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Octomom: Pay Up or Get Out!

12/2/2010 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who holds the note to Octomom's house says he's fed up with her empty promises, and now wants her to pay $450,000 plus interest by New Year's Eve ... or get the hell out.

Octomom Home: Pay Up or Get Out!

Amer Haddadin says he's been plenty understanding when Nadya Suleman fell behind in making her monthly payments.  A $450,000 balloon payment has been looming over Octo for months -- it becomes due every time she falls behind in making payments.

But Amer says she's fallen behind again and now he's had it.  So Amer tells TMZ he just served Octo's lawyer with a letter demanding she pay the full $450,000 balance plus interest by December 31 or get out of her La Habra home.

Octo has been saying for months ... she's broke. 

Something's gotta give.


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Hello Alvin.The questions that have arisen are.Why is Suleman so quiet lately, will she do a christmas photo op....what is her next stunt. ..And Amer pops out of the virtual christmas stocking....with a letter to Santa. Coincidence...who knows. But what has evolved from this, is the reminder that Madya is in dire straights yet again.......with 14 mouths to feed..and the possibility of eviction.Ah yes, the human shield...fourteen of them. I mean really....who would be heartless enough to see them homeless. This ploy has worn thin....Apparently Suleman is not short of her very public spending will attest to. Now Amer...Stop whining...I could care less about you. Suleman...stop asking for handouts.......I am not responsible for your are...

1391 days ago


Throw her out. Let the state take the kids and make her get a JOB to pay support for them. We taxpayers are tired of footing the bill!

1391 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

to #37 - I can't wait to watch THAT Oprah show! I want to see the look on Octo'S face when Suze mentions "working" (novel idea) for her money!

1391 days ago


Well, it's one sure way to pump some cash out of Oprah and the rest of the daytime geekshow ringmasters. What do you think the investment in some free publicity showing them to be last-minute benevolent saviors might be. I'll bet Badczech is screening calls for the highest donor as you are reading this.

Really, you think the media isn't going to see the dollar potential for being the saving grace to 14 babies? AT CHRISTMAS? Right.

Bet that octopus CONoisseur Badczech is behind the too CONvenient timing. It smacks of the most craven sort of biblethumping scamming. He's been using being an OC Christian neoCON for years to line his pockets bigtime. Multi-million dollar beachhouse, by the way.
And as for Toxomom, if she has no SSS how is she paying for her daily gerbil-wheel sessions at the gym and her $100 per week eyelash maintainance and IHOP and all those other nutritiously fine dining establishments she is seen at daily? So the question is what does a finger down your throat do to your weekly manicure? Does the grease in all that fast-food keep your acrylic nail from shrivelling right up?
Does Amer realize that she's spent about 6 months rent on just her eyelash habit?

Best thing that could ever happen t those kids is if they really were evicted. Then at least they'd be placed in beds that weren't cages with people they won't cringe from. Every time you see her holding those trapped babies, it looks like one of those wildlife commentators on some talk show and their captive animals all trying to bolt from the studio....

I really did want to do something aobut my kid's cleftlip, your honor, but you see I really did have this very serious year-long eyelash emergency that needed to come first. As if we all hadn't been there and done that.

1391 days ago


Here we go again. Just file the d*mn paperwork and be done with it. No more running to TMZ for a new begathon. It's getting old and boring.

To those that say Amer shouldn't evict her; no where is it written that he should be the idiot to pick up her housing tab. That's HER responsibility. If she can't afford the place, then she needs to move. Times are tough for everyone, she and her over-sized pack don't deserve any special treatment over the millions of hard-working American's who have lost their jobs and homes through no fault of their own. Let her stand in line for section 8 housing just like the rest.

@Alvin- yes, I knew there was going to be a Christmas beg-a-thon coming from this gang of shysters. The twit ought to at least keep her spending out of sight (yogurtplace, Disneyland, Gamestop and all the fast food places) if she's going to cry poor. I'm sure all the kids have a new mommy on the top of their Santa's wish-list.

1391 days ago


She could, conceivably, get a new reality TV show, sort of like a game show ... where a plethora of men start off the season with the hopes of sperminating Nadya, and after weekly eliminations, there are a handful of men left, and the final one left gets to turkey baste her. And then at the beginning of the next season, she introduces her new kid(s), and then onto the next one(s). No ?

1391 days ago

Blue Lake    

Better take out her address. If anything happens, she will own TMZ.

1391 days ago


YAWN!! Here we go again! You just know someone will step up at the last minute and save this nut. I bet she already has somebody to sponsor a Christmas for her kids and the pictures will show up in some publication. This woman is the lowest of the low. I really think she has serious mental issues. No normal person has 14 kids without a job and no means of support. She it thinking she could cash in on her kids. I believe the kids would be better off in different homes than staying with octo-showmethemoney.

1391 days ago


He sold her a house that EVERYONE knew she couldn't afford. I don't have any real sympathy for him and who else is sick of this woman and her dysfunctional, trailer trash, life?

1391 days ago


This guy is the stupidest landlord in history. Listen carefully, SHE ISN'T GOING TO PAY YOU. Just throw her ass out.

1391 days ago


I wish I had sympathy for this crazy woman. I think the State needs to step in and find parents for those kids who can actually support them without making the kids the breadwinners (hear that, Kate?).

1391 days ago


"A $450,000 balloon payment has been looming over Octo for months -- it becomes due every time she falls behind in making payment"



Soooo.... how many times has she been at DEFAULT FOR PAYMENT?

According to that statement, FRAUDya is ONLY liable whenever she falls behind in payments?!!


Posted at 4:54 PM on Dec 2, 2010 by Psyclon N[9]ne

I believe it means that each time she has caught
up he has forgiven the balloon payment

1391 days ago


She just needs to "suck it" up and do the porno. It'll giver her what see wants. 15 more minutes in the spotlight and a roof over her 300 kids.

1391 days ago

Joe Dabb Babbalucci    

Just evict her and get it done. Quit playing games. She's a deadbeat, plain and simple. She's just a headache that willnot go away unless you evict her.

1391 days ago


Lookie, lookie, Octomooch is back, just in time to do some octomooching for the holidays. "Heeeelp me feed the octobabies so I don't have to wooooooork!"

1391 days ago
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