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Jermaine Jackson -- Deadbeat Dad Without Wheels

12/3/2010 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson owes so much in back child support his driver's license has been confiscated, and he's not getting it back until he antes up around $100,000.


TMZ has obtained court documents showing Jermaine owes $91,921.55 in child support for Jaafar and Jermajesty.  $3,000 a month really adds up.

The docs, filed by the L.A. County Child Support Services Dept., suggest Jermaine hasn't been very forthcoming on his income stream.  According to Child Support Services ... Jermaine claims his monthly income is $1,448 per month, but never filed the proper paperwork to support it.

The Department doesn't want to give Jermaine his driver's license back until he pays in full.  We could not reach Jermaine for comment.

Pretty interesting ... Jermaine's baby mama, Alejandra, has just been kicked out of the Jackson family homestead in Encino and she's none too pleased. 

Will Alejandra seek revenge?

Stay tuned


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People, Jermaine is a bunch of air. In the words of his own brothers "Watch, he's gonna go cry to Mother". But to the baby mama. She married and slept with both brothers...thats just nasty number 1. Number 2 she is out for too much. She was offered a condo to stay in that MJJ owned and she turned it down stating she wanted more. Who does that? I don't blame Katherine at all for putting her out of the family house she is no longer family until she convinces another brother to sleep with her! Jackie, Marlon, Tito RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! The kids walking around saying this is my cousin who is also my brother! what kinda stuff is that! I guess cause her and Randy's kids are grown now she stiffing poor Jermaine. Oh well he laid into her he know he gotta pay. The next thing will be jail and we all know he can't do that! He's gonna cry to mother!!!!

1395 days ago


Thyisis so disgusting. the fact that this familyhas kept and fed this woman. She needs to be ashamed of herself. What was randy thinking, how could he pick so low in bag. I dont know she has never public went after randy for a dime. she will be a sore in jermaine ass, for even commiting incest. His current wife doesnt seem to care, how could you walk around in clothes and fine jewerly noing this man doesnt buy a loaf of bread for his children. they were on that show a and e like they were prince harry and his new bride. i could not watch it anymore

1393 days ago


Hasn't anyone learned a lesson from Michael's life? Just because it's in the tabloids, doesn't mean that it's true. And to @OKS who has personally spoken to Rebbie (not Rebi!) and Mrs. Jackson, then they would know that none of the family are stocking grocery shelves. Jackson bashing has been a past-time for many years. It's getting old & boring. Even if you were a personal friend of the family & had intimate knowledge of Jermaine's financial situation, that would not be for you to comment on. Time to get a life people! Harvey, your show is a complete waste of time. Do something good for the world with your skills instead of causing pain for people.

1392 days ago


Thats just wrong.........I'm sure if he had it she could get it........Maybe she should not be wasting thew money he's already giving her..Think about that one.

1392 days ago


Cool. And I was at his birthday party in Marrakech , Morocco. Great guy.

1391 days ago


How's he going to Drvive That Rolls Royce! Jermaine Sell your freaken car and pay your cild support you loser! You should be ashamed of yourself!

1390 days ago


OMG LMAO are they really allowed to take a drivers license away?
Well Jermaine probably figured that being the kids and his nasty ass x were staying with their grandma rent and food and entertainment freee that he had a little bit of leadway to get it together(financially speaking)guess not- wouldnt wanna live over in that state. PS it's not like his kids werent being take of.

1389 days ago


Carol, I need a hammer, bcause u hit the nail right on the head. M.J. was joe's golden-child & Cash-cow, he has always taken care of his family from a lil' Prince 2 a King. M.J was tired from exhaustion w/concert & appearance all over the globe. Trying 2 please & make every1 happy, never thinking of himself r his health, bcause he wasn't a selfish man, but a Selfless Angel. Getting Only in return abuse & criticism from his Deadly Enemies on the left of him & taken advantaged & used by his Disloyal friends & family on the right! I truly feel he is in a better place, & if asked by God;) if he wants 2 return back 2 this Cruel & evil establishment, I'm sure he would say "NO THANXS" he'd had enough. I wouldn't want him 2 either, bcause nothing would've change. The world would would still find r say lies & only negatives remarks 2 & about him like they're continuing 2 do so. Only hurting him more like he wasn't a human being, Treating him less than an wild animal. The task that God sent him 2 do was 4filled by him, 2 spread L.O.V.E. & goodwill. M.J. long awaited & biggest reward was waiting 4 him when he travel that Glorious path 2 the stairway 2 Heaven, his eyes was on the Prize. Finally Peace & Rest, no more pain, sadness, Heartache & Worry. I pray 4 M.J. kids, that God 4ever keep them safely wrap in the bosom of his arms away from evil & strife. As w/all who seeks luv & shelter. LUVUMORE,M.J Sweet-Angel.

1383 days ago


I am sure that Jermaine is pretty intelligent. Jermaine knows how much he earns a month, and the cost of raising his child. If he says it costs $250 a month, who are we to argue?

1383 days ago


WOW. Since Michael Jackson is gone, now he can't afford child support and without a license it is going to make his life more complicated.

1380 days ago

dan coleman    



1378 days ago


Alejandra moved in Katherine's home with all 5 kids by Randy (3) & Jermaine (2). She is a low down wanna be pro but nothing but a ho. I would not **** brothers. Donte & Randy Jr. are hot but I wouldn't date or **** Donte if I just broke up with Randy Jr. I wouldn't date cousins. I wouldn't date Siggy if I just broke up with Taryll - that's too much family. Alejandra doesn't work. She doesn't want to work. She wants her kids child support to support her life style. I hate to call her a ho but she was a mistress. She should have kept her legs closed to married men and brothers. How do you think Randy feels about Jermaine? She gets what she deserved. Katherine didn't have to let her stay there. They were living there before MJ's kids moved in. Why don't she find a sugar daddy or see if Tito or Jackie is free?

1378 days ago

mw smith    

Sheesh, he should have been arrested a long time ago for naming a child Jermajesty.

1374 days ago

Khate sucks    

If that bitch is living in his mothers house FREE of charge with those bratty children, I don't think he should have to pay that bitch anything! What about Randys payments? I guess she's teh family HOE!

1372 days ago


That's just nasty. He stuck his finger in the same ho le that pushed out 3 kids and his brother had just pulled his finger out of. That's just nasty. What the kids call him UNCLE/DADDY ?

1372 days ago
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