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Octomom: Pay Up or Get Out!

12/2/2010 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who holds the note to Octomom's house says he's fed up with her empty promises, and now wants her to pay $450,000 plus interest by New Year's Eve ... or get the hell out.

Octomom Home: Pay Up or Get Out!

Amer Haddadin says he's been plenty understanding when Nadya Suleman fell behind in making her monthly payments.  A $450,000 balloon payment has been looming over Octo for months -- it becomes due every time she falls behind in making payments.

But Amer says she's fallen behind again and now he's had it.  So Amer tells TMZ he just served Octo's lawyer with a letter demanding she pay the full $450,000 balance plus interest by December 31 or get out of her La Habra home.

Octo has been saying for months ... she's broke. 

Something's gotta give.


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@TMZ: Don't bother redacting one of 2 Madonna Ln addresses-NS has it all over the net her address and each room everyone sleeps secret!

This smells like a joint scam between Hairy Ed, his bud Amer, brat Nat and Jeffro...time to scare up some sympathy and $$buck$ for more Plastic surgery for Not-the-Mama and more plastic craptoys for the 14 in the orphanage. Ho, ho, ho!

Hey folks, it's 75* in L.A....nobody will freeze! And they probably got plenty of cash stashed. Just wait til the IRS comes. That will be sweet!

1398 days ago


Hey TMZ, you forgot to take the address out of the subject of the letter but you blanked it at the bottom.


1398 days ago


He's playing the Scrooge part. That way everyone feels sorry for her and her children because it's Christmas time. You know, the ole, " How could anyone throw this poor starving mother of 14 with no husband or form of income out into the snow uh I mean out into the streets.
Did the authorities really think she could raise all those kids alone? REALLY? Oh, I forgot it's La La Land.

1398 days ago


He's probably just tryin' to get some.

1398 days ago


I'd do her...

1398 days ago


I don't think some folk here are really aware of how hard it is for a landlord to throw someone out of a home or apartment or business.

You don't just show up and drag them out of the place. So far, he has been patient and probably not willing to go through the legal process and the wait involved. Maybe now he is. Even if he gets a court order, she still has 30-90 days to vacate. Perhaps he shouldn't have been mesmerized by those lips.....

1398 days ago

Psyclon N[9]ne    


Amer has cried wolf too many times!!!

This Middle Eastern grifter needs to either step up to Fraudya and get up all on her grillz, and sue this lying, government fraud, turkey basting succubus once and for all OR step the motha fu.ckin' back off and quietly cry himself to sleep and concede that he got owned by California's Public Enemy on the Dole #1.

Eesh! The FRAUDTARD ain't NEVER gonna pay you what you are owed! Get it through your scamming skull!

IRS needs to step up to the plate and audit that Harmony Enterprise. We ALL (Cali and Fed tax payers) will be paying into her coffers to "raise" all 14 children until they each reach the age of 18.

1398 days ago


Let the Octo-craziness begin again...

1398 days ago


Amer,the mortgage terrorist. Why do you continually take this public through the media?

It's a very private matter. We do thing like that differently here in the USA. Send your camel with a note to her home instead.

1398 days ago


so when is social svcs going to step in and take this whack jobs kids away from her? this woman is unstable and unable to support her 14 kids. get a job, and stop depending on handouts and strangers to support your kids.

1398 days ago


I hope she's figured out that having 14 kids without a husband and/or job was a bad idea...where are child protective services???

1398 days ago


I hope she's figured out by now that having 14 kids without a job was a bad idea??? Where is social services in all of this???

1398 days ago


Where can I get this dude's address? I'd like to send him my son's copy of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

1398 days ago


Just throw her out already

I don't feel the guy is trying to milk the situation.

I can't imagine throwing out 14 children from their home. I would probably try very hard to make it work somehow, but there comes a point when he needs to throw them out and this is it.

1398 days ago


So what's the problem? Nutso has been seen running around to Yogurtland, IHOP, Boston Market, the Slidebar, possibly LAX, GameStop, etc. and she's outta money? There has to be money somewhere stashed in her back pocket for her to do this.

I KNEW there would be a beg-a-thon for Christmas!

1398 days ago
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