.

1420 days ago


She needs to work on getting that "boyle" removed from her face! Oh that is her face. Sorry, I didn't know?

1420 days ago

mary soilex    

OH MY. OH MY...that woman has boyles...und i say she needs to reduce! UND that voice?? Moderatel;y mediocre,,,she aint no star....she a blimp!

1420 days ago
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