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Queen Elizabeth

Goes to 'Narnia'

12/1/2010 5:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II put on her most regal smock and went to the premiere of the new 3D "Narnia" sequel in London on Tuesday.


Who knew the 84-year-old was such a movie buff?


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SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

I love this lady! How many Queens do you know that carries a purse EVERYWHERE? Just wonder what she carries ... Lipstick? Brush? Crown? Sword for Knighting people? Driver's License?? Photo ID? cell phone? Just what DO Queens carry?

BTW ... I thought she was to always wear a "head dress"/Crown when out in public???

1359 days ago



1359 days ago


Wish there were a picture of her in the 3D glasses, that would be awesome!! She seems like such a neat the queen is a cool grandma!

1359 days ago


She's an amazing, intelligent woman who's prob done more in her lifetime than any of us could do if we lived 10 lifetimes. She looks great. I hope that I'm in as good shape as her when I'm in my 80s. Great to see her taking time out of her busy schedule to get out and enjoy the movies.

1359 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The smell of mothballs permeated the cinema.

1359 days ago

nancy jo    

Wow! She Looks Great! I Think She Went for Raisinnettes and Redvines;Plus She Upgraded to the Large Popcorn!

1359 days ago


Looking amazing Your Majesty! She has always carried herself with class. Even if I am American, you can't help but be interested in royalty. Looking forward to the big Kate & William wedding!

1359 days ago


Most of the time she has a hat on but I think she looks great - stylish to the max!!!

1359 days ago


Her title is simply Her Majesty, not Royal Majesty.

She looks fabulous.

1359 days ago

Kyle Perry    

From: The Squire of the King: Caspian X, King of Narnia, Emperor of the Lone Islands and Lord of Cair Paravel.

Fellow citizens and friends of Narnia, (as well as the friends and enemies of the Kings and Queens from those round worlds where people walk upside down), greetings.

The King has requested that I write this letter to inform you of the dark cir***stances of which our beloved ship has now fallen. But before I write unto you these details, let me speak a bit of our past cir***stances.

Many years ago, you may well know that four Kings and Queens ruled during the golden age of Narnia. this was after the great lion, Aslan, put an end to the hundred year winter and destroyed the evil witch, Jadis. These events were shown in the cinema presentation: “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe”, which pulled in a huge amount of gold and silver across the world and was one of the best films of the year.

After this, just over two years later, the Kings and Queens returned to Narnia to help overthrow the Telmarines and set Narnia back on the right course. This was achieved when my present master, Prince Caspian the tenth, took the throne. These and other battles were shown in the film: “Prince Caspian”.

The only stumbling block was this, the Prince Caspian film only brought in half the gold and silver the previous picture had made. This caused our friends at Walt Disney, which we so dearly loved, to abandon us on the side of the road, good for nothing except to be trampled by men; That is, until 20th Century Fox discovered our whereabouts, came to our rescue and helped us get on our feet again.

Now, I must tell you the bad news. As some of you might recall, we began our next adventure on the Dawn Treader when it set off from Cair Paravel only two fortnights ago. We have had the pleasure of two of the Kings and Queens of the past joining us as well as some new friends. Unfortunately, only a few days after their arrival, our beloved Dawn Treader was caught in a storm for several days and threatened to tear the ship apart. We did not see the sun for many days and started to doubt whether we would be saved at all. Fortunately, all but one sailor survived the terrible cir***stances we were under only a few hours ago and our ship is now resting on the shores of Dragon Island.

This is where we could use your assistance: our ship needs repairs, she looks like a crippled, discolored hulk which anyone looking at it would mistake it for a wreck. To continue our voyage, everyone reading this message must go to see: “The Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, in theaters starting on the tenth of December, in this present year. This will provide us the funds to repair the ship, go to worlds end and, ultimately, continue with the next adventure, presented in the book: “The Silver Chair.” We are going to need at least as much money as was made in the film: “Prince Caspian”, if not more. If Twentieth Century Fox does not receive the funds thy need, I can assure you our voyage will end, no more of the seven Narnia books will be turned into films and Narnia will be lost forever.

So, it is with an earnest and urgent prayer that King Caspian writes this letter unto you, begging you to come to our aid. To save the Dawn Treader, to save Narnia, and to save our souls. Our destiny is now in your hands, we most anxiously await your reply and hope to see you at the theater on the tenth of December, two-thousand and ten!

Squire Kyle
Writer and translator of King Caspian X (Long may he live!)

1359 days ago


Has the Queen had something done? She's been looking quite fetching lately.

1359 days ago


The queen is not a bad looking woman as long as she doesn't wear those dowdy looking hats!

1359 days ago


She looks the best I've ever seen in a photograph but come on, she had work done.

1359 days ago


Looks like she had her neck pulled and looks younger.

1359 days ago

In L.A.    

The Queen looks of Amazing! However, I often confuse her with Barbara Bush for some reason...

1359 days ago
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