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Team Britney

Jason Never Hit Her,

Audio Is FAKE

12/1/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The audiotape reportedly featuring Britney Spears saying that she was beaten by her boyfriend is 100% FAKE -- this according to one of Britney's co-conservators.

Britney Spears Jason Trawick

TMZ spoke to Andrew Wallet who told us, "Every aspect of the story published by Star Magazine is completely and utterly false."

He continues, "Star Magazine was informed of the falsity of the story before it was published.  All the statements attributable to Jason Alexander [in the Star Magazine story] are completely fabricated."

Wallet continues, "The audio recording posted on RadarOnline is a fraud and it is NOT Britney.

The audio they are allegedly relying on between Britney and Jason Alexander is obviously fake and ridiculous -- it is NOT HER.

Jason Trawick has never abused her.

They have defamed Britney Spears and we will be taking appropriate legal action."


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Well duh that tape was beyond fake and can you plz use a better picture of her come on be nice tmz tomorrow is her 29th Birthday.

1425 days ago


New Hoolywood Trend

Tape All Phone Conversations

What a sick town

1425 days ago

Jim in Cali    

We'll see. I hope its not true.

1425 days ago


Star and ROL are owned by same umbrella company who just filed chapter 11 not long ago. AMI desperate to make money. Do they have a bone to pick with Mel Gibson and Britney Spears, since these two are friends? What is going on in tabloid world/Hollywood? follow the money.

BOYCOTT TABLOIDS, LET THOSE EDITORS/'REPORTERS' LOSE THEIR JOBS AND HOMES. Maybe they will learn not to twist, lie and extort. Illegally tape people.

1425 days ago


LMAO!!! Gee imagine that, ROL publishing faked audio tapes.

1425 days ago


Martin Garbus has sold his soul to the devil.

1425 days ago


the audio doesn't even sound like britney! if he has touched her i don't think brit's dad would put up with that. he didn't take over her life to let her get beaten up by another douche bag.

1425 days ago


No one should hit a child or woman but I have to ask; IS SHE ALL THERE?

1425 days ago


Yea... That's so NOT Britney! so ridiculous!

1425 days ago


Ummm yeah Radar online is one of the worst online news sites for celeb gossip because all of their stories have pretty much been nothing but BS lately.

Did they really think they could get any person with a southern accent to pretend to be Britney lol the are dumb they are so dumb fo real (should out to antoine dodson)

1425 days ago


Are ANY illegally taped conversations in Hollywood real?! LOL!!!

1425 days ago


Why did you repeat the story? I'm pleased that you outed it as being fake but am disappointed that you contributed to the damage by first posting the falsehood as "breaking news." You often talk on TMZ Live about journalistic standards and checking your sources. It's why you're the only celebrity news site I visit. Walk your talk guys.

1425 days ago


Lets also keep in mind Radar (site playing tape like its the freaking water gate scandle) is the same sit that had the story about Lindsay Lohan climbing a fence to escape rehab for a soda and they also wrote the gem about how Charlie Sheehn was going to be dead by the end of the week(last time i checked he is still alive). Now they are slandering that poor plastic surgeon who died by posting emails that seem phony from that famewhore Heidi Montag who is saying he forced her to get fake body parts.

1425 days ago


Why did you repeat the story?

Posted at 12:38 PM on Dec 1, 2010 by Marilyn

Marilyn, I posted the definition of GOSSIP for you. TMZ is a gossip site and not a legitimate news site.

gos·sip (gsp)
1. Rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.

1425 days ago


AMI...desperate to make money. Bankrupt them, save the money in this economy for something else then TRASH and LIES.

1425 days ago
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