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'16 and Pregnant' Family: We're Getting Death Threats!

12/4/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "16 and Pregnant" family who wants to sue MTV now fears for their lives -- telling TMZ, ever since the show portrayed them as cold-hearted relatives, they've been ruthlessly harassed ... and even received death threats.

Kathleen Green (above) -- the grandmother of the teen baby daddy on this week's episode -- tells us, she and her family are being targeted via texts, blog posts, and even Twitter.

Among the harassing messages ... Kathleen claims an anonymous person got a hold of her number and texted her, "You're a piece of sh*t. I'm going to bitch slap you."

But she claims her daughter Katrina -- baby daddy Isiah's mother -- got the worst of it ... because someone threatened her life on Twitter, writing, "We should do a drive by and afterwards we're going to pee on the grandma."

Kathleen claims she's "sick" of being harassed because of the negative way MTV portrayed her and her family -- telling us, they haven't sued yet ... but they're exploring their options.


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They are black americans, not "african-american". Actually, she is something else, but I will leave it at that.

1421 days ago


Right Grandma. MTV told you to say all those horrible things to that girl, act like flipping 7 year old and not even speak directly to her and then harass her for a paternity test. Yep. ALL MTV's fault. It pissed me off to see this because often African Americans are portrayed to have baby mama drama and being all loud and violent and what not. This was one of the few times I've seen a young even tempered young black couple on tv. He was owning up and stepping up to the plate. And here you have his family whispering crap into his ears about her. I understand because of the baby he had to give up a lot of stuff but Grandma forgets IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO. He's just as at fault and responsible for that baby's life. I'm glad he's (at least) smart enough and he knows that.

1421 days ago


well i hate 2 say it but these day's u cannot trust a teenage girl 2 tell the truth lokk at rerun's of maury he could tell ya lol but the family could have been a bit nicer about it but i can't blame them 4 wanting a dna test teenage girl's these day's do sleep arournd like i said watch maury lol i would want dna 2 though so eveyone should cut them sum slack what if the baby wasn't his n they got attached 2 her then found out it would b heart breking i am sure n who want's that can't blame them 4 it

1421 days ago


Teen pregnancy on the rise, basic solution is to ramp sex education program. Or use busty models

1421 days ago


Kelly can't be charged for "verbal abuse"

1421 days ago



1421 days ago


I don't know if we should worry about someone who uses the word "Pee" when threatening another person with tough can you be?

1421 days ago


When you go on a TV show , there are papers to sign, If you read them you will find out ...MTV can portray anyone anyway the see fit.

1421 days ago


I can't believe they are getting death threats on a show that nobody I know even watches. Just looking for Fame. MTV---Instead of glorifying being 16 and pregnant, maybe you shoudl teach children about safe sex.

1421 days ago


@29 Rob what does politics have to do with it? Forgot about the Palin girl????

1421 days ago


Our daughter signed up for some MTV program which involved the parents..The show called to get me all interested in doing it and made arrangements for an interview at a nice hotel. I said HELL NO u should know what's coming if u sign up for these shows!

1421 days ago


Yeal well i think she shud get bitch slaped the way she treated that girl.. i thought she xtina was ssoo nice... if i was the girl i wudnt let that bitch see my kid after she try to play that **** outta the baby n herr

1421 days ago


@Deb sit your lyin ass down! Is that you grandma? Why are you not talking about how Isiah beat up Christinna at your instigation and how he is now in trouble with the law. Also Deb/grandma Christinna did the aftershow, she said it on her formspring. And finally Christinna is back in New York with her mom and she live in her OWN apartment with her child. She is far from a lame. You can read her answers here instead of being lied to by this trash family and their trash trolls. @Rob you have the redneck trash in the Palins so don't get trigger happy.

Christinna's formspring

1421 days ago


MTV has ruined this generation of idiots. i weep for our future. it's cool to be 16 and pregnant! stay class empty vee.

1421 days ago


@randomnone i have my opinion and so do you but you werent there so shut the f---up!! keep on believing this girl if you'd like maybe you are her slut mother and one of the ones she accused for rape at her high school. they havent told her but a dna test was don and guess what! 99.9% not his child hahaha. i for one am glad now they can leave this family alone and get on tho the next fools!!!

1421 days ago
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