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Suspect in Beverly Hills Murder Shoots, Kills Himself

12/2/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A suspect in the murder of Ronni Chasen, the Beverly Hills publicist who was murdered on the streets of Beverly Hills, shot himself dead Wednesday after cops confronted him.

Ronni Chasen
The suspect -- known as Harold -- had been under surveillance for some time by the Beverly Hills Police Department, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He was living at the Harvey Apartments in Hollywood, which is where cops found him late Wednesday. With search warrant in hand, cops told Harold to raise his hands.  Harold refused, and shot himself in the head.  He died at the scene.

It's unclear if cops suspected Harold was the shooter or an accomplice. According to The Times, Harold had told a neighbor he was supposed to be getting $10,000 soon.

A neighbor told KABC-TV Harold bragged that he "offed her" and got paid for it.

Harold had allegedly served prison time for firearms and drug violations.


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It'll be interesting to see if it was a contract murder or if he was just bragging...His neighbors said that he was who knows?

1421 days ago

No comment    

He looks just like Michael Jackson on that gurney.

1421 days ago


Harold="dead" giveaway he was the murderer!

1421 days ago


The whole thing just seems way too convenient!

1421 days ago


He was the shooter but WHO wanted her dead to pay $10,000.
for the hit?
That person is still running around free & not clear.
Now it will never get back to him.

Ah! What miserable price fame & fortune in Hollywood?

1421 days ago


@AtomDon - I do believe he was the shooter - I just thought his behavior afterwards was rather strange but your explanation makes sense.

1421 days ago


OMG #9, how ironic would that be.

1421 days ago

what He said    

If he did it out of desperation then he threw his life away for a measley 10k. He got jipped because accordingly he did a very good job, for a while they couldn't even find casings and said the window was not even shot out. So sad he had talents that were nt put to good use.

1421 days ago


I think Harold is the shooter in the Ronnie Chasen murder.
There is/was some speculation about that.
If he was on a bicycle, this might explain the angle of the gunshot wounds.

Ronnie was shot five times in the chest. One investigator stated that the gun may have been turned sideways. No shell casings were found at the scene, and at least one hollow point 9mm was used. That means a few things to me:

Most importantly it means that Harold was an idiot and an amateur.
Five times, gun sideways, tells me this is no expert marksman.

One shot, one kill is an "expert marksman". And no professional turns his weapon sideways, for any reason. That's just stupid.

I think Harold was set up for this. It's called "type casting". He was perfect for the part: not very bright, didn't ask a lot of questions, greedy dirtbag = perfect stooge for a dead end case.

1421 days ago


How could a guy that lives in a flop house afford to drive an SUV, which is suspected where the shots came from. What professional hitman goes around bragging about it? I think this guy was just a random LA nut. It wouldn't suprise me if he had NOTHING or very little to do with this case.

1421 days ago


Harold lived at 5640 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038-2904. Google street view has a good picture of the place.

Was the gun recovered from the dead man the same gun used to kill Chasen?

One of the oddest things is that he was bragging about having committed a murder for hire, whoever owed the money had not paid it, and he may have still had the gun. So you gotta figure that the people he was associated with are not going to be the wealthy and powerful, as he might himself have once believed.

1421 days ago


I've seldom read so many stupid comments. Bringing in Randy Quaid is the stupidest -- he's a D list celebrity who manufactured his so-called celebrity hit list because he's a grifter and thief looking for an excuse for his own sleazy behavior. And a coverup for a "gay" scandal? Please! Ronni Chasen was a publicist, which means she got publicity for movies and stars -- she didn't dig up dirt on them.

1421 days ago


"The Los Angeles coroner confirmed to E! News that it has received the body of an African-American in his 40s and are treating the death as an "apparent suicide," but declined to identify him pending notification of next of kin."

1421 days ago


Whoever thought this out was very cunning because they got the perfect loser. They get a free killing because now they don't have to pay him and it is certain that there is nothing that will link him to them in any way.
I think he shot himself because he realized that he was the perfect patsy and there was no way out because the guilty usually take the hazards of trial or in his case where they may have a gun and don't want to go back to jail,shoot it out with the police.
My scenario is ; She got mixed up with dangerous folks,was warned,ignored it, her routine was studied, a convenient loser was found, his job was to ride up and ****ter the window and then ride off,the shooter/s comes up and clips her,the patsy is told to "hold this weapon for me" if the gun in his possession is the murder weapon,he then waits for his money,a tipster call the cops because he is blabbing about the killing or they are looking for a guy with a bike because they have reviewed the cameras or whoever set it up saw to it that the cops knew about him hoping that he would shoot it out with the cops but surprise, he kills himself or they figured he would off himself.
100'000 reward and yet no info indicates the job may have been more than that and it reads that she was mixed up in something with some real character/s with deep pockets.
I'm thinking the timeline between her being initially aware of being followed and the killing may have been to erase any connections between her and the foe who offed her.
I wouldn't be surprised if the cops finds nothing linking anyone else other than him to this crime in his apartment.
If ex cops are involved as have been alluded to since they tend to be acquainted with the neighborhood losers or those whom may have been guests of the state for some period of time, then it's a wrap. Case closed.

1421 days ago

timmy zee    

COVER UP CLEAN UP...LOOK HIGHER UP^^^she worked on muti-million dollar deals&for fox=tmz this loks and smells like a GAG order inforced as in cover up the cover up of the hughes`s kid

1421 days ago
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