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Mark Wahlberg

I Could Knock Out

Manny Pacquiao

12/3/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Wahlberg claims he's had so much real-life fighting experience -- he could knock out Manny Pacquiao ... if he could catch the dude with a suckerpunch.

Wahlberg was on the "Dan Patrick Show" this morning -- where he revealed that he "clocked" a guy in a L.A. nightclub recently ... and "fish hooked" some guy's eye socket during a rumble at a Patriots-Jets football game a few years ago. Crazy violent stuff. 

But the most shocking part -- Wahlberg, who trained as a boxer for his new movie "The Fighter" -- thinks he could K.O. Manny Pacquiao ... if he could land a suckerpunch to the side of his head.

Wahlberg explains, "If I can choke him and wrestle him than that's it ... but I don't want to be, you know, getting picked apart by him ... that's not a good call."

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No Avatar


i'm 5'6 who beat up a wide 5'11 guy (i was on top of him before we got separated) but got beaten myself by a 5'4 slimmer and faster guy in high-school so i don't buy the height factor.

It is like saying that china's military might is #1 because it is bigger (population wise). We all know it's definitely the US (for now), but china can definitely mass produce nuclear weapons better than any country right now if it was their priority.

i don't know why you guys here are actually looking forward to sissy street fights to prove you're better.
in an actual street fight, i would rather be in self-preservation mode and avoid dangerous places because in my place, a lot of courageous idiots easily die, not just beaten up. but id fight to the death if there is no alternative.

id rather be a wimp putting a lot of effort making myself educated so I can be a provider than engage in worthless street fights with good for nothin idiots.

and pls shut-up all you ****ty insecure people. you won't even be typing your posts here as no PCs are made in US or Africa the last time ive heard. Don't be a fool thinkin just you own a dell or hp, then it's made or even designed in US. US companies just buy the rights to designs (usually taiwan) then attach their logos so they can milk you for twice the price.

some of you are not even worthy to be called americans, surely, even your own captain america if he were real would butt-kick some of you posters here.

IMO pac is gonna unleash 3 split second combos in a wink of an eye. if you wink too slow, maybe 6. so you try to ground wrestle him, be sure you put a helmet on. just look at his protruding knuckles, this guy's even deadlier with the gloves off.

is he dangerous in a street fight for a 6' white/black guy? is 5'-11" margarito's eye socket that needed surgery any different because he's mexican? doesn't take more than an 80 IQ to figure that out.

1417 days ago


You pactards are reacting too much on his comment....he is a frequent visitor to wildcard whenever Pac Trains...and he knows what manny can do and his statement is just a joke....damn pactards

1417 days ago

scott moore    

it's funny that he says this if he had really been in all these fight you would think it would be in the news.or he would have a bunch of law suits directed at him ....he's full of ****.

1417 days ago


There IS a difference between the words "then" and "than." The two are NOT interchageable!

1417 days ago

Tony Davis    

Wahlberg has a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood. We are all having a pissing party tonight at nine. Anybody who would like to piss on his star is invited. In the meantime, the only thing Wahlberg could beat is his little meat. You see sixty minutes? There were no real "friends" from Boston. Why? Because there are dudes looking for him to kick his punk ass.

1417 days ago


Marky Midget can only KO ***s at Madonna's party. Sure he knocked out a guy at a nightclub. By hitting him from behind when he was fighting someone else probably. Stick to rapping queer.

1417 days ago


You people are idiots. He was only kidding! He said, "if I could sucker punch him, he's out". You all are not so smart on the jokes are you?

1416 days ago


Mark spent time in prison for a vicious racial attack on a Vietnamese man years ago....this does not surprise me. He's a good actor but a thug.

1416 days ago

dumb pactards    

mga bolok! sabi na nga sucker punch. sensitive talaga mga pinoy.. ayan tuloy lumabas mga kabobohon nyo.. mga bogo! and it was not even a serious statement since he is a big pacquaio fan..

instantly lahat kayo naging nanay dionisia.. lol..

1416 days ago


Everyone takes Marky Mark so seriously, Him and Manny are buddies. He's one of his biggest fan.

1416 days ago


don't take his words to the heart..he clearly seems like he's joking around..i mean there are times when ppl can defend the pacman but this is a completely different scenerio..JUST STOP..its just TMZ trying to feul some hatred

1416 days ago


really? marky mark can k.o manny?! hahahaha


1416 days ago


Some people can't really take a sarcastic humor. please try to read the whole article before you put shame on your handle :D

1416 days ago


apparently the internet is populated with idiots... ..just look at their comments.. hahaha...

kahiya kayo

1416 days ago

To Filipinos    

Im a Filipino as well, so please, learn to read the content not just the title. Poor Mark.

1416 days ago
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