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The Most Random Celebs Ever Sing 'Let It Be'

12/3/2010 7:26 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

If you ever wanted to see the most haphazard assortment of D-list celebs ever assembled ... like David Faustino, Right Said Fred, Alfonso Ribeiro, Tonya Harding ... oh, and Glenn Close sing along to the Beatles hit "Let It Be," then today is your lucky day.

It's a promo for some Norwegian television show, but looks more like a bizarro "We Are the World"/SNL sketch.

Be prepared to be mesmerized by the randomness.


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Lol...all I could come up with, after watching this was a..."Wow" lol. And not a that-was-totally-cool "Wow", more like a stunned and uncertain "Wow" lol... Oh yeah...RIP Leslie Nielson!

1399 days ago


That gave me diarrhea.

1399 days ago


Mili Vanilli and Right said Fred was worth the pain.

How much did they pay them to do that?

1399 days ago


I can't be certain.. but I believe Fab Morvan was lip Syncing.

1399 days ago

lost grrl    

are they really singing???

1399 days ago

lost grrl    

no..they aren't all actually doesn't make sense...and doesn't the first line actually sound like paul mccartney? this is so weird

1399 days ago

lost grrl    

ok...proof now that things are not quite what they seem..around 50 seconds in the same voice is used for both corbin bernsen and ricki lake. and the beginning singing attributed to huey lewis is indeed paul mccartney taken directly from original recording. this thing is so weird!

1399 days ago


Thank you, Norway! Woo hoo! That was friggin' crazy-town! LOVED the dubbed voices, (Corbin Bersen), and the job titles, ("Spaghetti-Western Filmer?), and what a fantastically whack-job cast of characters, (Freddie Cruger)! What, pray tell, do you think Glenn Close thought when she found out what she green-screened for? Ha! Ha ha ha!

1399 days ago

lost grrl we go...The song is actually recorded in 1987 as some sort of protest to some ferry accident-thus called ferry aid. The ACTUAL singers in order are:

* Paul McCartney
* Jim Diamond
* Boy George
* Sara Dallin, Keren Woodward and Nick Kamen
* Paul King
* Mark King
* Taffy
* Andy Bell
* Pepsi & Shirlie
* Mel and Kim
* Jaki Graham
* Gary Moore (guitar solo)
* Mark Knopfler (guitar solo)
* Kim Wilde and Nik Kershaw
* Edwin Starr
* Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot
* Ruby Turner
* Kate Bush

I thought I heard boy george in there! LOL

1399 days ago

bob watford    

I think TMZ needs to adjust what it refers to as 'D' list celebrities. Harvey Levin is a 'D' list celebrity. Many of the people in this video are far from 'D' list...even if they aren't in the spotlight anymore. There were definitely some strange ones in it though. Tonya Harding? Bizarre ! ! !

1399 days ago


AMAZING!!! Loved it! This program is about "taking u back 2 the 80s, and its a great show :-)

1399 days ago


Leslie Nielsen and Roger Moore, these two are icons, not D- List celebs.

1399 days ago


It's not them singing, it's never been said or written that it is either!, It's not the point .. this is entertainment, intended to bring back memories of a time many will recall, a reunion with "familiar faces" from our youth, etc

1399 days ago


That was both strange and disturbing to me... All these people in front of the Santa Monica peer, in a power ballad. I threw up in my mouth a bit, was this shot 10 years ago?

1399 days ago


WTF - one of the most bizarre groupings of singers - was the Milli/Vanilli guy singing or lip synching again?

1399 days ago
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