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Pays Visit to Jason Trawick

At Work

12/1/2010 8:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears went to the William Morris Endeavor Entertainment agency in Bev Hills this afternoon ... to visit boyfriend Jason Trawick in a show of solidarity.


Britney spent time with Jason inside the building, left by car and then returned. The pic of Brit (above) is her coming back to the agency to see her BF.

We also got this pic of Jason outside William Morris, where he works as an agent. It's interesting, because Jason's not running for cover. 

Our sources say Trawick has been adamant today ... the voice on the recording is not his girlfriend's. Jason joins Britney's camp in slamming the publication of Jason Alexander's audio tapes, in which he claims Britney told him Trawick beat her.

Check out video of Britney's entrance below.


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See she can take care of the home front - when she heard the news - went to his job and gave him a N.O.O.N.E.R. - You can tell by that wild look in his eyes he is ready for more - and then Britney being escorted away for her own safety!! - How's that??

1358 days ago


Who is "William Morris"? (see the title of the page)

1358 days ago



1358 days ago


I don't believe it's true.. and even it if was, britney should leave him.. but i believe she can make that decision for herself and no it's not weird she goes to his work, it's just that the paps make a big deal out of it. don't believe everything you read!

1358 days ago


Poor Britney.She seems so stuck...stuck with that crazy eyed freak....stuck being monitored by her Dad....stuck having everyone tell her what to do when to do it what to eat what to wear.And ALL the time people are "managing" her and her life the bastards are making money off of her. Britney you need to start fighting back girl. You ARE Britney Spears and that is something to be proud of! BTW Britney DITCH Jason...way too old and wrinkled for a cutie like you:)Get a hot young man:)

1358 days ago

Throwback kid    

He looks like a crazy old man! Britney picks the biggest losers

1358 days ago


I see she took her bodyguard with her.

1358 days ago


I'm saying BS on this. Britney needed publicity for something and this is how she decided to get it. I bet there will be a song on her next album that all her fans will now interpret to be about her being abused and they'll all flock to get their very own copy of the song with Britney's little secret message to them. Abuse has been in the news lately and her pea-sized brain probably latched on to that. Nothing like a little sympathy to make you relevant again. This is how she always gets her publicity. She's just ramping up to promote her next project. Jason looks scared as hell and is probably shi**ing his pants right now.

1358 days ago


ICK!!! Not that Britney is a that great looking but he's an old man. Looks like a crazy person. He does look like Charles Manson! Why would a young girl want to be with someone that looks like he could be her daddy?? If she is really "with" him, she needs to step in and pay someone to give him a drastic makeover, head to toe. She can afford it!!! And while their at it give her one too!!

1358 days ago


He's got Crazy EYES!!!

1358 days ago


He really looks creepy. I have never liked this dude. He does have CRAZY eyes, like Manson & Steven Grant. Ick.

Why does she pick such LOSERS? Jason Alexander, K-Fed, and this dude?

She can almost anyone she wants & she picks a slimy PR agent (IE, professional liar and BS'er).

Truth be told - it doesn't sound like Britney's voice on the tape..the beginning of the tapes sounds like Brit, but after one sentence - it becomes obvious that it's NOT her.

Not saying that this guy is innocent - I have no clue.

But the tape seems fishy.

BRIT-- if you're reading this.. please dump this guy.. find a quality man... not some skeezeball PR agent.

1358 days ago


We see she still likes the balding, daddy, Manson eyes, kind of serial killer, s***my guy.

Nice Brit. Nice.

1358 days ago


Well, is that guy a college graduate?

1358 days ago

jen newman    

his eyes are really weird. he has a crased look all the time...

just saying.

Jen Newman

1357 days ago


Unsual not to see a cup in Brits hands..She is so stupid...

1357 days ago
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