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LeBron Haters Out in FORCE in Cleveland!

12/2/2010 7:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James is officially back in Cleveland to take on the team he scorned just a few months ago  -- and people all over town couldn't be more PISSED about it.


All over Cleveland, people are sporting anti-Lebron gear -- including the staff at several restaurants ... including The Winking Lizard (above) and Harry Buffalo (below) ... both situated near the arena.

In fact, the Harry Buffalo has issued a temporary ban on anyone wearing a LeBron jersey.


The game is set to tip off in just a few hours -- in case you haven't heard, fans are already planning anti-James chants ... and the Cavs have pumped up stadium security.

You're gonna wanna 'witness' this one.

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ken benjamin    

SO MUC H FOR A FREE AMERICA. freedom of speech? tell me i cant wear lebrons jersey! ALL SPORTS ARE CORRUPT JUST LIKE THE POLITICIANS!!! fascists!!! dont worry I wont go to your establishment. thats funny the team owners got taxpayer $$$ to build the stadiums, and they get no taxes, and get to keep all the profits, yep thats the corrupt america i know.

1358 days ago


Soo...you guys no its just a game right. And that its not that serious...?

1358 days ago


comment number 6 you are the reason why in this country there is hatred amoung us all, shut the hell up

1358 days ago


Enough already, Cleveland! You got your 15 mins. find a corner and sit down and shut the f*ckup.

Is this all you people have there? Take the GrayHound outta state and get a life. It's ONLY a game...

1358 days ago


I just read an article claiming that James' manager commissioned some of the tshirts calling James/23 a traitor, Lord of crap, LeQuitter, etc etc etc., and James made a good hunk of change off the haters. If it is true, this would be ironically funny.

1358 days ago

Whip It    

What awful behavior! Cleveland is a Lynching MOB = Scary.
I cannot believe this is the way adults act?!
Good for LeBron leaving a town of sore losers.
THE Cleveland Bullies, Blah :p

~whip it

1358 days ago


Ok cris post number 14 and to all you loser cav fans who are pissed because one of the best players in the game decided to go to a team that acually has a chance. And dont say "its how he left" what the hell are you talking about you fu***ng loser he went on tv and said "im taking my talent to miami" stop hating because the broke ass caves couldnt afford to keep him there heeelllooooo!!!!! seriously all you ***got cav fans need to grow up you knew that day would come so stop being little bitches about it.

1358 days ago


Wow. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels the way I do. It's amazing how childish the haters are. He can't even MOVE??!! Maybe he likes the Miami climate better than the Cleveland climate! Or maybe he did it for the money, which ANY of us would leave our jobs for a better paying job! Even the news reporters are in on all the hate! And they're ADULTS! He's free to do what he wants and go where he wants, just like WE ALL ARE!! I hope if I ever move, that my neighbors all hate me for moving. I would be SO FLATTERED!!!

1358 days ago


I am getting really sick of all of the Cleveland bashing. Half of you have probably never even stepped foot in Ohio. I am from Cleveland. I am proud to be from Cleveland. I could care less about Lebron. All I want to do is support my team, and that is what we are doing. Fans all over do this. It isn't just us. People all over the place "boo" him. Why is it that we are all racist, trailer trash, idiots because we are supporting our team? I take great offense to everyone lumping all of the Clevelanders into one category. Of course there are a few people that do the things most of you are speaking about. That is not our City as a whole. We don't need to grow up, you guys need to. GO CAVS.

1358 days ago

Secret Voice    

LeBron James fulfilled his contract and he chose to exercise his free agency and he moved on to my city of Miami.There is NO excuse for the hate he is getting now from Cleveland.I can tell from some of the comments here and on previous occasions that there is an element of racism at play.Yeah,yeah I know,people especially RACISTS like to pretend racism is not a problem and of course YOU would say that.

Last night Craig Sager asked LeBron if he wanted to apologize and he was like 'no' and I totally agree with him.LeBron has nothing to apologize for and it's not his burden to apologize to people that show their TRUE character and of course I know it's NOT all Whites,but it was too many which is why I don't trust Whites to a certain degree because too many are have that 'white slave-master/slave-master wife mentality' and that is what is at work here.Black people need to remember that on some level they think "they own you".LeBron is a smart man and I bet he realizes the same thing.

1358 days ago


Yeah how did all this trash talking work out for Cleveland? It didn't. I do not agree with how Lebron left but at what point will his ex fans move on?

1358 days ago


Hahahahaha. Cleveland fans are so funny, lol. How long before their tears dry up.

Your bridges were burned, and now it's your turn
To cry, cry me a river
Cry me a river-er
Cry me a river
Cry me a river-er, yea yea

1358 days ago


Well the game is over with and Cleveland got the heck beat out of them. The King even sat out the 4th quarter. The team owner is laughing because it was sold out. The vendors selling those hate t-shirts are laughing because you goobers gave them your money. And LeBron is back on his way to South Beach where it is probably in the 70' or 80's. What a total waste of energy up in that raggety town.

1358 days ago


WOW, how stupid! The people of cleveland need to get over it already. The nation is watching and they are and will look like the fools they are. Just another reason NOT to visit cleveland.

1358 days ago


The more these folks exercise their "sour grapes" campaign against LeBron, the more I can't blame him for leaving Cleveland, Ohio.

In fact, the people of Cleveland, Ohio ought to thank their lucky stars LeBron stuck around as long as he did.

Haters. Yuck!

1358 days ago
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