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Joe Jackson Compromises Wrongful Death Claim

12/2/2010 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson may have just dug himself a hole to China during a TV appearance in Brazil ... by telling the host Michael Jackson "never supported me."

During the interview on "Hoje em Dia," the interviewer incorrectly said, "According to TMZ, you were being supported by Michael."  Joe responded, "No, he never supported me."

The statement flies in the face of his claim in the Michael Jackson Estate case ... that Michael did indeed support him -- which is why Joe asked for an allowance.

Even more serious for Joe, by admitting MJ never supported him, it could severely compromise his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray.  Joe's statement could severely limit his monetary claim, because now he can't show he lost money when Michael died.

TMZ previously reported, Michael didn't support his dad, but he gave Katherine $50,000 - $66,000 a month ... and she would then use that money to pay for Joe's living expenses

Michael also cut Joe out of his will.


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Brigha from UK    

14. But ... regardless of Joe, how do we really know the true will of MJ? Why insist on denigrating all actions of the Jackson family, especially Joe, and why the media does not question the veracity of the will, since many people who are present there do not correspond with the actions and decisions of MJ in recent years of your life? Why?

Posted at 3:33 AM on Dec 2, 2010 by kate1
I totally agree.
Is there a hidden agenda to denigrate Joe?
Seems that whilst the media (and some fans) are busy throwing stones at Joe, many others are flying safely under the radar.

1331 days ago

Lady JoJo    

Hopefully he'll die from old age before he sees a dime. What a complete jack(son)ass he is.

1331 days ago


Who cares! Personally I am tired on hearing/reading about Michael Jackson and the family. Just let the lawyers handle the problems behind close doors! I am stopping coming to your site or watching your show on television because of the MJ issues.

1331 days ago

mj fan forever    

Pratically he has betrayed by lone and however Michael did not want he had his money in no case!!!

1331 days ago


joe is not my favorite person but he is getting old and perhaps not as sharp as he might think he is.
he could have medical issues.
maybe he should have someone else take on interviews for him

1331 days ago

nan some other posters have pointed out and i get sidetracked too..
there are alot more people out there who systematically screwed mj out of money on a regular basis...
never mind the cir***stances of his business affairs at the time of his suspicious death....
something we never hear about on tmz or so called mainstream media..
diane dimond is investigating the woman who was shot in beverly hills..
and yet none of those shows are looking into michaels death.
certainly i would not expect the demon to cover mj demise, or the trumped up charges just as his album was released and he was poised to make a world wide comback. she would have to count herself and her district atty friends as part of the reason he is gone.
that btw is just too suspicious timeing .
no way do i believe it was not an orchestrated effort to derail his career by many people with their own individual agendas.

1331 days ago


maybe we can get tmz and harvey to look into the tougher question of mj affairs like thome involvement , tom barack, colony capital and others,,
after all harvey is our friend isnt he?
he spoke to everyone in the first person about the tracks..LOL
no hidden agenda fronting for sony and the estate..right..:)
i do want the album though

1331 days ago


Michael Jackson was at least half responsible for his own death. You can't blame it all on the doctor.

Posted at 6:44 AM on Dec 2, 2010 by anony

Yes you can put more blame on the so called doctor,because he took an oath to do no harm,and he knew what he was giving his patient was dangerous! The so called doctor didn't even have the proper machines on hand.

1331 days ago

MJ Fans    


this is not about the damages that Joe Jackson is asking.

In order to FILE the lawsuit, Joe has to be a dependent of Michael or he doesn't have the grounds to sue.

1331 days ago


Michael was NOT supporting his father;there is a difference between giving Joe money from time to time for business ventures than in giving Joe support for living expenses.Katherine's giving Joe money is NOT the same as Michael giving Joe money.
Michael and Joe were NOT close;their contentious relationship is well known.Michael forgave is father but he made it clear that his father was abusive.Loss of companionship has not happened here.
Joe is in this for MONEY.He has made a mistake that could hurt his case.

1331 days ago

my opinion    

Best of LUCK Mr.Jackson in your lawsuit.


Love the Jackson's

PEACE,LOVE,KINDNESS & RESPECT makes a better world for US ALL

1331 days ago


I don't think Joe knows what he talking about. Listen to how he twisted the answer around. Sounds like he may have a touch of Alzheimer. I keep saying that he needs to shut up before he causes Murry to get off on all charges.

1331 days ago


Joe Jackson is a greedy, awful and creepy man. And clearly, not too bright, either...

1331 days ago


Joe Jackson just cannot open his illiterate mouth without putting his big nasty foot in it.
Never learns to just STFU....
these taped comments will NO DOUBT come back to undermine his lawsuits....GOOD.
dumb fatassed lying evil old nasty looking/acting MF'er

1331 days ago
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