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Oksana: The Rent Was Never Too Damn High!

12/5/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget rent control! Oksana Grigorieva has been living high on the hog for years for free, with the help of a few celebrities.

Mel Gibson says in a declaration obtained by TMZ, "When Oksana and I began dating, she and her son, Alexander (Sacha), who she shares custody of with Sacha's father, actor Timothy Dalton, were living in the home of a friend, music producer David Foster, and I was living in my present home in Malibu."

Mel goes on: "Oksana would often complain to me that she did not like having to make the drive from Malibu to Sherman Oaks, where Sacha was enrolled in school during the weeks Sacha was in her custody."

But apparently David Foster was even more unhappy about footing the bill, because, according to Mel, David wanted the house back and told her to move.

So Mel stepped in and bought a home in the same area as Sacha's school -- Sherman Oaks -- a four-bedroom, 3,468-square-foot house.  And as simple as that, Oksana had a new place to live.

But as we know, there was an unhappy ending. Mel says, "Our relationship was always a tumultuous one and Oksana and I argued with one another frequently about recurring problems in our relationship.  As a result, I left the Sherman Oaks residence and moved back into my home in Malibu several times prior to March, 2010, when our dating relationship finally came to an end."


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@Sorn -

I agree there is nothing wrong with an adult woman chasing after an attractive man. Many women do this. The thing about Miss Grigorieva that is disconcerting is she has made of history of doing this. Her type seems to be only older men of means. Her past indicates she uses men to improve her finances and station. This indicates a lack of genuine feeling for these men. That is the definition of a gold digger.

She does not like the term "gold digger" applied to her. That is perfectly understandable since it is a nasty descriptor. Sadly, it does apply to her.

As for potential interviews and/or books, that is just further using. No one is interested in her life. The only possible interest is in her relationships with famous men. Again, this would simply perpetuate her gold digger status. She has also proven by her actions that she is incapable of telling the truth.

I would fight tooth and nail to prohibit the likes of Miss Grigorieva writing any kind of a tell all. She is neither responsible nor believable.

1418 days ago


More of Mel's spin. Nice that TMZ has become such an easy place to air it all.

Probably none of it is truthful. It's all authored by Mel in a declaration to the court. He's in his sell sell sell mode.

Hey Mel-->I am not buying your drivel.

Posted at 1:19 AM on Dec 5, 2010 by JLS
Should be easy enough for Oinky to refute - where are her paychecks, rent receipts.... Bet they don't exist. Sponger has NEVER supported herself.

1418 days ago

karen lee    


Everything these so-called posters are just bald-faced lies.

Everything ever written by Oxy-tramp (all you have to do is GOOGLE her name) .,. and every story WAS clearly reported (started from UK tabloid stories in Daily Mail, Independent etc) all the various men she has USED and lived-ON since she was 16=yrs old. She has been a P R O S T I T U T E as a teen ager and continues TO THIS DAY. She is also ALMOST 50-yrs OLD -- nowhere NEAR what the media reports claim. This is why she has ALL THE SURGERY ... that makes HER LIKE the Cat-woman (Jackie Wildenstein in Manhattan) whose features aren't even HUMAN anymore. \

It this judge can't SEE THRU all the evidence that is: THE LIFE OF OKsana G, the Russian gold-digger ... HE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED from the bench.

All the haters who resent Mel (the Jewish and industry people) who took such umbrage at Mel's former drunken ravings ... and the gold-digger provoked rants -- make me sick. Hypocrites !

Every awful story told about the Russian gold-digger IS TRUE. No lies have been told about her ... everything IS TRUE about her.

1418 days ago


JLS..Mel initially had a gag order on this very private matter Your idol Oksana snubbed her nose at the court and talked away and revealed whatever she wanted to say without being held in contempt. Because of her, the judge removed the gag order and this is the result..the declarations of everyone open to the world,for everyones eyes to see, as Horowitz previously stated on TV the world should know. So don't be mad at Mel taht private court do***ents are published.

