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Josh Duhamel

Kicked Off Plane in NYC

12/3/2010 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Duhamel was escorted off of a plane yesterday after he refused to turn off his BlackBerry ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told Duhamel was on a flight from New York (LGA) to Kentucky -- when, according to sources, the flight attendant asked Duhamel to turn off his BlackBerry before takeoff ... but he refused.

One passenger tells us Duhamel was "very rude" and "taunting the attendant."

We're told the flight attendant asked Josh to turn off the device three separate times -- and on the third time Josh laughed at his request.

We're told Duhamel's reaction infuriated the attendant, who then called for backup -- and the plane, which was already on the runway, was turned back to the gate.

Two US Airways reps eventually boarded the plane and escorted Duhamel off of the aircraft.

We're told passengers were pissed -- because the incident further delayed the flight.

Before boarding the plane, we're told Josh was in the airport bar watching the Cleveland/Miami game.

Duhamel's rep told TMZ Josh was texting on his BlackBerry about his flight being delayed.  The rep adds, "He's sorry."



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As an employee for US Airways, did you know that the flight attendants are not being paid to board a flight, or any of there other FAA required duties, let alone checking in 1 hour before a domestic flight and 1 1/2 hours before a international flight. They start to get paid when the door is shut and the engines start. Where else can you be employed, in a uniform, working and not get paid for it????

1418 days ago


Let's be serious does this make Las Vegas or any of his movies less interesting. NO, but that's cause they weren't interesting to begin with

1418 days ago

lah suran    

I am not suprised - many years ago when I was wworking my way through university, I ran the lights for theater shows. I would ask the entertainers what they wanted, and often was around for their rehearsals. Many thought that they were better than everyone else,and treated people rudly and many times in a demanding manner. I remneber once being asked to get coffee by a well known "star" and I had to go out of my way to the the retail brand she wanted. It took me about 1/2 hour one way - when she sipped the coffe, she said she did not like it, and made me go back for another type - so I got three different types, and she liked one of them. The easiest going entertainer I met was Rusy Valle - he was the nicest person, and did not demand, but asked if we could do what he wanted - The stars of yesterday and today may be good entertainers, but they are short of intelligence and common sense (note: there are a few dowwn to earth, but the are a small minority), and if not for their talent (they are like sevants: only good at one thing, and can do nothing else), they would be lucky to make minimum wages.

1418 days ago


So dealing with self absorbed, narcissistic people is a daily,hour by hour challenge for all of us in the aviation business or dealing with the public period. This is just another example of why we need to stop being such a co-dependent society and stop enabling these people in getting away with undesirable behavior. Josh is just another person to add to the long, long, list! Act like a responsible adult or next time there is a need to go somewhere drive or take a bus. The airlines are mass transportation at its finest. NOT!

1418 days ago

Gee Virus     

so dissapointed that you turned out to be a prick. Just because you have money and you think your **** don't stink. Build a bridge and get the f@$k over it and yourself

1418 days ago


I'm so disappointed. I was a fan of Josh's since his "soap" days, even tho he couldn't act. That was forgivable as so many used that as a stepping stone. Unfortunately, the head got big with "Vegas," of which I was a big fan. He did become a better actor. Don't get down on Fergie. I think Josh got the big head by being cast with Jimmy Caan (whom I love). For whatever reason, I think Jimmy may have shown him some of the ropes, but Josh's immaturity lead him to think he was "all that." All I have to say is he must be good in bed, otherwise Fergie wouldn't be with him. And, I think Jimmy's ashamed of him.

1418 days ago


The cell phone rules have nothing to do with the FAA. Cell phones have no effect on an airplane's instrumentation. It is an FCC rule because operating cell phones in the sky taxes the networks on the ground.

1418 days ago

J. J. B.    

I am guessing you people were all on the plane? You all know exactly what happened? Because, we know that TMZ is NEVER wrong and reported this as dead-on accurate! I saw that he has posted a public apology on his Facebook page. I have also talked to a buddy that was on the same flight that said they ONLY asked Duhamel to turn his phone off, even though NUMEROUS people were were still on their phones. He also said he only saw the flight attendant go to him twice. Sounds like more of a power trip for a crabby flight attendant and a lot of ignorant people just assuming that this is the ONLY side to the story.

1417 days ago


What a jerk!!!! I'm happy the Flight Attendant kicked him off!!!

1414 days ago


Didn't even have the guts to offer an apology in his own words. I rep. had to do it!

1414 days ago
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