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Oksana: The Rent Was Never Too Damn High!

12/5/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget rent control! Oksana Grigorieva has been living high on the hog for years for free, with the help of a few celebrities.

Mel Gibson says in a declaration obtained by TMZ, "When Oksana and I began dating, she and her son, Alexander (Sacha), who she shares custody of with Sacha's father, actor Timothy Dalton, were living in the home of a friend, music producer David Foster, and I was living in my present home in Malibu."

Mel goes on: "Oksana would often complain to me that she did not like having to make the drive from Malibu to Sherman Oaks, where Sacha was enrolled in school during the weeks Sacha was in her custody."

But apparently David Foster was even more unhappy about footing the bill, because, according to Mel, David wanted the house back and told her to move.

So Mel stepped in and bought a home in the same area as Sacha's school -- Sherman Oaks -- a four-bedroom, 3,468-square-foot house.  And as simple as that, Oksana had a new place to live.

But as we know, there was an unhappy ending. Mel says, "Our relationship was always a tumultuous one and Oksana and I argued with one another frequently about recurring problems in our relationship.  As a result, I left the Sherman Oaks residence and moved back into my home in Malibu several times prior to March, 2010, when our dating relationship finally came to an end."


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MABE she don't have a job ....but she gives them lol

1354 days ago


If you want an easy life girls... California is the place you want to be. Make a sex tape or have a baby and you'll be set for life.

1354 days ago


Ox is no fool. She knows how to use the baby to maintain her lifestyle she got used to, get a free ride and get money. It's been working. Ox is not going to give that up.

I don't understand either what is taking the judge so long to make a decision.

1354 days ago


David Foster is the one man in music that could have gotten her a career. The fact that nothing happened other than him eventually kicking her freeloading @$$ out of his home tells alot about her I think. I'm positive he could have hooked her up with some type of music gig but apparently she did'nt want that.
It must have been much easier to spend her days going shopping and to the spa, ie spending Mel's money, than actually work for a living...all this while nanny's watched her children!

I can hardly wait for the Judge to make a decision on the custody.

1354 days ago


I'm sure when the baby was concived she said OHH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1354 days ago


I'm not a gambling woman but I'd put all I have on the odds that she MEANT to get pregnant. That was no accident to her anyway.

1354 days ago


I'm sure it was with Tim ether

1354 days ago


funny she only has kids with celebs bigger the celeb bigger the check I feal sorry for Mel and Tim

1354 days ago

LA me    

She's a cold gold digging sponge!!

1354 days ago


Has Oksana ever paid for anything in her life? Oy Vey.

1354 days ago


I want to hear Tubby comments on this and his new t-shirt, Lost 30lb, we need a before and after picture. Sort this out Tubby with the spiked hair.

1354 days ago


Do they ever get a picture of her with her mouth shut?

1354 days ago


Are weathy men really this nieve and gullible? Unbielivable!

See what happens when the good Lord gives you two heads, ans to think he made man out of his own image.

I bet God is rethinking that idea!

1354 days ago


Okay TMZ, what is up with hating on Oksana? Do you have a secret deal with Mel on this one? I wouldn't even be commenting if this weren't an issue of abuse. We ALL know he physically hurt her, to what degree perhaps only they will know, but I feel it is kind of slimey of you guys to keep slamming her all the time. Made me stop reading your site, actually, but I read the title of this post on another site and thought perhaps it was a fair and objective read for once. So sad I was wrong! MAN UP!

1354 days ago


This does not suprise me. It's too bad Mr. Gibson did not do a thorough back ground check on Ms. Oksana. It would have saved him from pain and heartache.

1354 days ago
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