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Team Britney

Jason Never Hit Her,

Audio Is FAKE

12/1/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The audiotape reportedly featuring Britney Spears saying that she was beaten by her boyfriend is 100% FAKE -- this according to one of Britney's co-conservators.

Britney Spears Jason Trawick

TMZ spoke to Andrew Wallet who told us, "Every aspect of the story published by Star Magazine is completely and utterly false."

He continues, "Star Magazine was informed of the falsity of the story before it was published.  All the statements attributable to Jason Alexander [in the Star Magazine story] are completely fabricated."

Wallet continues, "The audio recording posted on RadarOnline is a fraud and it is NOT Britney.

The audio they are allegedly relying on between Britney and Jason Alexander is obviously fake and ridiculous -- it is NOT HER.

Jason Trawick has never abused her.

They have defamed Britney Spears and we will be taking appropriate legal action."


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Bubbles The Chimp    

That totally spoils Racist Mel's Women Abusers Party he was going to throw for Jason.

1332 days ago


RadarOnline is turning out to be one trashy website.

Oh well, TMZ needs those websites to make people appreciate what Harvey Levin & Co are doing.

1332 days ago

In L.A.    

Watch, a week from now this story will turn out to be true (Hollywood motto: Denial first, truth later). Besides, Brit can do better in the men department this guy is an old man!

1332 days ago


This just proves that Mel Gibson tapes were also fake! It may has his voice in it but it was clearly edited/rearranged/tampered with/spliced/diced/twisted/changed/doctored and completely set up! This isn't the first time Radar online pull this crap. It is pretty disgusting that they can get away with it.

1332 days ago


No way thats Britney. it's a fake

1332 days ago


I sure hope TMZ corrects the tag on this one, or the REAL Jason Alexander (formerly of the Seinfeld show and a Broadway star) is gonna be REALLY pissed!!

1332 days ago


Rador Online is just full of bulls$7t. I hope Britney wins a tons and I also hope Mel Gibson sues them as well for deflamation. I'm not sure what Rador Online is cause I don't care, but... what a pile of gargage. I hope more celebrities decide to sue. If your going to lie and print it be prepared to be sued.

1332 days ago


That audio doesn't even closely sound like Britney Spears. Also, although Jason Alexander may not be the smartest guy in the world, it is doubtful he sounds like such a douchebag when he speaks. This sounds like audio from a Jerry Springer rerun. Radar Online is obviously grasping at straws here. Whomever was in charge of putting this online should be fired for being deaf!

1332 days ago

go home!    

Not sh i t sherlock. Jason better sue too. This guy is an agent at william morris, he is no white trash beater.

1332 days ago


Radaronline is in the same group that Star Mag is. American Media dba ROL, Star Mag, Shape Mag, the National Enquirer.

For all of you who visit ROL, it's time you stopped. It's full of lies and manufactured events that never took place. I stopped reading them because I noticed they operated like this. Blatant lies one day and then a real story several days later contradicting THEMSELVES.

Bad stuff. Nothing you read on ROL is true. Why bother?

1332 days ago


OMG Radaronline are still sticking to their story...they even said that Jason has passed the polygraph test.

1332 days ago


Jason works for the William Morris Agency. One of the finest in the world. He's clearly not abusing Brit. Brit is watched by many and protected by all.

I hope they file a stern cause of action soon against ROL. It's time someone did.

1332 days ago


American Media, dba ROL has filed for bankruptcy several weeks ago. They do business under:

National Enquirer
Star Mag
Shape Mag

And a few others less known. If you want news on credible news on celebs, this group is not going to provide it.

1332 days ago


This is probably all BS but most of you are probably comparing her voice to what's on her CDs and that's not her real voice. You need to run what's on the tape thru autotune. I just know that for the longest time Britney looked completely unhappy with him and she always had that "help me" look in her eyes.

1332 days ago


"defamed" Britney? I thought she did that herself, years ago.

1332 days ago
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