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Demi Lovato's Attack Victim

The Bruising Photos

12/4/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato left one hell of a mark when she punched a female backup dancer in the face on a private jet back in October ... and TMZ has obtained photos of the eye-swelling damage.

These photos were taken days after Demi socked Alex Welch in the face -- leaving visible bruises on her left eye and cheek.

Sources close to Welch tell us ... the dancer was simply minding her own business on a private jet leaving Bogota, Colombia ... when Demi "walked up to Alex and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face."

We're told Alex was knocked clean out of her seat -- and had to receive emergency medical attention.

Lovato was immediately removed from the plane and eventually returned home -- and then checked herself into a treatment center shortly after.

Alex -- who completed the remaining dates on the Jonas Brothers tour -- has now lawyered up with high powered Beverly Hills attorney Donald Karpel and we're told she's "considering her legal options."


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Hey guys, look. It's hard, I promise you. People come up to you every day and its not friendly faces anymore, it's just faces blending into one monster that will sure crack a superstar. demi is amazing, shes talented and sure she slipped, but look how long she's come from this little texas girl on barnie. she's looking for help which is honestly better then any lawsuit needed, and immediately, even before charges were pressed she knew she needed to go. she's not done anything wrong, she hasn't been taking drugs or anything. my mothers bipolar so i get it,you can't control feelings. some people yell, some people keep it to themselves, and for some people its harder then others. demi's not perfect, which is exactly why we all look up to her. she's perfectly in perfect. she's not fake. she's not going to smile all the time, or wear crazy outfits or anything. she is herself, and honest, and in a role model, that's all i could ask for.
demi, i don't know you but i respect you and believe you'll be fine. good luck. <33 Jenna

1420 days ago


get your excuses ready (all you people who think abuse is okay and the unknown person is nothing) because she Will do this again. she is a spoiled brat and a bully. people do make mistakes but when they involve abuse, thats what jails are for. i havent seen anyone on the tour come forward in demis behalf, but i did see someone from tour say she jumped the unsuspecting girl. but its okay as long as she hit a no body.

1420 days ago


I'm sorry but this girl only wants her 15 minutes of fame! Not only that but if Demi would've hit her hard don't you think there would be a huge bruise instead of a little tiny mark ,she looks stupid & i hope she doesn't get her money that case would be useless

1420 days ago


people who say sue her ass shut the hell up plz i aint sayin i'm a fan of i'm sayin if i was alex i'd kick her ass no dought about it that how i d handle it and that how it is were i from i'm not ghetto and i'm not from the hood that just how i was bored up yah i'm 14 year old and this is me if got a problem wit it get clue.

Oh and demi just went up and she confronted alex and ...then punch her ass too be honest i laughing my ass off yep and still laughing

1420 days ago


Are you serious??
She couldn't have just sat there minding her own buisness.
Theres no way, why would she just go up to her and punch her?
There's gotta be information behind this story.
All she got was a black eye, 15 minutes of fame, and medical attention that she didnt even need?!! Wow a black eye, not really that big of a deal.
Go ahead Demi, stick up for yourself and whatever she did wrong of you, she knows now not to do it again.

1420 days ago


DIS Is An Attack??! Oh Goodness!!! Wit All Da Hype, I Figured Da Chik Wld Be Missn Teeth!!! How Bout A Real Story!!!

1420 days ago


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1420 days ago


“get your excuses ready (all you people who think abuse is okay and the unknown person is nothing) because she Will do this again.”
You know, I find this very disturbing that people expect these celebrities and “role models” to be flawless and perfect in every way, yet when they make a mistake( and yes this is a mistake) they call for the guillotine. As if you guys were so perfect and never made a mistake in your life. Believe it or not, there are WORSE things you can do besides physical violence towards someone. I mean when it's someone unknown who is pleading a case, you guys don't care, when it's a celebrity who needs help, and yes celebrities DO need help, you throw them under the bus? How is THAT fair? Since you guys want to talk about being fair, how is denying someone who generally needs help fair by any means? Oh yes. Even good people do bad things every now and then, and sometimes those bad things hurt other people. Sometimes physical and sometimes in a different way. But we've all “hurt” people in the past in one form or another.

