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Producer of 'The View' Sued By Injured Motorcyclist

12/3/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A hot topic on "The View" today might be the lawsuit filed against Executive Producer Bill Geddie.


Geddie and his wife, Barbara Ann, are being sued by Annjeanette George, who claims the Geddie's vehicle hit the motorcycle she was riding on near LAX in December, 2008, causing serious injuries.

According to the complaint, Bill and Barbara Ann "owned, controlled, repaired, entrusted, maintained and operated" the vehicle.

The suit was filed Thursday in L.A. County Superior Court, just before the statute of limitations ran out.

Annjeanette claims she'll have to endure physicians, surgeons and others to heal.  She's suing for unspecified damages.

We could not reach Geddie for comment.


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Now what is Bill's view?

1387 days ago

two cents    

Good. I hate that idiot and all his cackling hens on the view. Wonder if they'll discuss that on their dumb hot topics. lol

TMZ!! When are you going to do something about all this spam?! Can't you monitor or install a "report" button. Ugh.

1387 days ago



1387 days ago


i too am being sued for a motorcycle that ran into my drivers side going 30 over the 40 speed limit... he lied to the cops giving a fake name.. of course they found out... he had 5 warrants, and licensed revoked, he gave a fake address, had no insurance and it wasnt his motorcycle..

he was racing a truck.. who sped off and left him.. they never found the truck....

i dont think its fair that i am being sued by someone who wasnt even legally supposed to be on the road..

3 of his warrants were from evading the police... he had 14 tickets....

me no tickets nothing... i was simply doing my paper route... nobody is on the streets at 4am except .. us delivery people and cops.

oh did i mention he was drinking too..

we have yellow flashing lights after midnight.. I was turning left, to east.... he was coming east to west..and I was in the dead center of the the 4way... and its a 3 lane highway on both sides.. with a 4th turning lane...

this man went from the the far right.. ALL the way across the 3 lanes and he hit me on the drivers side...

he was going so fast.. he never even tried to stop....

one thing he was smart about.. he was wearing a helmet..

which by the way.. is it not crazy.. that we get tickets if we dont have a seat belt on.. in our BIG CARS suvs.. that are surrounded by melt... yet you dont have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle... yet you have to wear a helmet when playing baseball...but you can go 7o on a highway an not have to wear a helmet..

how stupid is that..

here in this town.. we have motorcyclist go in between cars to pass.. breaking laws.. yet the police do nothing...

i am tired of motorcyclist suing people... You choose to drive something that is dangerous.. and you choose to not wear a helmet..

i just find that its stupid..

1387 days ago


Kevin from The Office is the Exec Producer of The View? lol

1387 days ago


TMZ Staff: Learn some punctuation rules, please. It's "the Geddies", not "the Geddie's".

1387 days ago


This guy is such a creeper. I hope they throw the book at him.

1387 days ago


Re: #9... I suck. It's "the Geddies'" not "the Geddie's".

1387 days ago


This putz should be sued for producing 'The View' if nothing else. That show is one notch beneath Springer.

1387 days ago


This guy is such a jerk. Can't stand the little grins and tics he throws out from the corner during The View. He seems to do absolutely nothing.

1387 days ago


Pathetic. I hope the woman is made to pay all court costs. What a waste of the court's time.

1387 days ago


Thank God! I hope that show folds. I cant stand those witches. Joy Behar! Gross - I feel about her like I feel about clowns. Whoopie - she is a flamming friggin liberal. Barbra - needs to retire. And that ditsy ass blonde - who gives a **** about it - cancel the show!

1387 days ago


They chose to file the lawsuit at the last minute, I wonder what would make them do $uch a thing?

Posted at 1:17 AM on Dec 3, 2010 by Dee Dee Russell
Under State of California law, we have a two (2) year statute in which to file a personal injury lawsuit. The victim is the one up the creek without a paddle so to speak. Not only is the "victim's" life disrupted by the pain and suffering - if the victim was employed it may mean that the victim has to be absent from work for recovery. Many employers cannot hold the "victim's" place and hire a replacement. So, now the "victim" is injured and has no job. The income has stopped but the bills/debts keep piling up. On average it takes around 8-9 months to recover from being struck by a 3,000 pound vehicle if the victim is lucky. Even if the victim appears recovered from injuries - those injuries haunt the victim for the rest of his/her lifetime. The weather plays a role in determining what the victim's quality of life will become. If the weather gets hot - there's pain. If the weather gets cold - there's pain. As the "victim" gets older -- that injury aftermath can really make life miserable. That is why we read about people who commit suicide because they couldn't deal with their pain any longer. Hopefully, all of you who read this will have a better understanding of California law and perhaps even show some compassion for an injury victim. Lawyers are not magicians. They work for the victim. The victim does not work for a lawyer. The lawyer usually waits to the 11th hour to file a lawsuit because he/she has attempted to resolve the Complaint with the individual who caused the injury however, that "individual" and/or that individual's insurance carrier refuses to demonstrate good faith and pay the claim. There are the initail emergency room medical bills that need to be paid - usually the follow-up mediccccal treatment bills accrue and need to be paid to which can prolong any reasonable settlement. So you see, if you aren't walking in this "victim's" shoes - do not pass immature judgment against her. Hence, the 2 year statute of limitations to prepare and file a Complaint.

1387 days ago

hottie in palm springs    

I agree with everyone who voiced distaste and repugnancy toward the The View - its a stupid show and the women are all boring and never is there anything of any value - spoken about or offered in the dialogue...BORING !

1387 days ago


He is a creep and a bald head republica. He prob left the scene of the crime.

1387 days ago
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