Someone asked if JLS is he/she. I recall early on about her claiming she is a lawyer, married to a man, had veneers yada,yada, yada.....I at least concluded she's a female base on reading her **** over the past few months

1418 days ago



Take your meds and go back to bed, please.

1418 days ago



Please read back what you have written before posting. You spelling is terrible and the text unreadable. Maybe your just excited about this, but please make it readable!

ps. If you can not write any better, maybe you should spend less time on here and more time studying.

1418 days ago


How can she live in the home of the man she is accusing of such horrible things? Why would she want any handouts from him?

Posted at 4:10 AM on Dec 5, 2010 by HoTMZ

A narcissistic sense of entitlement?

1418 days ago


can we all sing"back in the u.s.s.r."?

1418 days ago


@ Sorntolc
What's wrong about a woman searching for a handsome & capable man, to become his mistress or vife?

Mel wanted Oksana as his mistress & thus installed her in his house. Then he made her pregnant & the judge ordered him to pay 20.000 $$ per month plus rent for Sherman Oaks. I suppose that a wealthy man is sentenced to pay quite a lot, as the child is supposed to live comfortable, also when with the other parent.

Many ways to earn money. Oksana could earn plenty of money now, just from giving interviews or writing books, but Mel & his laywers are doing what they can to prevent this. In the long run though, the truth will come out.

Mel need to be more careful. Even if against his catholic beliefs, next time he should think about protection, or find a woman too old to become pregnant. Too late to have regrets when the mistress is pregnant.
Posted at 4:22 AM on Dec 5, 2010 by Sorntolc

I don’t think Mel has any regrets re his mistress becoming pregnant – he loves Lucia!

He may have PLENTY of regrets that he ever lay his eyes on Oxy Moron to begin with!!! – nby wants a Judas like her in ones life / home even for a moment!

Sorntolc, thanks for pointing OG Modus Operandi ----- “Many ways to earn money”– :)
- find an older man, become a mistress at all cost – count $$
- find an older Celebrity man and become a mistress to get even more $$
- have a baby(s) with a Celebrity to secure regular $$$
- if a Celebrity refuses to marry, find other opportunities to secure more blow j*bs opportunities for the future $$$ possibilities and free accommodation, I-phones, botox, plastic surgery etc for life
- earn plenty of money now, just from giving interviews or writing books about any man I, Oxy Moron ever gave a blow j*b to
- if all of the above fail __ threaten, smear, blackmail and extort in order to ruin lives, in hope of breaking ones backbone to the point of submission to secure my, Oxy Moron the MONETARY

It’s laughable to think she even mentioned her ‘unblemished reputation’ – why? Only because it wasn’t in the public knowledge at large :)?? --- well, it is now whether she likes it or not. And all of her own doing ___ what a Moron she truly is – can’t even pull a scam properly hehehe even with 2 pregnancies with 2 high profile Celebs hahahahaha

I recommend a book for her to read -- “How to truly find God when in jail” unless she prefers their parenting or domestic science courses :-)

1418 days ago


How could she have paid rent? She's never had a job.

P.S. What ever happened to women's lib?

1418 days ago


She has absolutely no selfrespect.
Earn your own money, pay your own house!
Æsj! (norwegian for YUK)

1418 days ago


can we all sing "BACK IN THE USSR"?

1418 days ago


I have been following this story here and other sites as well. I personally think she is a trashy gold digger out for what ever she can get.... I think she should have been penalized for going on TV after a gag order... it is obvious that she thinks she can cry and get by with anything. Once a whore always a whore...

1418 days ago


I wonder when the judge will make a decision on the custody issue. He was undecided before Thanksgiving and I think was supposed to make a decision in December. Hopefully the baby will spend Christmas with his Daddy.

1418 days ago


As we all know Ox should be kissing Lucia's little feet. She is the only reason why Ox is getting what she's getting. No baby, no money, and she would be out of the house. Ox would have to take care of herself.

1418 days ago
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