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NASCAR Driver -- I Got Stiffed By Extenze

12/4/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NASCAR badass Robby Gordon claims he was used and abused by the people who make Extenze -- claiming he put their logo on a car he owned ... but instead of paying him, they gave him the shaft.


Gordon claims the company behind the penis pills agreed to fork over a ton of cash if Robby -- who owns a race car team -- would splash the logo on a car operated by his driver Kevin Conway at NASCAR events in October and November.

But when Kevin was in danger of falling out of the prestigious top 35 ranked cars -- Robby asked the Extenze people if he could personally drive the Extenze car instead.

In his lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Gordon claims the Extenze people initially agreed to the deal ... so he made the switch.

It was only after the races, Gordon claims, that Extenze refused to pay him citing breach of contract because he got in the driver's seat instead of Kevin.

Now, Gordon wants Extenze to pay him at least $690,000 to, ahem, straighten things out.

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Kevin Conway sucks as a driver. I'd like to know whose extenze he's been sucking to keep a NASCAR ride.

1421 days ago


Hey Jake !! How much weight have you lost recently ?!? Still don't like your boner much ?

1421 days ago


The irony here is how little time it took for this deal to go soft.

1421 days ago

Mr. BS    

Breach of contract on Robbie Gordons part is pure Bullsi*t, the company Extenze has had serious and I MEAN SERIOUS financial problems over the last year and has been giving the high hard-one to everyone they owe money to over the last 12 months, their already involved in several lawsuits, believe me, Robbie Gordon has a valid lawsuit. I personally know and have direct contact with one of the companies that used to produce their product (Extenze does NOT manufacture their own product, they out source it for sale & distribution ), and the company that I know ( Name withheld due to lawsuit ) that used to manufacture their product is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars for product that was delivered and never paid for by Extenze. When Eztenze couldn't get anymore product manufactured due to lack of payment or their credit line was maxed out, they would move on to another company that would manufacture the product with promises of large orders and quick turn around on payment. To those who are newly conducting business or looking forward to doing business with extenze should watch out, your next in line to never getting paid or paid in full. And to any guy reading this comment, don't waste your money on his product, this product DOSE NOT WORK. Bottom line is that this company is fraud, I would love to here from anyone who used this product and saw any great results.

1421 days ago


If they put Extenze on the 7 car shouldn't it have become the 9 car?????

1421 days ago


Jealous haters? BTW it's RobbY not IE. The man always has a young beautiful blond on his arm. He has 2 small kids, I think his "equipment" is fine. He's a god in the off road racing world. Can you race for 2 weeks the deserts of South America in the Dakar Rally? He was the first American to win a Stage in that Rally! The man is trying to build a business, like Tony Stewart...or wait, he doesn't have big daddy Hendrick giving him cars and tech support. Get your facts straight. The man deserves respect. He had to step in the car because Conway was about to let it drop out of the top 35, couldn't get in the race if he did, so what was Extenze bitching about? ALL teams are scrambling for sponsorship dollars not, even Rousch and Hendrick!!!

1421 days ago


Robby Gordon may not be much in Nascar but he's a pretty decent off road racer:


I'm pretty sure "never has beens" don't have a wiki page.

1421 days ago

Hugh Jass    

@21 karen:

Hahahahhahahaha, that's funny! KEEP IT UP, most other comments here seem so FLACCID.

1420 days ago


How's it hangin' Robby - like a submarine, long and hard and full of semen! Hope so because he'll need an armada to win this suit if he didn't have the change authorized in writing.

1420 days ago


Almost as embarrassing as the Viagra car with four flat tires...

1420 days ago


The outcome will primarily be determined by the existence of valid contract and a valid amendment to same. It would also be prudent to be aware that NO pill, lotion, mechanical device, etc will permanently affect the size of the male penis, so pay attention to any ad promoting the product with trepidation (preferably no attention at all).(Surgical outomes are "ify" at best). To those who are concerned about such matters, it may help to remember even a Mac Truck seems small when traveling through the Grand Canyon.

1420 days ago


Post 22 by Terie is correct and I agree with her. BTW SpeedEnergy Unleaded is great!

1420 days ago

Big Taters    

If them chickens don't pay, choke'em. Choke them chickens, I tell ya!!!

1420 days ago


Robby Gordon is one of the worst NASCAR drivers around. He shouldn't even be racing in the Sprint Cup series. Some what funny who he had as a sponsor. No wonder his driver wasn't doing that good..they poor guy was probably embarrassed with the Extenze logo on the car. Only reason he started his own team is because no other team wanted him as a driver.

1420 days ago


Just because Robby always has another young dumb girl on his arm doesn't mean he's anything special. It just means that the girl in question is the next in a line of girls to be dated and dumped by Robby. He might be a good off road racer, but he's a never was in NASCAR. The only way he can manage to get any air time lately is to cause a caution. When was the last time he won a NASCAR race?

1420 days ago
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