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'16 and Pregnant' Family -- Furious With MTV

12/2/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the families featured on this week's episode of MTV's "16 and Pregnant" is threatening to sue the network -- claiming producers schemed to portray them as reckless, unsupportive relatives.

Kathleen Green (left) -- the grandmother of baby daddy Isiah -- tells TMZ the network "defamed" her family because "nothing that aired is what happened" in real life.

Kathleen tells us MTV set up shots and heavily edited footage in the episode -- which revolves around Isiah, his baby mama Christinna (right) and the birth of their daughter Destiny.

Kathleen says she's particularly upset with a scene involving a DNA test she bought for Christinna -- claiming she came off as a cold-hearted bitch because MTV left out one key detail -- "They didn’t show that [Christinna] had told us she had had sex with some other guy."

Now, Green says her family wants to sue the network for defamation.

Calls to MTV have not been returned.


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Here's an idea-next time MTV calls on you to air your dirty laundry, just say NO! Nobody forced her to appear on the show. It amazes me how people expect something for nothing. Of course they are going to edit the show for ratings. I personally find this show a joke. They portray these teens as struggling moms while they are being paid well to play that role. They make more money per season than a lot of people that have real jobs make in a year. I believe it encourages other teens to have babies by making them believe that if those girls can do it, they can too.

1387 days ago


Going to be hard to sue when you took the money and signed agreements saying they could televise this crap. If your little moron kept his pants on this would not be a issue. Of course it does take 2 (or in some cases 3).

1387 days ago


Once MTV stopped playing music television, they became irrelevant. All they do now is promote bad lifestyles, prostitution, promiscuity, under age drinking and etc. They should have their broadcast license revoked. With that said.

MTV is not responsible for defamation in this case. There is nothing to defame.

1387 days ago


I must say….MTV has officially scraped the bottom of the barrel with this program. You would think that MTV would want to demonstrate to their young audience that having a baby at 16 is not the way to success. If MTV continues to produce that show, I would like to see them incorporate positive alternatives to dropping out of school. If this guy had gone to college on the scholarship he supposedly got, he could have also gotten grants and loans that would have been more than the paycheck he settled for…….. I bet MTV chose the most worthless families for their program.

1387 days ago


Actually the age for legal sex in this country is not 18. In most states the age of consent is 16 but some as young as 14. It isnt right but it isnt illegal either.

1387 days ago


The grandma WAS a cold hearted bitch...regardless of anything...who cant speak to somene and right in their face says something to someone else to tell them when their sitting RIGHT there!? Thats SO childish, you are suppose to be an example...and you were a nutcase!!!

1387 days ago


I have a friend who's episode is going to air soon. The show is NOT SCRIPTED. MTV did not tell the grandmother what to say, she said it herself, fully knowing that a camera was there. She is just mad that she looks bad because they didn't air the pregnant girl saying she was with someone else.
In fact, she said she only had sex with one person, and the grandma said she said she was with someone else. The girl said she only had intercourse with one person. (Essentially saying that she had oral sex with someone else).
So IT WAS ON AIR. The grandma had her chance on air. IT'S NOT SCRIPTED. Just edited to make a show out of it. They have 1,000s of hours of footage to smush into 45 minutes of show.

1387 days ago


on the show she states she had no family there, then she said her mother came here to help out a sick family member!!which one is it!! and why didn't her mother help her stank azz!! i'm just saying. the fact is they do have family here but they want nothing to do with her. I wonder why!!!

1387 days ago


Worthless piece of ****s wouldnt miss out on a chance to sue now would they!

1387 days ago


To those saying "If she has nothing to hide, she has to take the test....WHAT THE HELL? Why should she? It's not any of grandma's business, nor her family! This should be only between Christinna and Isiah! Man, I hate that cold hearted bitch so much! And Isiah's mother is no better! If it would have been me, I think I would have so mad, I would have stopped visiting them on the spot, unless I got an apology. And I'd make sure they wouldn't see the baby until we both got the respect we deserve.

1387 days ago


she told her best friend at lunch that she had only had sex with one guy:-

1387 days ago


Get it thru your head.. the girl can LIE and will LIE in order to protect what she see's as a reputation.. have you not paid any attention.. chicks are placing babies on men that are in fact not the biological dad..

you cant get mad if someone says off the bat get a DNA test.. in TODAY'S WORLD YOU MUST AND SHOULD BY LAW! GET A PATERNITY TEST!

that way lil liars are not cashing in on their skankiness as many have done before.

its called welfare fraud and femi-nazi's actually do not want this to blow up...

so she was still "with" someone else sexually ( yep even a BJ counts as sex) but some will argue that as well..

did she swallow? or spit.. if she did spit.. hmmm did she aim for That HOLE!>? you must ask yourself this.. again.. some chicks out there especially youngsters are seeking to "lock" a guy down into taking care kids that are not his.

Get the dna test.. that way no further stupid assumptions.

get it fixed..

MTV is still pathetic and god bless the next set of generations.. we're in for a major disappointment

1387 days ago


The first time I've ever watched this show was last wk w/ this episode. From what I could tell, the boys family was extremely cold and cruel to this girl. I understand that they were upset b/c this boy had a future, but so did the girl.

1387 days ago


OMG I LOVE this show! I am so captivated by it. I can't stop watching it and I want to know more more more about all the people. I am so intrigued by the show, I think its a remarkably well done program giving a poignant look into American culture (or lack thereof) and it often brings me to tears. besides having WAY TOO MANY commercials, I can't get enough, and I am over 30. I think this show deserves awards. It also happens at any age. These dynamics are not limited to teen age years, it plays out any time. I hope they continue a part 2 cause I do want to know what happens with their lives. I am also SO curious to know how much these teens get paid, and if MTV is helping these poor souls to get counseling and therapy for their challenges. The advertisers are paying mega bucks to have their products on air, I hope the participants are getting something out of it as well having their dirty laundry aired to the world. Hopefully these teens get couples counseling and can find a way to ascend the low class backgrounds many come from.

1387 days ago


Trash is trash, thats what they are. MTV deserves that, because teenage moms should not be glorified.

1387 days ago
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