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Mark Wahlberg

I Could Knock Out

Manny Pacquiao

12/3/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Wahlberg claims he's had so much real-life fighting experience -- he could knock out Manny Pacquiao ... if he could catch the dude with a suckerpunch.

Wahlberg was on the "Dan Patrick Show" this morning -- where he revealed that he "clocked" a guy in a L.A. nightclub recently ... and "fish hooked" some guy's eye socket during a rumble at a Patriots-Jets football game a few years ago. Crazy violent stuff. 

But the most shocking part -- Wahlberg, who trained as a boxer for his new movie "The Fighter" -- thinks he could K.O. Manny Pacquiao ... if he could land a suckerpunch to the side of his head.

Wahlberg explains, "If I can choke him and wrestle him than that's it ... but I don't want to be, you know, getting picked apart by him ... that's not a good call."

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No Avatar


Are you crazy ?
Manny is one of the all time great boxers.
It doesnt matter what they weigh.
He could kill Mark inside of 5 seconds.

Doyou realize how good you have to be champion of the world.It means you have superhuman skills

1418 days ago


Thank God. I thought this was the Dan Patrick who is a talk show host/Texas Senator/right hand of God. I know nothing about fighters, but Mark Wahlberg is way better looking than that other guy.

1418 days ago


@strife, shut your short ass up. Marky mark would kill Pacman and kill you in a street fight. Who the **** you think Mark Wahlberg is? A slicker? That 5'8 mofo is BEAST!!!

1418 days ago


I'm sorry. Pac would get his ass beat within ease.

1418 days ago


As I watch strife giving Manny pac a five stars blow job. I sure as hell hate to be you lol. Homosexual ass *****.

1418 days ago


Strife, How the **** would you know? Mark is not a NORMAL SIZED 5'9 man. He's damn build for an actor/model/singer/wannabe rapper. You think a midget can beat a 6 feet man up? How about a stupid 5'6 asian versus a 6 feet tall person ? You think he'll stand a chance? NOT EVEN IN YOUR IMAGINATION MANNY WOULD STAND A CHANCE.

As I watch as Strife set his stupid ass up for a Tmz ass rape vol 1.

1418 days ago


Strife, only in your little mind Manny would win in a street fight. Even I could kill manny in a street fight. Manny is a good boxer, but street fighter? Hell no. We saw what happen to him in his first Defeat. Little ass asian dude K.O his ass. I'm a manny fan but R.J is right, Dude would get killed in a street fight.

1418 days ago


I like how Strife defended pac like he really stands a chance in a fight with mark lol. big pac fan here , but no one in hell pac can beat marky in a street-fight. R.j is right pac is too light and short to even catch mark with anything.

Beside pac is fragile.

1418 days ago


I saw the Dan Patrick Show and Mark Wahlberg was talking off the cuff. The headline here is misleading and an attempt at getting publicity. Wahlberg made no mention of getting into a ring with Pacman. Wahlberg merely said the only way he could beat Pacquiao is if he suckerpunched him in the side of the head. He also said the only "Hollywood" person he wouldn't get in a boxing ring with would be Joe Pesci, because Pesci would stab him in the neck from behind. There was a lot of "tongue in cheek" conversation between Dan and Mark. It's an entertaining show on TV - Directv Channel 101, and on radio.

1418 days ago


Hell yeah Mark can K.O Manny pacquiao. Mark is a big mother ****er. R.J, as in a street fight? You think Manny can beat Mike Tyson in his prime? Mark would kill Manny and roast him for dinner.

1418 days ago


R.J I agree. Marky mark is a retard and all, but he's much bigger than pac. My money is on Mark. Oh yeah I could see it now.

1418 days ago

Gener Alcoreza    

Some of you Pacfans are commenting without reading first. The guy did not actually say he can beat Pac. "Magbasa muna kayo at unawain."

1418 days ago


yeah manny pacquiao is only 5'6 feet but mark isn't any taller either. 5'8 is only 2 inches apart so I don't get why people are making it seem like mark will tower manny. and manny just fought antonio m. who is 6 feet tall in dallas.

1418 days ago


Walberg is decent actor and should keep it cat that. Just because he just made a boxing movie does not mean he can box. He thinks he can because he has a home gym and knows Freddy Roach but he just so so. Mario Lopez can beat his a$$ and so could many many rookie fighters. Manny would DESTROY little Marky Mark. He should just STFU.

1418 days ago


That reminds me of what I heard about Stallone back in the 80s when he was doing Rocky movies. He thought he could be a professional boxer so he got in a real boxing match with one of his trainers and got his butt kicked big time. Markey Mark would do about as well.

1418 days ago
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