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Bristol to Margaret Cho: Here's a Gay Joke ...

12/6/2010 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone needs to keep the Palin girls off Facebook -- this time it's Bristol posting an open letter to her "Dancing With the Stars" co-star Margaret Cho ... and making a gay "joke" at Margaret's expense.

Bristol responded to a blog Cho wrote this week that suggested Sarah Palin made Bristol do "DWTS" -- and that Sarah "harshly and openly" blames Bristol for costing her the election.

In Bristol's new post, which she wrote last night, she made her point in a few decently-worded paragraphs, but then decided to end things by saying that if Margaret understood conservative politics better, she "would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

Reading between the lines ... KD Lang = lesbian. Indigo Girls = lesbian. Cho is openly bisexual.

But Bristol did say she's willing to let Cho babysit Tripp, so there's that.


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Probably a poor choice of words, but how do we know what the relationship between the two ladies was. Maybe this is how they talk to one another. I'm really getting fed up with the thought and word police jumping on what we say. Since when is it "news" to make an ill advised comment over social media. Halk of what comes out of peoples mouth is crap. Palin is no different from the stars that open their big mouth on a regular basis. No stones have been thrown at Chelsea Handler for her rant on Angelina Jolie. Basically people chalk it up to Handler being a comedian. Why can't we chalk Bristol's comment to the fact that she is barely out of her teens.

1352 days ago


I am not a fan of Bistol or her mom, but at some point one has to fight back. No one is asking why Margaret Cho feels the need to trash this 18/19 year old kid. She uses the she is a comic she has liberties to trash people. But lets face it, if she can dish it out, she better be able to take it. If someone else said the same thing, no problem. Chelsea Handler makes reference to people's sexuality all the time. She said Ross was her favorite Gay. Get a sense of humor people!

1352 days ago


lol making a joke is homophobic? Jeez louise people get a grip.

1350 days ago


Is Bristol Palin "homophobic" or is Margaret Cho "heterophobic" or a "Palinphobe"? Personally, I've already gotten bored with the whole anti-Palin thing and I try to completely disregard it as the nonsense it is. However, what continues to fascinate me is the perversion (and I use that word intentionally) of the English language. The suffix "-phobe" is a reference to the word "phobia" which is defined as "fear of . . ." Just because someone disagrees with someone or disapproves of something does NOT make them a whatever-phobe. Clearly, what we have here is several posts written by people who went through the public school system. I really wish people would try harder to comprehend the meaning of the words they are using. Using a word incorrectly just adds to the impression that you lack intellect, or are at least intellectually lazy (or would that be intellectaphobic?). As for these stupid posts about how Sarah Palin is damaging the GOP, let's review. The GOP just gained 63 seats in the US House, 6 seats in the US Senate, and 11 governorships. If Palin keeps "damaging" the GOP like that for the next couple of election cycles, there won't be a Democrat left outside of California, New York, Massachusetts, and maybe Illinois. I'm just sayin' !!!

1346 days ago

jerry boucher    

The far left and dems tell so many lies about the Palin family its ridiculous they are actually frightened to death of Sarah Palin and wow does it show.

1336 days ago


Come on - Katy Lang is gay and I am sure she doesn't jump to conclusions on a simple comment. Everyone should just grow up and stop screaming racist and homophobic everytime you don't agree - I personally don't care what color you are or who you sleep with. Happy New Year

1331 days ago


stupid is as stupid does Bristol

1323 days ago


When are you bitches going to grow up,and stop badmouthing the Palins,. i will take as a friend 1 Palin, to 100 of you bitches.

1320 days ago


sorry, but there is no way bristol palin wrote that. she definitely is not that well spoken and i highly doubt she knows who the indigo girls are

1194 days ago
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