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'Big Brother' Star Brendon -- Naked Photo Scandal

12/6/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SHOCKING! Brendon and Rachel from "Big Brother" have broken up.
MORE SHOCKING! They split because Brendon sent photos of his PENIS to another woman!


In one of the most ridiculous, cry-babyish, pathetic videos to ever hit the web -- Brendon recorded an apology to his former reality TV show girlfriend for sending shots of his wang to some chick he met online ... who then released them into cyberspace.

Brendon claims he was duped by the naked photo recipient -- who allegedly threatened to blackmail the swim coach if he didn't send her video of himself.

Brendon -- who cries more than a 13-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert -- claims he wants to spend the "rest of his life" making things right with Rachel.

If she'll ever talk to him again.


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1380 days ago


Hey Rachel I guess these ladies did not get the message that "nobody comes between me and my man"

1380 days ago


What is the deal with guys sending pictures of their privates? What is the deal with women who want to see pictures of guys' privates? This is a sick world!

1380 days ago


The biggest loser in BB history. And that's sayin' something.

1380 days ago



1379 days ago


Apparently, the story making the rounds now is that the woman Brendon had the online affair with was a MAN, posing as a woman (LOL, go figure). Here's the story and the NSFW pix:

1379 days ago


Apparently, the story making the rounds now is that the woman Brendon had the online affair with was a MAN, posing as a woman (LOL, go figure). Here's the story and the NSFW pix:

1379 days ago


i think brendon is a very sexy guy who just made a big mistake if i was rachel i would take in back in a heart beat but thats just me and how i am and i would take him back then we would get freaky all night long because i would be jelous that i didnt get to see his penis in a picture then i would beat the **** out of that other girl!

1379 days ago


A high school teacher who emails pictures of his wang to women? He needs to be fired as he doesn't have the common sense or basic morals to be around our children.

1379 days ago


well i actually know Brendon and i think he is a great guy and i dont appreaicate you saying you want to get freaky with him in bed so if u say anything else i will find u and track you down and hurt u probally kill you <333 whoever this is i guess amber i will see you soon!!!

1379 days ago


This guy is totally pathetic! What a wimp. I can't stand her either, so good riddance to the Rachel Brendan saga.

1377 days ago


Well obviously Brendon was more in love with himself than Rachel. DON'T give him another chance. He wasn't serious about her in the first place or he wouldn't have sent pictures of himself to anybody whether he was being blackmailed or not. NEXT!! Man up and quit crying.

1373 days ago

Timothy Lister    

Yall are ****heads. Ok the guy screwed up. Nobody is perfect. There Isn't a Damn one of you who hasn't made a mistake in your life before. God brought us on this Earth to make mistakes and all Mistakes you make will be forgiven an nobody goes to hell he always has a place in heaven for you. Get off the guys back and its not pathetic if he actually noticed what he did wrong most guys now a days when they do something wrong they play stupid or don't even notice the thing they did wrong. He did so that counts majorly and he still cares.
-Timothy Lister (16 Years old)

1364 days ago


Ok, first off, men think with their little head until about 40 hrs old, give or take. Women are internal thinkers, and men don't realize the potential psychological impact on young women.

No excuses for men's actions, but if we understand better the psychology and biology behind men's "animalistic" actions, I think we all can benefit from Brendon's mess up.

I blame neither Brendon or Rachel, because neither has done anything wrong. The American society dictates behavior that we are to exhibit in public and n private. It is the year 2011.. It's time to break the traditional mold!

1231 days ago


Sending pics of your genitalia is just creepy and in the age of technology, just plain stupid. Brendan is a whiney, whimpy, weanie.

1161 days ago
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