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Britney Spears -- Another Shady Phone Recording

12/3/2010 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained brand new audio of Britney Spears talking to her ex -- only in our recording, Britney sounds a lot like Billy Bob Thornton in "Sling Blade."

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You have the wrong Jason Alexander. Don't your people edit or check old stories? It was a story in your postings telling the differences between the 2 Jasons. Please correct. I'm sure the actor Jason will not appreciate this crap.

1423 days ago


That is some funny sh** Mmmm Hmmmm! Had me in tears!

1423 days ago


I love how the idiots get their panties in a wad. I guess humor isn't a concept they can comprehend. LOL. It's a JOKE, people.

1423 days ago


Some commenters are pretty dense. "Nof" said: In order for this to be funny most would have to agree that Brit's phone voice is reasonably close to Sling Blade.

No moron. TMZ is making fun of the original recording. That it is so obvious that it's not Britney and faked that they created this faux second recording to show the ridiculousness of the orginal.

You so dumb Mmmm Hmmm

1423 days ago

Il Duce    

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jason Alexander from Seinfeld sue TMZ!!!

1423 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

geeze tmz, thanks for clarifying!! i mean it does sound a little bit like britney, but i think with the expert help, we can all rest soundly knowing that someone was trained professionally to hear out that very distinctive and very fine difference!

1423 days ago


I love the black woman who is so fiercely sure that the voice isn't Britney's that you would think that she's one of her good girlfriends. I'm sure that Britney uses a different, more comfortable voice with her ex-husband than she does with you TMZ. You guys aren't BFF's because you stalk her. I think it is one hundred percent her. First of all - the voice that she uses in interviews isn't her real voice. Watch her reality show, or interviews she did in the beginning. Second, she's Drunk! She admits it in one of the tapes. My voice changes a bit when I'm plastered too. Third, if you listen to the tape where she admits to smoking, that is one hundred percent her giggle. She does use that in interviews. Of course she's lying about it now. She took him back, doesn't want to have to end it Rihanna style and doesn't want the reputation of being in an abusive relationship. Of course her camp is denying it - they have been working way too hard to clean up her image. Would it really be such a shock though to anyone - really? Pickings have got to be slim for her. It's probably really hard to get into her inner circle, she's completely immature and would probably turn off normal people anyway after a couple of nights, she's already popped out kids - I mean, come on.

1423 days ago

joe mama    

are people really this f'n stupid? do you not realize this piece is a joke? i mean really... am i being punked by reading these comments? why do you come to this site if you don't know that the tv show is a comedy show?

1423 days ago


well yuppp thanks for the laugh! good to know there are still morons out there.

1423 days ago


POP PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!
#BoycottRadarOnlineAndStarMagazine TWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

1423 days ago


I hope Jason Alexander sues for using his picture in this story. How stupid could TMZ be?!

1423 days ago


Build a time machine, go back in time and kill Britney's parents before they give birth to that pop star. Britney Spears will be erased in our minds and in the history books. Maybe that's the person you want to murder besides Adolf Hitler. Think the first Terminator movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger (as a bad Terminator) went back in time to kill John Connor's mom Sarah Connor.

1422 days ago


TMZ fyi you have fans from Louisiana and we dont talk like that. I find this offensive

1422 days ago
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