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Wesley Snipes -- One Week 'Til Prison

12/1/2010 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the final countdown for Wesley Snipes ... the Feds just set a deadline for the actor to check into a Pennsylvania prison ... by next week.

Snipes is due to begin his three-year prison sentence for tax evasion on December 9th.  And according to documents obtained by TMZ, Snipes got an ominous warning from the U.S. Marshals Service: "Failure to report at the designated place and time may result in additional criminal charges."

Snipes has appealed several times ever since he was convicted on tax evasion charges back in 2008 -- but looks like it's the end of the road.


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Gee, I wonder if I would have be able to put off a federal prison sentence for three years.

1320 days ago


Wesley Snipes is an arrogant POS. I remember a radio interview he did years ago and he totally turned me off. His ego and real personality is disgusting. A friend of mine worked in a prison where he was shooting a movie. She said he was the most arrogant, nastiest dirtbag she'd ever met. His co-stars were very nice, but not him.

Even people who work in fast food restaurants earning minimum wage pay their taxes, so guess what? He earned millions and tried to weasel his way out of paying taxes. Off to prison he goes.

1320 days ago



How does that go again?


Free Wesley!!!

1320 days ago


Is it just me, or is this whole scenerio starting to exactly like U.S. Marshals? Tommy Lee Jones was probably the US Marshal who wrote him that letter!!

Wesley Snipes: "I didn't EVADE my taxes!"
Tommy Lee Jones: " I don't care"

I'm looking forward to when he skips town and holes up somewhere. They'll send a SWAT team after him and he'll go all Blade on their ass.

1320 days ago


Defending him? i wasnt defending him.. i did state it was unfortunate he took the wrong advised from the tax accountant basically.. defending him would be a statement like. F! the IRS and he should not have to pay his taxes.. nope nope nope.. someone else made that stupid comment.. i was just offering him a "happy trails" note..

now you on the other-hand jumped on the obama bash wagon trying to call mr. snipes a supporter which in fact he's actually not.
as if the current president had anything to do with this case proves even more how much of a hater you are.

IRS is not ever going anywhere.. it is the law.. law of the land.. you do not like the law of the land then please exit stage left. trust me you'll miss the u.s after awhile

1320 days ago


Don't drop the soap, bro!!!

1320 days ago

In L.A.    

Don't understand, why doesn't Snipes just PAY his taxes? We get it, you were misinformed somehow, but when you discovered the truth, why didn't you just pay up the amount you in fact owe? Stalling, excuses, and belligerence only makes the situation worse. Working with the IRS is not difficult if you put in the effort to abide by the rules. If you can't abide by the rules, move to France.

1320 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Just be cool, Wesley. Just stay quiet, keep a low profile, and make origami art in your cell, like your character in Undisputed, Monroe Hutchins....

1320 days ago


Democrooks do not go to jail for tax evasion,WTF is this really about......oh yea he is black !

1319 days ago


I feel bad for this guy. But at the same dude, PAY YOUR TAXES!!!

At least he can in real life kick some serious AZZ!! He is incredibly proficent as a martial artist. Hopefully the other guys are nice to him and he doesn't end up some other guys wife!!

1319 days ago


Why do these people prolong the pen? He could have been back home by now if he just went in and did his time.Martha Stewart started her time while she appealed.She lost the appeal but she had time served and was back fixing tables.

1319 days ago


Victimless crime? Not in my book.

For every guy that doesn't pay his taxes, my taxes go up. So I'm the victim, along with everybody else who honestly pays their taxes.

Forget the Bush tax cuts. If everybody paid their taxes, I bet that tax rates would go down at least 5%. So I'm happy to see guys like this go to jail. Maybe that will make all of the other cheaters think twice.

1319 days ago


Oh yes, for the people who say he got bad advice .....

His advisor said that he didn't have to file a tax return or pay taxes. Anybody with any sense at all knows that is bad advice. Snipes was just greedy, and he deserves his punishment.

1319 days ago


He just needs to check in and get it over with. Heck, he'd be out or nearly out by now if he had gone in back in 2008.

1319 days ago


Why isn't Charlie Rangel being sent to prison for his 18 year tax evasion?

Doesn't seem right that the law is applied differently depending on who you are and what your profession is.

I should think that those that serve in government should be punished far MORE severely than ANYONE ELSE. The penalities should be doubled for those working in governement positions.

1319 days ago
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