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Kim Kardashian's New BF

in Mercedes Smash Up

12/1/2010 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's new boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was involved in a pretty nasty car crash yesterday -- one that left the front of his Mercedes all smashed up.

Cameras caught Aubry outside The Grove in L.A. -- moving stuff out of his banged up ride and into a waiting Lexus that came to pick him up.

It's unclear how the accident occurred -- but judging by the way Aubry was moving around after the wreck ... it appears he wasn't injured.

UPDATE: Now there's a Halle Berry connection.

There was word that the person who picked up Aubry was Berry's assistant -- but in the footage, we never see the person in the driver's seat.

Now, there's more proof ... we've found some recent photos showing Berry -- Aubry's baby mama -- riding in the exact same Lexus that swooped up Aubry.

As for Aubry's current GF Kim K. -- she was in NYC yesterday. Apparently, her assistant doesn't do car service.


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Kartrashians please do us and yourself a favor and go away. It's not enough to rip off young kids with your credit card scam, you have to bother everyone else too? I'm calling for a Kartrashian boycott!!

1421 days ago

Rufus T. Firefly    

I doubt Gabriel would go from a classy, beautiful, talented, elegant woman like Halle Berry to a no-talent, classless borderline trashy hack like Kim K.

1421 days ago


Does she have sex with all these guys I wonder or maybe she is a tease..You cant bring her home to Mom.She has been with 2 many men publicly..Embarrassing..gabriel a is UGLY and scruffy looking with No real money...Maybe he is really nice or something

1421 days ago

Khate sucks    

Why is Trashians name being brought up? As if we don't know who he is!? I agree with John! Her entire family is worthless POS!

1421 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Everybody knows Kim K is a pit stop...Have u seen the video where Ray J pees on her? I don't care how much money she has she is a fecalpheliac...Maybe she should get with R Kelly...Halle's baby daddy don't love Kim he's hurt that Halle dumped him and that's the best he can do...From an Emmy award winner to well what is Kim famous for?

1421 days ago


Hope Halle makes him dip his stick in bleach before he touches her again. GOD knows what he picked up boning Kim STD Kartrashman. He is boning the bottom of the barrel.

1421 days ago


Is that Halle's Lexus?

1421 days ago

moe l.    

MBZ drivers are the worst in the world. Even MBZ knows this so they've been installing audio reminders so that their drivers don't fall asleep or change lanes w/o looking. Anyone who's ever been near a MBZ driver knows how bad their driving skills are...AND they have no road manners at all so while they cut you off, they just act ignorant!!! You'd think with their money they'd take a driving lesson.

1421 days ago


Pfft. What a waste! Webpage filler.......

The only important part of this lame story is the car.

Any word on how the car is doing?

1421 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

He was probably distracted trying to scratch the crabs Kim gave him.

1421 days ago

Throwback kid    

Maybe Gabriel took driving lessons from Halle Berry? She ran a red light injured a woman in a crash then took off without offering any help to the woman. Then Halle told police she couldn't remember anything? funny Halle had no problem finding her way home after the hit and run?

1421 days ago


Please say it ain't so! He went from Halle to Kim Kardashian?? Wow! That's a step in the wrong direction!!!

1421 days ago


In the video, some woman is asking paps if they speak English. Why is it that all the paps look and speak like they are foreigners? Are they are on work visas? Citizens?

1421 days ago

Throwback kid    

Halle dumped Gabriel because he had no money and she was tired of paying for everything? What does Gabriel actually do for money? Please don't tell me modeling, he gets one or two jobs a year, and that was because he was with Halle. His restaurant went belly up.He is going into his late 30's so the modeling will dry up too>

But I guess he is a step up for Kim K, after dating an uneducated wanna be thug like Ray J anything is a step up.

1421 days ago

O-C Guy    

He must driven his car into her rear-end to sustain that much damage.

1421 days ago
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