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Bristol to Margaret Cho: Here's a Gay Joke ...

12/6/2010 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone needs to keep the Palin girls off Facebook -- this time it's Bristol posting an open letter to her "Dancing With the Stars" co-star Margaret Cho ... and making a gay "joke" at Margaret's expense.

Bristol responded to a blog Cho wrote this week that suggested Sarah Palin made Bristol do "DWTS" -- and that Sarah "harshly and openly" blames Bristol for costing her the election.

In Bristol's new post, which she wrote last night, she made her point in a few decently-worded paragraphs, but then decided to end things by saying that if Margaret understood conservative politics better, she "would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

Reading between the lines ... KD Lang = lesbian. Indigo Girls = lesbian. Cho is openly bisexual.

But Bristol did say she's willing to let Cho babysit Tripp, so there's that.


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Beacuse BILL its NORMAL to them.

If you don't want a hairy man a-ss in your face then.....DON'T.
WHY would one be gay if one was not? I don't have sex with other women becasue I'm not gay.

And what has debating got to do with it? Its sex dude. Plain and simple, a man wants a man... so what? They are not running after you so what do care? Seriously, WHY do you care? Who are you? A nobody, just like me.

Maybe if some you anti-gay folks would EVER learn to mind your own business....... finally, we have to debate it. {besides Bill, its always the men that jump up and down over the gays.....who really want a d-i-c-k in their mouth!!! Ted Haggard? So, I guess I should assume you fall into this group.}

WHY is this soooooo hard for some of you to understand? Its very simple really.
Don't be gay..... if you are not.

1415 days ago


Why is this surprising?

Its not. When she said conservative, I almost spit out my coffee. As IF HER family is conservative?????? The whole having-a-baby-out-of-wedlock- is not being a conservative is it? Or is it not aborting that makes you conservative?

Oh wait, but, being a hypocrite is. My bad, I forgot that to be a Republicanknucklehead you have to talk out both sides of your face. And often.
I keep wondering WHO is taking care of all the Palin kids when she is jet setting all over the place being a celebrity.

Didn't she accuse Obama of this? Now who is the 'star' girlfriend. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like the gays are waiting in line to hang out with this bunch.
It would suck to be a Palin.....where could you run and hide???!! Maybe change your name?

1415 days ago


It's funny everyone calling Bristol names and look at ChewHo she isn't very skinny or pretty or anything else even. Lets hear something about her weight someday, or are you scared of her ? And Kathy Griffin was so homely she had plastic surgery and still looks awful and old and ChewHo looks ancient too. If your going to make fun of someone, do it to your own kind, and we know what that is !

1415 days ago


i'm an equal opportunity offender and i don't care if you make fun of white, blacks, women, gays, or retards but what i find offensive is that people are calling what she said a "joke." even if you hated gays how is that funny? jokes have to be funny to be jokes.

1415 days ago


Its getting old that people like CHO can say whatever they want and get away with it. So...then Bristol defends herself and she ends up being homophobic white does that work?

1415 days ago


Is Harvey heterophobic, you think?

1415 days ago


Bristol can say whatever she wants. It's okay when others trash the Palins (like them or not). If the Palins say anything in their own defense it's homophobic, racist, or somehow offensive. Sick of Political correctness. And if she is openly homophobic so what again. That's her own preference. Everbody's entiltled to their own.

1415 days ago

Selebraties Suck    


1415 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Cho is pure ugly inside and out. I'm not even going to mention the visible hair on her chest that you can see in the picture. Wait a second, I just did, oh and her teeth would make a beaver cringe.

1415 days ago


Near as I can tell, it's okay for public figures like Cho or Behar or anyone in Hollywood who need a bit of PR, to say vile disgusting things about the Palins but if they get a come back, it's wah wah she's being mean to me. What a bunch of dummies. As for Sarah, if I'm in a bind somewhere, I'd want Sarah in my corner. The Chos and her ilk can have angry comediennes.

1415 days ago


Soooo It was perfectly ok by all of you that Cho called Briston fat (in a round about joking way) but its not ok for Bristol to make an off handed remark back???? huummmm Democrat much???

1415 days ago

Lynn M    

Margaret Cho is a 42 yr old woman picking on a 19 year old young, woman. She is a bully, regardless of her sexual preferences. Always has been, always will be. As for Bristol, she needs to get off Facebook until she can think before she speaks, as she inevitably hurts her cause when she responds to the nastiness. Just state the fact, "My mother didn't force me to be on DWTS. It was offered and I thought it would be fun", and move on. No need to get caugth up in Margaret Cho's issues.

1415 days ago


I'm amazed that people can dish it out but can't take it in return. Cho hit Palin below the belt by hammering her about her mom. Cho can take it in the shorts about being queer then. What goes around comes around and it's time the "homosexuals" of the world stop crying if they're going to act like bullies.

1415 days ago


TMZ is gay- Bristol Palin is right on......Cho is f'n retarded

1415 days ago


Goodness gracious. Everyone of these comments is politically biased. Those who love the Palins put Bristol on a pedestal and those who hate Mrs. Palin claim the whole family is the worst thing in the world. I'm 16 and I consider myself neither a dem or republican, because both parties just seem so stupid these days. Anyway, my point is, Margaret Cho made rude-ish comments about Bristol, and Bristol retaliated with rude-ish comments towards Margaret Cho. I don't get why this is such a big deal. Who cares what either of them has to say?

1415 days ago
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