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Road Rage Could Be Trigger in Publicist Murder

12/2/2010 9:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the criminal probe into the Ronni Chasen murder tell TMZ Ronni had a temper and road rage is a scenario cops are seriously investigating.

We're told cops are interested in the road rage theory as it relates to the suicide of the man last night who was the object of a search warrant connected to the murder.

TMZ has learned ... the man who shot himself in the head is HAROLD MARTIN SMITH.

Although there are reports Smith is a suspect in the murder of Ronni Chasen, we're told that label is based on LAPD sources, and the Beverly Hills PD is only considering him a person of interest.

Nevertheless, sources tell us the BHPD is actively investigating Smith to determine if he was in the Beverly Hills area the night of the murder.

And, we're told, as far as Smith goes, money was not the motive.  Although Smith talked about getting $10,000, we're told that was in connection with a civil lawsuit.

So far, we're told, there's no physical evidence linking Smith to the killing, but cops are actively investigating.


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Questions about The Wrap's Motives?    

Interesting side note is the question of why The Wrap is using the Ronnie Chasen story to prosecute some kind of vendetta against the W Hollywood? First the called the are "seedy" and "down at heels", then they ragged on the W for having their valet parking on the sidewalk- intead of , say, on the roof, one wonders? When it was repeatedly pointed out in the comments that they were talking about Hollywood 15 years ago and that it was unlikely that someone jumped in Chasen's car at the valet stand in front of hundreds of people, they just kept right on going.

Look at their coverage of the Harold Smith suicide. They claim it is mere blocks from the W. Okay if you count over 20 blocks and more than 2 miles as mere. It's roughly the same distance from the Wilshire Country Club and the start of the Sunset Strip. Their description of the Harvey Hotel is even more over the top than other media and sounds like it's a welfare dive even though their own story describes tenants as musicians and tourists. They call the facade decaying-but publish an off angle photo so you can't see it's just a typical older building with no peeling paint in sight. It's no luxury condo or even an upscale apartment in nicer parts of Hollywood, but it's not about to fall on the sidewalk in a pile of rotted wood and bricks either.

And they keep going back to trying to smear the W. Did Waxman get snubbed by the W or what?

1357 days ago


Road rage my ass, this is obviously personal. MURDER FOR HIRE!!

1357 days ago


Family Heirlooms robbed from Chasen's home. I guess this narrows it down.

Posted at 9:47 AM on Dec 3, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

1357 days ago

Sandy Bitch    

quote: If the brother stood to gain nothing from the will, why would he have her murdered? I'd look at the ones who stood make a bundle.

Because the bad guys A$$umed the Bro was IN the will..the Bro owed tons of dough (drugs & gambling & cash loans) to them, and they want their cash!!! NOW!! So, send a message to the Bro, while gambling they damn selves, HE'LD be there---- Turns out, Ronni gets the last the 10 bux she left Bro's daughter, and HIM OUT. What a story, folks!

1357 days ago

Sad sad    

Don't assume it's about the will. It was just brought up. May have nothing to do with it. The brother knows all good and well about snipers. Which ironically was an assumption from the beginning just saying.

1357 days ago

Sad sad    

I was just brainstorming on the cop thing. I've know plenty of Leos to know there's a few bad seeds in the bunch. Didn't mean one did it. I was thinking because someone knew a lot of information particularly at that corner. Now I think something else. So will wait to see what they unearth.

1357 days ago

Jake Ross    

Gotta agree with Sandy Bitch--- The bad guys assumed Larry Cohen was in the will, and knocked off his sis as a sign of what would happen to him if he did not pay up his, they FIGURED he would be in the will..not only was he NOT in the Will, his daughter was majorly snubbed by the woman, Ms. Chasin... Finally, I have a script. :) Thanks, Larry!

1357 days ago


OH PLEASE, Small cail, no spent shells,It SMELL like GANG JOB

1356 days ago


I think someone was out to kill roni a gun for hire. paid by a sick desperate person, who was a roni reject, have the police looked into her past appointments with new clients and checked her notes, on people she has turned away as a client? just my opinion,

1355 days ago


Push comes to shove every big studio will commission a hit to appease the investors and garner publicity.

1355 days ago

Small Chested and Loving It!!    

Are they kidding with the road rage? Being shot as many times as she was is overkill and to me doesn't fit a road rage incident.

1355 days ago


Who was that guy who hosted the show on Wednesday December 8, 2010? He totally sucked; he had a bad re pore with most of the regulars and appeared to be rather full of himself. I like the way my curly top buddy who hangs out in the back put him in his place when he said that he didn't watch his show because he wasn't eight years old, good one Bro. Harvey put it to a vote as to who is going to host a show when either you or one of the other regulars are unable to. Thanks I love the show, actually I like seeing the regulars such as that cutey that hangs out next to "Surfer Dude" who is cool, you know the one with the glasses and (hot lips) than the celebrities, there's allot more talent in that room.

1352 days ago
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