“she is a spoiled brat and a bully.”
And what does that make you? When you go on these boards and judge people without actually knowing them? Does that make you any different? How do you know she is a spoiled brat or a bully? I'm sorry I just want to know how you came to that conclusion without actually meeting her or KNOWING her? Seriously, respond to this and tell me how you came to this conclusion. Because you're sounding like a ****ing hypocrite right now. You're bullying her without knowing the full story and only have third party sources to go by. So how are you NOT a bully? And how are you not spoiled? Because even though you are not RICH, doesn't mean you are not SPOILED. I think the fact that you have free speech and can spew your BS anytime you want makes you just as spoiled as the rest of us.

“people do make mistakes but when they involve abuse, “
Is “abuse” not a mistake? Hmm? It's still a mistake. And it's not something that you can NOT workaround and make amends for. Not like murder or rape. Abuse is something that you CAN overcome and CAN make amends for. Also what about Demi's abuse huh? What about the abuse she suffered while she was forced to be overworked when she was only 15 years old? What about the abuse she was put through when her her own parents only cared about a paycheck from their overworked daughter rather than her own well being? What about HER abuse? Where she had to work with an EX, where people claimed he pretty much used their relationship for their own promotions for the movie they were in and finding out that their FATHER was in on it? What about HER abuse huh? Believe it or not, there are worse ways to abuse someone, and those effect a person WAY worse than a black eye ever will. Again this doesn't excuse Demi's actions and she should be held responsible. But you want talk about ABUSE, then you should hear some stories from former disney kids and child actors marry.

“thats what jails are for.”

Not for ALL cases. There are cases where Jail isn't needed or even recommended. And it's not just for celebrities. It depends on the person, on how well they are trying to better themselves on their own time and how they take accountability for said actions? A lot of times, if someone entered a treatment program to fix their issues to make sure it doesn't happen again, as well as having no prior records to violence or any sort of case and what not, and they appear to be sorrowful for their actions, and since Demi felt BAD for what she did and many sources claimed she apologized, (those are people on her behalf that came forward) then sometimes jail isn't recommended. Especially for someone who isn't a hardened criminal. Again it depends on the situation.

“i havent seen anyone on the tour come forward in demis behalf, but i did see someone from tour say she jumped the unsuspecting girl. but its okay as long as she hit a no body.”

Yes they did and I explained how they did. Not to mention a lot of her FANS are coming forward on Demi's behalf in general as well as her co-workers and friends she made in the past, they have all come forward at one point or another to wish their friend well. Because she needs it.

Alex welch suffered a black eye and is entitled to a reasonable lawsuit as well as some restitution. But NOT Demi;s life savings. Fact is this. Mental abuse and emotional torment goes a LOT further than a black eye ever will. And even though Demi should take responsibility for this actions and most likely WILL by settling and giving an apology, her damages go WAY beyond what Alex Welch suffered.

1420 days ago


Wowww.... That girl was ugly enough before the beat down.

Clearly, people are forgetting that the reason this idiot was punched in the face in the first place was because she was talking trash about Demi.. And look at her now - selling these pics to TMZ, giving interviews to people? She's a s***bag.

Seriously Alex, you BARELY have a bruise. And face facts: If you go around talking sh*t about people, expect to get punched in the face. Don't cry about it afterwards like it's someone else's fault.

1420 days ago


If those were police photos it would be more believable but she was able to continue her she's unemployed, she could have had a friend hit her. Now, I want to slap her.

1420 days ago


i feel extremely sorry for both<3

1420 days ago


Oh please, that Alex girl or whoever she is just wants attention/money from Demi. OBVIOUSLY she did something to piss Demi off. NO human being randomly punches another person for absolutely NO reason. That's just straight up bull**** and clearly Alex only told her side of the story to make herself look innocent. And that's NTOHING. Go cry me a river. Sue her if she gave you a broken arm or something. Not a stupid bruise that'll go away in a week or so. Crybaby.

1420 days ago


i am sure that girl did something so demi punch her. so she better not come up and start saying that she was minding her own bussinnes demi got fans and we all love her and i dont thjink that she would do it just because she feels like it demi is brave and defenately not a fighter!!!!! so were ever that were came from she better go back!!!

1420 days ago


wow, that's barely a bruise! This kind of thing happens at my school everydaya and 70% of the time the injuries are much worse, im talking knocked out teeth, broken bones, and bruises that make that one look like a shadow! Lovato shouldn't have hit her but it's not worth taking legal action! quit crying and get over it!

1419 days ago

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1419 days ago
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