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Alexis Neiers' New Mug Shot -- Not a 'Free Bird'

12/1/2010 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the latest mug shot of "Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers ... and she's sporting either the worst or greatest wardrobe choice ever -- a t-shirt that says "FREE BIRD"!!!

As we previously reported, Neiers -- who's pretty wide eyed in the mug shot -- was arrested this morning for a probation violation.

After cops searched her place, we're told they found black tar heroin and a fake Florida driver's license.


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I find it hilarious that E! is doing it's best job to avoid reporting one of their worthless stars. God forbid a bad word would ever be said about the Kartrashians or this idiot addict. Keep up the good work Alexis. I'm sure Lindsay isn't far behind. I'll wait now for Nicole/Delmar/Ali/Dina to jump on Alexis bandwagon. God knows if Lindsay had their support, they're sure to jump on peabrained Neiers side as well.

1365 days ago


Hasta la vista, baby...

1365 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wow. she looks almost as dangerous as charles manson on his prison pictures!!

1365 days ago


LOL what an idiot she is facing PRISON time. I always knew this chick was a druggie criminal and I found it so funny how her family couldnt stop talking about how innocent she was and how she didnt deserve to be in jail.

Lets see what they come up with now. Hmm maybe Alexis will claim the herion was from a pair of Lindsay Lohan's pants that just happened to be found in Alexis's home.

1365 days ago


Chelsea Handler was the producer for this chick's reality show on E! soft po.rn and stealing from stars' homes. Chelsea thinks this is cute. Handler is so desperate for ratings she bashes children, exploits young women and anyone that she can. Who is her next sex partner that wants to brag about? No wonder Dave Salmoni looked bored as hell in pics and ran away, she's looks old and sleazy.

1365 days ago


is she on one of those nick or disney shows? is she associated with that girl who was on tour with the jonas brothers? keep drugs away from kids!

1365 days ago


Well it's California so lets see: probation for felony burglary after serving 17% of her sentence, failure to obey the orders of the court and report to probation, possession of heroin, and a fake license.

She will get to cry about how innocent she is on TV, and have to write 10 times "I was a bag girl" then the judge will beg her not to do anymore bad things. Then E will make her the star of their new reality show about how harsh the courts are in California.

1365 days ago


by far one of THE best mugshots i ever seen taken. no criminal or celeb ever looked so shocked as she does. the expression is priceless: "what, i am going to jail, no way".

1365 days ago

Jo Ann    

And this is the same thief that was given her own stupid reality show!!!!! When is hollywood going to stop rewarding people for bad behavior? It really sends the wrong message!

1365 days ago


Ok so you have a camera with lots of lights around to make sure it is a bright snapshot .. your pupils should be small to shield your eyes from the bright why are her pupils so big? has to be the drugs... see ya when you get out... maybe a different Probation officer this time may not wait 4 months to see whay you have not checked in

1365 days ago


I watched their reality show,her mom want's to be their friend instead of their parent,I could'nt believe how stupid and shallow those girls were,they were living in a bubble their mom created with new age parenting...those girls were out of control on that show....and the mom was like. la la la la

1365 days ago


I have no idea who this loser is.

1365 days ago

My two cents ;)    

@ comment #11...And so it shall be LOL!!! This picture looks like she is as high as a kite if that kite were able to reach the damn moon. That's really actually sad because it's not a show it's real life and she is in fact killing herself

1365 days ago



In regards to defending Lindsay i strongly feel that July 6th was an injustice and the sentence was very harsh and excessive for the minor probation violation. Several prominent attorneys such as Scott Leemon, Stacy Richman & Mark Geragos agree with this sentiment.

In this case how can you defend this ?
The reason she took a plea deal is because she was facing up to 4 or 6 years if she took it to trial.
Instead she got 3 years probation, 180 days in county jail of which she served 30 days & a 2 year suspended prison sentence.
It;s crazy how she could be so stupid even Lindsay and Paris have been more careful because they are facing jail time

1365 days ago


Okay, i could care less about Brittany, the Kardashians, or Lindsay. But this one . . . bwaa haa haa haa! That show was the stupidest, most vapid, moronic thing to ever appear on television. Her and her sisters are lucky that they have enough brain cells to know when to change their underwear (then again, maybe they don't) And their mother makes DiLo look like the founder of MENSA. That being said, I'm sure that E Television or Bravo will scrape the bottom of the barrel again to find a completely talentless nitwit of a skank to center a show around.

1365 days ago
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