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The Niece Ronni Chasen Stiffed Sings Her Praises

12/2/2010 7:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The niece to whom Ronni Chasen left a grand total of $10 recorded a song dedicated to her fallen aunt.

Ronni Chasen

As TMZ first reported -- under Chasen's 1994 will, Jill Gatsby was intentionally excluded from the estate valued at around $6.1 million. Chasen left her a paltry 10 bucks.

But there's hope. We've learned Jill is trying to sell her story to the highest bidder. 

Welcome to Hollywood, Jill.


No Avatar


I'll CHARGE her 10 bucks to unload that story of how she screwed up 6.1 million...

1384 days ago


maybe you people should learn how to use google

Jill Gatsby is a successful actress, a successful writer, a successful screenwriter -- and has been for 20+ years.
acted -- 11 movies
3 movies as a writer
2 movies as a producer
director/ editor/ composer

additionally, TMZ also states that there is supposedly an updated will (2006)

1384 days ago


Well, either Ms. Chasen was the spiteful wench or the niece was a money-grubbing one...Usually, you don't bother to leave a 10 dollar inheritance unless you are making a very loud point, though. My guess is the niece probably did something in the past to warrant it. Frankly, it's not very often aunts/uncles leave ANYthing to a niece or nephew (was Ms. Chasen childless?). Regardless, the way Ms. Chasen died is one horrible death. And the niece shouldn't be trying to profit from it.

1384 days ago

Common Sense    

TMZ Gossip - Very good post

1994 was 16 years ago - a lot of water under that bridge to heal wounds...... putting a family member in a will for $10 is a very LOW CLASS thing to do, says more about Chasen than Gatsby

1384 days ago


Just because you are related doesn't make it a love connection.

I'd bet good money Jill Gatsby wasn't a nice girl to her aunt. What goes around, comes around, Jill.

You should have treated her better.

1384 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

TMZ---You subject us to enough vomit-inducing skanks...Octomom, Uchitel, Gloria Allred, Dina Lohan...But this swine is the worst! You couldn't even turn the volume down from her crappy song. Her face was still there. Leave these horse faces to where they belong---"Farm & Horse" magazine!

1384 days ago


Hey Poster No. 20,

I wouldn't have even left her $10.!

Why reward a relative that treats you like crap? Your post is very self centered.

1384 days ago

Sad sad    

Most of you probably don't even have family members that have enough money to even make a will so shut up. Don't judge the situation seriously. We have no clue what happened in private. The rest is weird but hey I guess go with it.

1384 days ago


@#18 (TMZgossip),

Is that a joke? Or maybe you are actually Jill herself? She was in movies no one has ever heard of such as "Maniac Cop" and "Vampire Kiss". 11 "D" grade movies in 32 years is not a "successful actress".

1384 days ago


If you are someone's niece, you can make a claim on an estate? I may need a lawyer.

1384 days ago


Well, let this be a lesson to my niece! Straighten up and fly right or you'll be singin' the same sad song!

1384 days ago


Typical starstruck morons taking the side of the rich person. How do you idiots know that Ronni wasn't the bitch trying to get her family members to kiss her ass and that Jill wasn't going to take her BS?

1384 days ago

go home!    

She posted this video 2 days after ronni was shot dead. What a pig. Obvious she is only there for attention for herself. Why else would she post it, let alone, title it "ronni chasen song". What a PIG. $10 bucks is too much for her.

1384 days ago


It is shameful how Ronni's niece is trying to make a buck off her aunt's murder. Ronni knew the kind of person her niece really was and that's why she was cut out. I agree that what goes around comes around.

1384 days ago


There should be a "waste of time warning" with something like this. Can't even believe I watched that. But it would be interesting to know what happened between them. $10 omg...ouch

1384 days ago
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