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Bristol to Margaret Cho: Here's a Gay Joke ...

12/6/2010 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone needs to keep the Palin girls off Facebook -- this time it's Bristol posting an open letter to her "Dancing With the Stars" co-star Margaret Cho ... and making a gay "joke" at Margaret's expense.

Bristol responded to a blog Cho wrote this week that suggested Sarah Palin made Bristol do "DWTS" -- and that Sarah "harshly and openly" blames Bristol for costing her the election.

In Bristol's new post, which she wrote last night, she made her point in a few decently-worded paragraphs, but then decided to end things by saying that if Margaret understood conservative politics better, she "would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

Reading between the lines ... KD Lang = lesbian. Indigo Girls = lesbian. Cho is openly bisexual.

But Bristol did say she's willing to let Cho babysit Tripp, so there's that.


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It is very evident that these are Sarah Palin responses including the one the other day when she told off Oberman. They have her sarcasm. Bristol realy hasn't been around the block enough to come up with these.

1396 days ago


Here's a thought for you to choke on. That could be the next First Daughter. Or she could end up on Jersey Shore.

1396 days ago


Oh come on, I just read her whole post and there is nothing wrong with it. Why is it wrong to refer to a gay person as being happy to embrace KD Lang at a Indigo Girls concert? A lesbian probably would be happy to embrace KD Lang. Good grief, it's kind of cute actually.

1396 days ago

george clooney    

So....let me get this right. If a person disagrees with homosexuality, they are automatically HOMOPHOBIC? Well, I did not know that! I thought a homophobic was a person who hated homos, and were afraid of it sounds like what is going on here is what is going on with the President; if we disagree with the President, we are automatically RACISTS. I see now much clearer. OK, then I am a homophobic and a racist!

1396 days ago


Ignorance is bliss and that, my friends, is why the Palins are so d a m n happy of the time.

1396 days ago



1396 days ago


If her mother wasn't a childish idiot she would have taught her not to respond to negativity about you because if you do you will just feed the trolls. But of course we all know her mother can't stop herself from making childish comments or responding to them. This family has no self control.

Also Bristol, if you are going to make a joke that is going to offend people, make sure it's funny.

1396 days ago


who cares of cho gets offended!! she started it by the stupid thing she said about DWTS being punishment for her getting pregnant young .im tired of homosexuals always playing the victim.they should learn that opening their mouths and saying stupid things is gonna open yourself to being attacked back..bristol is a ice and polite woman.margret cho has made a living out of bashing people because she is a rude you go bristol!!

1396 days ago


Sounds like the homos are heterophobic in my opinion.

1396 days ago


Nobody would think twice about Cho making a similar joke at Palin's expense; nor would they called her "heterophobic."

Get over yourselves and stop trying to be so damned PC and faux outraged.

1396 days ago


I am not sure if I would label Bristol as homophobic. I think that her attitude shows a lack of education.

It is sad that her mother allowed her to have a "public" life without insuring she was ready for the pressure and pitfalls.

"Open mouth-insert foot" seems to be the family motto.

1396 days ago


@lol people...How do you know she does not have a work history and does not know about the economy? If any of you have not read both sides of the story...then quit assuming the context. Cho said some not so nice false things on her blog and the girl just addressed them..I read them both! This was not a homophobic slur either. BTW...I am a die hard democrat!

1396 days ago


Sarah shouldn't blame Bristol for getting knocked up anyway.

I'm sure when idiot Sarah had the sex talk with her daughter she told Bristol that condoms are Satan's tool and that the most reliable way to avoid pregnancy is "the pull out method".

1396 days ago


people that hate the palins, dont you realize how you show your ignorance, especially when you go after the kid's of politicians. so much envy and hate and all because we have different political views, why cant you just let people be themselves without your judgemental and demeaning words. democrats get on the hate wagon all because media "liberal media" influences there thoughts, quit hating and live and let live.

1396 days ago

Texas Gal    

To #1, Jazzy? Yeah, i just BET you are, lol. Btw, just wonderin' what YOU see when YOU look in the mirror. Karma is a BITCH babe :(

1396 days ago
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